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  1. I usually import my model into blender and merge the pieces together before uploading to SL. I might give the older version a try, because it is a hassle having to merge them each time.
  2. Ai Velde wrote: No no no, you misunderstood what I was suggesting be tried. I suggested to try out the new search. I don't care if people use or like V2. I don't use it myself, but I'm not so stubborn I won't try the new search that can only be accessed at present on V2 (which means people would have to use it for 5 minutes). Refusing to even try the new search because it is on V2 was where my post was aimed. Not people trying V2, because I don't care if people like V2 or use it ever. This was for the sake of the new search. =) OMG I totally agree with you... I am getting tired of everyon
  3. Please either fix the problem where the bottom of the search page is cut off, or allow search to be opened in our web browser. In the Real Estate search, I am unable to select the rest of the preferences for my search, because they are cut off on the bottom of the search window, and I'm pretty sure there should be a mainland choice in the land type section but its probably cut off. The left section of the page isnt scrollable like the right side of the page is. 
  4. Nevermind, I got the one from February to work. The page to download the most recent viewer doesnt have the download links right now, so I assume that they are updating the viewer to download right now. I will try again on a more recent viewer when they have the download links back up.
  5. I just installed the latest mesh viewer, and every time I open it, it immediately goes to the crash logger. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times, and it still does the same thing. I have also tried installing the viewer from February, but it is also doing the same thing. Any help is much appreciated. -Lucky
  6. Hi Toola, As far as I know, Direct Delivery is still in Beta, so magic boxes are still in use. And I have no idea on the status of the shopping cart. Take a look at this thread about Direct Delivery: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Apply-for-the-Marketplace-Direct-Delivery-Beta-Program/m-p/815103#M2664
  7. Ah ok, I see it now. I was looking at the 'merchant home' page on the marketplace website instead of my account on the second life website. Yeah it just directly links to the marketplace home when I click them as well.
  8. Hm, I'm not seeing what you are talking about. Is it in Merchant Home? Maybe they took it down and thats why I am not seeing it. Is it still there for anyone else?
  9. I just tested this, made a 40x40x0.5 cylinder megaprim with 40% hollow. I stood on it and didn't have any bouncing problems. I also tried the same thing with the 10x10x0.5 cylinder with 40% hollow. Didn't notice any bouncing with that either. Sorry I don't have the answer to your problem. Hopefully someone else who has ran into this problem will be able to help you.
  10. I doubt the 8500GT is causing the lag. I had one on this computer and could run on high settings just fine. We did however end up having to upgrade to a newer graphics card because the 8500 failed.
  11. Just took the test, here is my results. Introverted (I) 77.42% Extroverted (E) 22.58% Sensing (S) 57.14% Intuitive (N) 42.86% Thinking (T) 52.94% Feeling (F) 47.06% Perceiving (P) 53.85% Judging (J) 46.15% Your type is: ISTP ISTP - "Engineer". Values freedom of action and following interests and impulses. Independent, concise in speech, master of tools. 5.4% of total population.
  12. Thanks to everyone who helped, I have it up and running now.
  13. Thank you Ixia and Void, I was able to get the "empty_object_alert" to deploy on touch. I replaced the llResetScripts with the "changed" event you suggested. I am however a bit confused as to how I implement the \n replacer into the script.
  14. I have found several scripts on the wiki, and have mixed and matched them to get what I need. What I have compiles well, and works fairly good, but I have a few problems that I need help with. This script is supposed to make it where a person clicks the object, and pays the specified amount, and then they receive a random object from the objects inventory. It will email the owner when the items contents become empty, and is supposed to use llSay to say what is specified when it is touched if the object is empty. Here is what I have: (Please read the rest of my question at the bottom below the
  15. I'm not exactly sure how that all works either, but after reading what you said, I believe it would be the former. I just took a look at Kirstens, and the song title displayed just before it started playing.
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