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  1. No you don`t need one, they cause the problems you described, so I was checking if you had one already. You have a webkit failure, check that SLPlugin is not being blocked by your computer security programs such as antivirus, firewall etc.
  2. Hi Saie, Get your bf to follow the instructions on: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_clean_reinstall
  3. They are breedable animals that you have to look after or they die & you can sell their offspring. http://worldofmeeroos.com/
  4. Install the Flashplayer version for "other browsers" from http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ & make sure you have the latest Quicktime installed.
  5. Osprey Therian wrote: Saying 'if you are X you can do these things' is not the same as saying 'You can only do these things if you are X.' Exactly. It is true that premium members can access most adult content & build on the mainland, it is just not true that they can do things because they are premium or that basic members can`t also do them. The wording of the statements is misleading.
  6. Apparantly a workaround is to rollback your drivers to an earlier version or to switch off basic shaders. Hopefully one of those will help you until the problem is fixed,
  7. This is for trying to confuse us with a 27 letter alphabet lol
  8. Liisa Runo wrote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet Doh you cheated LOL Shouldn`t that have been |_337 ?
  9. I hear about ads but I have never seen one either. Used to notice a sudden surge of noobs from a particular country & turns out there was some TV item or ad in their country the day before. I guess I watch the wrong programs.
  10. Liisa Runo wrote: 50/v\3 0/\/3 0/\/<3 54!|) 7|-|47 0/\/|_Y 0|_|) 5<|-|00|_ |-|/\><0R5 /\R3 4|_|_0\^/3|) 70 \^/R!73 7|-|3 1337 \^//\Y -/_!!5/\- 1337 ? Rest was easy but ya got me on that word.
  11. Make sure that you have cookies & javascript enabled in preferences. Have you noticed any other problems, such as a blank login screen? If so, do you have a Bigfoot Network card?
  12. @ Ianna, it could be your active group tag. Get an alt or a friend to contact the group owner & have you kicked out of the group. If you haven`t already tried logging in to a different start location, try that first.
  13. Married? https://secondlife.com/my/account/partners.php
  14. If there is no one else in the group with powers to change the text on the tag or make it blank, then you will need to submit a ticket & get LL to fix it for you.
  15. Go to your library clothing folder & drag any of the folders in there onto your avatar. Once that has loaded you should be able to use your outfits as usual.
  16. Fazer uma chamada gratuita para o número de facturação e eles devem ser capazes de ajudá-lo: Toll-Free (US/Canada) 800.294.1067 Long-Distance 703.286.6277 Our Billing team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local Toll-Free numbers * France: 0805.101.490 * Germany: 0800.664.5510 * Japan: 0066.33.132.830 * Portugal: 800.814.450 * Spain: 800.300.560 * UK: 0800.048.4646 * Support is in English Only If none of those numbers are in your Country you can email to: support@payments.secondlife.com
  17. Psychee Soulstar wrote: Edit: yes, verified, I'm member of estate manager group of the sim. The owner, and the supplier of this sim confirm. But we don't know why I'd not have access to the tools. Which tools is it that you cannot access? If the land is group owned & you do not have powers in that group, there are several things in About Land that you will not be able to access, though you should be able to use most things in Region/Estate settings.
  18. Try switching off basic shaders & see if that makes a difference. I believe one of the inherited LL bugs is related to 400 series NVidia cards. Rolling back the drivers to an earlier version has also been a successful workaround for some people.
  19. Checkout suggestions on: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/DNS-could-not-resolve-host-name/qaq-p/1047713
  20. LOLOLOL Marigold, did you tell the owner that you are a pensioner inside? ....The one you ate when you couldn`t get any cake!!!
  21. Are you a member of a group called estate managers or are you actually listed on the region/estate settings as an Estate Manager? Check the Estate tab in Region/Estate, if you see all the boxes as blank, you are not an Estate Manager.
  22. That message can sometimes mean that your active group tag is blocking your login. If you have an alt or a friend that can contact the group owner and get you kicked out of the group you should be able to get in after that.
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