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  1. Hello, I have been trying to fix this issue but nothing seems to work, I try to log into my main account and it tells me cannot connect to simulator but my other account works just fine? I have been reading on forums and I think it may have something to do wth my group tag for my land? Is this possible and if so how do I fix it? Maskoff
  2. I am also having this issue. Is it possible to take a look at my account, I can not log in to delete myself from the group since the group is mine... Maskoff
  3. No support for 4 days dont do nothing about the ticket whit this information i send and in this 4 days all my things in island was retorned for sure ,... and also the rent stores i have ... so i think something must change around here is not fair because whe have real money here ...
  4. yes i do that for 3 days and they dont even see it , and is boring because i have tiers to pay, stores to manage amd stuff like that ,... but well no comments
  5. Is another option of kick myself offline because i'm the owner of group and nobody cant kick me
  6. Boas á 1 dia que aparece quando faço login unable to connect to a simulator ,  alguem sabe como resolver porque eu com a minha conta alt consigo entrar e consigo logar no website e tudo so nao consigo entrar no jogo .... e a LL primeiro que responda aos tickets demora 2 anos e tenho tiers para pagar e a loja para tratar ...
  7. I can log in website yes , and the error is "unable to connect to a simulator" only that
  8. I can log in website yes , and the error is "unable to connect to a simulator" only that
  9. I cant log in because allways apears unable to connect to a simulator , i resert all allready  but that only happens whit my av because my GF can enter whit her av normaly, i resert modem, router, i also clear chach , reinstall sl and nothing ...
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