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  1. The problem isn't who you vote for, because it really doesn't matter anymore. It's the lobbyists. They want more money, so they give a little to people in power, and they pass things so that it kills any small business competition, etc. People tried to protest the NDAA, and everyone thought it would never pass because Congress would deam it unconstitutional. However, it did. Our liberty, rights, etc. do not matter anymore, therefore our votes are meaningless. We are stuck with picking the lesser of evils. People are trying, however, to fight this best they can. Unfortunately, no matter how many protests, petitions, and blackouts websites / people have, it can still pass. Our government doesn't give a flying **bleep** about us anymore, and by blocking sites like Facebook / Twitter, they can kill off faster protest organization (which most likely is one reason why SOPA / PIPA came into existance).
  2. SOPA/PIPA This bill is bad because it will shut down websites WITHOUT DUE PROCESS. Which means, while yes it could get rid of people who steal / pirate content, it does so without due process. So, if you are the original creator of a design or video, etc., and the government or someone who hates you thinks / accuses you of stealing or breaking copyrights, your website will be shut down no questions asked. This is dangerous to SL because a lot of people make shoes based on real brands, same with cars, clothes, so on and so forth. While Second Life's upload / user policy is strictly clear that the products we make should not and cannot represent anyone or anything in real life, we all know is almost never followed. And if anything we make is similar to a real product / person in real life, though it is not stated that it is based on so and so, it can still be shut down no questions asked. Another reason this is bad: If you post a link on a website, and that link has either pirated / copyrighted content, or a link to another website that contains that, all sites linking to it will be shut down in addition to the site holding the pirated / copyrighted content. No due process, no court time, etc etc, is bad. SL is screwed if this passes, and will get shut down, and everyone who makes money on this website will also be screwed. Blue mars will also suffer, IMVU, any site like this, which means creators will have no where to go if SL leaves, because everything else is going to go under. This bill does not get rid of individual people whose content is stolen. It gets rid of the website as a WHOLE.
  3. Thank you guys!! Never made shoes before now and I wasn't sure if certain attachments were seen as more 'standard'...but now I know! Thanks again!
  4. So I am making some flat boots for a halloween costume. They're mesh, and they're done being built save for the texture. I was testing them out to see how they fit in SL and the best way to attach them was at the lower leg. I do plan to sell these, but before I go any further I wanted to know if people prefer their shoes to attach to the actual foot then have the upper calf part attach to the lower leg, so you have two separate pieces, or rather have the boot be one whole piece. Here's a pic to show what I did. So I guess what I want to know is if it's easier for people to have boots in two parts, or one part, and which attachment they prefer?
  5. "Many women in SL have an obsession with lingerie. But then, in RL many have an obsession with lingerie. At least, we like lingerie for more than just functional value. In RL I wear lingerie that (in my opinion) is very pretty, feminine, and in colors that are attractive to me, even if no one else will see what I am wearing. Same in SL." I was merely in jest, as this is her third topic on the subject.
  6. I think you have an obsession with lingerie...
  7. I tried to contact about this to you I believ but recieved no reply. I'm still interested in joining! CONTACT ME PLEASE.
  8. you should be able to edit the texture in zbrush if you go to polypaint mode. otherwise, lighting in zbrush is a pain IMO. I never got the results I wanted when I went to render it out. try going to pixologic's website and see if there's any more tips on lighting, or the zbrush forums for more help.
  9. I have been trying to make a long strand of hair and import it into SL with the exporter script for maya. I'm using a premapped sphere, and all I'm doing is just 'sculpting' it into what I want. So I finish, and I import it, and I get this: Its at lossless when I upload it. But I have no idea why its smearing the ends like that. >:( I tried making a small sculpty for bangs and it imported with no problems, but when I try to make this shape (even starting from scratch) it gets deformed like this. Thoughts?
  10. That would be fun. Make lots of horror or just insane stuff haha. I've found a few places on SL that cater to that sort of thing, but I lost one of the stores. It moved somewhere
  11. I was thinking about a 13L sale (group or just list of participating shops) for the 13th of every month. I'm a horror nut, and 'cadaverous' is in my store name, so I thought this would be cool for other stores that fall along a horror, goth or even punk genre. I know its cheap, but if you sell small accessories or something for that price I think it'd be fun. :) Thoughts? EDIT: Obviously the genres I listed would not be limited to just those types of stores. Anyone could participate. :)
  12. Sophia Leborski is looking for a partner too. You two should talk.
  13. Normally it takes about a week to get approved, but be patient. A friend started a 'fashion is my drug' group for new designers to promote the store (not spam, just a once a week promote yourself thing). You should check it out.
  14. Join some fashion feeds both in world and online, if you have a blog. That's what helps me most of the time. Haven't done a hunt yet but I am thinking about participating in one soon. fashion feeds: fashion in pixels, fashionfeed of SL, consoladated fashion (fashcon; inworld group)
  15. So it is SL then. I just updated because SL was freaking out when I didn't update, then I get that same crashing error. Trying the recommended fix now! Edit: 260.99 won't work with my computer. Trying another update. Edit 2: I just installed 280.19 Beta, and SL opened. So far so good!
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