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  1. At the moment, only the official LL viewer v3 and Firestorm mesh Beta 3. The 2 others mentioned are not on the list of approved viewers.
  2. On Phoenix, go to Edit menu at top of screen, change display name is in there, you can only change it once a week so that may be why it is greyed out.
  3. There have been several reports of About Land settings changing themselves, such as search switching itself off like this one https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7032 if you are 100% sure that it is not someone with land powers changing your auto-return, you could add your comments to that JIRA explaining whats happening in your case, as it sounds like a variation of the same bug.
  4. You didn`t do anything wrong, it is just that the systemto deal with residents that turn 18 after they register is not in place yet. You will need to submit a ticket asking support to get your maturity rating unstuck from G rating.
  5. All 17 year olds think they are grown up, so do the 16 year olds and the 15 year olds lol You might think you have a valid arguement, but I would suggest you try it out in a RL situation & see how far you get with it there. "Its ok officer, I can drink/vote/drive etc. etc. the laws weren`t written for me, they are just for all them other 17 year olds"
  6. Duplicate post, see http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion/Sim-hacking/m-p/1090671#M2055 appears to be a case of griefing.
  7. I agree that the descriptions are misleading & some are not even valid benefits of being premium IMO. You have to set up a subscription to become premium & by doing so you get payment info on your account. Having payment info on your account is one of the 2 ways to get access to adult content (the other being age verification). So yes you do get to access adult content if you are premium, but not BECAUSE you are premium, just because of the payment info & if land was set to age verification only, you still wouldn`t be able to get in without age verifying, just like all the basic members. The building on mainland is badly written too, you will have access to the premium only sandboxes, but basic members still have access to the public sandboxes so again, yes, premium members can build on teh mainland, but so can everyone else. They will be saying it is a premium benefit to be able to teleport around the grid next or to see the sky
  8. Rabid Cheetah wrote: >>> should a DMCA take down be filed, all those items I purchased would be removed from my inventory. Does LL refund your money in a case such as this? No. If LL removes an item from your inventory, they place another object in its place as a marker called "REPLACEMENT" & they send you an email saying what they did. You can just delete the replacements, they are no good for anything & you need to contact the person you paid your money to to get a refund, but don`t hold your breath on getting one.
  9. This may be related to a bug that is currently being investigated. If the land does not allow public access and the owner of the rezzers/holodecks is not on the sim they fail to work. You will find the same is true if you have edit perms for another person & they are not present, you will not be able to edit/move their objects. Could you please add your comments to this JIRA https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7217 so that it gives Maestro more information to work with.
  10. Additional Premium Benefits A personal and private home Sign-up bonus!** Immediate access to Adult-only areas Expanded support, including Live Chat Exclusive mainland building rights How is #3 a premium benefit? At best it is a side effect of having PIOF, which would be equally true for any basic member that bought L$ or a sim. Condsidering even basic members only have to check a box for age verification now & that premium members would still have to do the same thing, I think that it is misleading to include that as a benefit of being premium
  11. Just to clarify, no transfer means that the object cannot be transferred to a new owner, that would include by selling, giving away or even deeding. It is also possible for an object to have mixed permissions, if it has items in the prim contents that have different permissions from the prims themselves. So you could have an object that is moddable with a no mod script in it & it would "appear" to be no mod, but you can infact mod the prims. You can even have an object that is transfer with a no transfer script in it & when you give it away the script does not transfer and its broken for the next person. So basically you can`t always tell the "real" permissions of an object just by looking at what it says in your inventory, you need to actually rezz it to see what the deal is. Glad your items aren`t broken afterall though.
  12. Rabid Cheetah wrote: Yeah? Well, serves you right for using that big ugly left eye in your forum profile picture!!!!11111!!!!!eleven!!!! You should have used the RIGHT eye, n00b. </sarcasm> lolz But, but...I don`t have a right eye & I'm really sensitive about it!! /me cries from my only eye. ETA: that looks like a right eye to me in that pic
  13. All they do is check the passport number against public records to verify that the person you are claiming to be with the same name, age & address really exists. Its is exactly that same process that 1000s of residents went through with the old age verification system by Aristotle. Seriously what sort of proof of ID do you think a passport picture is to LL, they can compare it to your avatar and see that its you? Of course they need the number.
  14. You can set "no transfer" items for sale? Can yoou actually buy them with an alt or is it is just looking like it is for sale? Does it stop if you relog? What server is your sim on & did it start after the rolling restarts? LOL so many questions
  15. Void Singer wrote: I can confirm that the active chatters list has always been slow to populate... perhaps even moreso after their last round of fixes, but I rarely use or rely on it, so it's often closed and I don't really feel the effect myself. that said, it could be trying to actively populate if open, and closing it may help? it a thought at any rate I have some groups that I can do absolutely nothing in, the full members list will not populate & as a result nothing else in group info will work. If group chat opens on login, I can read it & it will behave unless I try to post in there & then the message will fail & the group will close itself & its very unlikely I will be able to get it to reopen without a relog.
  16. Void Singer wrote: I thought voice was limited to in-region (and in parcel if it's set)? Voice can be set to estate or parcel channel, mainland sims are all the same estate (called Mainland) so if they are set to estate channel you will hear people on other sims. At Ahern you can hear all 4. If you had 2 private sims joined together but on different estates, you wouldn`t be able to hear across the sim wall there, so good point Void.
  17. Phoenix & Firestorm are different viewers made by the same team, which add options & additional features to the official LL viewers, but do not use web profiles. Phoenix is based on LL Viewer 1 & does not have multi-clothing layers, shared media or mesh, which are all V2 features. Firestorm is based on LL Viewer 2/3 & is very new, it has most of the extra features from Phoenix as well as the V2 features mentioned above, but as others have mentioned already, the latest official LL mesh viewer is buggy & so Firestorm has inherited some of those bugs from it. The bugs in Viewer 2/3 & Firestorm only affect particular computers not everyone, so it is possible to use either of these viewers without any problems, but the chances are if you have problems with one of them you will have the same problems with the other. There is no "Best" viewer, just the viewer that is best for you. We all use SL in different ways & we are very fortunate nowadays that we have a choice of viewers and we can all find one that caters for our particular needs & preferences.
  18. I don`t know if you literally mean a game, but if so it sounds like it works much like the "breedables" markets in SL, where they keep everything on their servers & you agree to their TOS in order to particiapte. If you break the TOS they can take all your stuff off their server. If thats the case, then you have a contract, like we all do with LL when we agree to their TOS in order to use SL on their servers and just like LL, if they want to amend the TOS they have to have you agree to the new one. If the "game" you refer to is trying to enforce an amendment to a contract that has not been agreed to, then you would have to take them to court in RL, because your contract & their servers are outside of SL & LL are not a party to it.
  19. U W417 71LL UR K1D5 574R7 70 53ND U 73X7 M3554G35 L1K3 7H15, U W0N7 7H1NK 17 15 50 N347 7H3N.
  20. Penny Patton wrote: There's a lot of unused Premium tier out there, imagine if those people could donate that tier to sims they enjoy? Or use it to rent land in private estates? A lot of people really have no interest in Linden Homes or mainland sims. I agree that sounds like a good idea for the premium resident, but how would that work? LL can make whatever rules they want to with their own land, like saying premium members can have a 512 without paying a tier fee, but they can`t really say you can have a 512 of someone else`s land free. Mainland all has a fixed tier rate too, private estates don`t & LL has no powers to tell estate owners how much they can charge for rent/tiers. The only way I can think that it could be done, would be if LL was to actually pay you a rent allowance for you to use on a private estate instead of having your 512 of mainland, but not charging you a tier fee doesn`t cost LL anything, because it is not using up land that someone else might pay for (they can just make more land) whereas paying an allowance would be a real cost to LL & it wouldn`t be easy to monitor what people spent the money on.
  21. Knutz Scorpio wrote: Void Singer wrote: the main welcome area is at the corner of 4 regions (Dore, Ahern, and I forget the other two).... if one is being lagged by griefers it's very common to have problems crossing from one to another This must be a noob question but I just have to ask. If you are close to a sim border can you "hear" chat taking place just on the other side on another sim but still close enough to be within chat distance. I ask because on an OpenSim me and someone were within a few meters of each other but could communicate by IM only because there was a sim line between us. In general you wouldn`t know there was a sim wall there from what you can see or hear. As you have probably noticed at Ahern you can see local chat for people on the other sims & even hear their voice chat. There are some things that are affected, you can be standing right next to an object that is the other side of a sim wall & it won`t let you sit on it, you get the message that you are too far away or in a different region. You would hear different things on the audio.music, unless the landowners had the same stream URL on both sims/parcels. There is also a new privacy feature that has been added (on About Land >Options) which allows a landowner to make their parcel private & if that is switched on, you could have 2 people standing either side of a parcel/sim line and be almost touching & not be able to see of hear each other.
  22. Over zealous fanatics are bad in any group & I have seen some of the reactions you describe, they come across to me as somewhat fake. Like they are defending something for the sake of it & not because its a true reflection of their own opinions. A good example would be the UI of v2, I posted once that I hate those tiny profile icons that appear everwhere in there, they are too small to actually see & just big enough to be annoying & that i wished I could get rid of them. Someone ripped into me about how THEY liked them and I pretty much had no right to an opinion just because I didn`t like them. LOL I remember thinking, WTF?? I hadn`t posted "I hate the icons and anyone that likes them is stupid" or anything at all derogatory about anyone that may have a different opinion to me, so I was quite shocked at the venom in the response. I love SL & the way I look at it, you can`t hate LL if you love SL, because if it wasn`t for them there would be no SL, but I sure don`t agree with every decision LL makes or the way they handle every situation. I think the support system is great, but I also think its is very badly run, inconsistant, & frankly a shambolic waste of money that gives LL a really bad name, because it is the one area where most residents get their first experience of the powers that be. So if I saw someone critising it, I might agree or disagree with them, depending on if they were discussing the system itself or the way it is managed. Even the Lindens are human & have opinions, they don`t all agree all the time or go around saying that everything is perfect, so any residents that come across with that attitude lack credibility IMO.
  23. Ricky40 wrote: How ever, I found if I set on one bench I could drink my coffee, if I sat on the other bench, the scrip in the coffee cup would not work. Its been a while since I was over there, but if I recall scripts are switched off on 3 out of 4 of the sims. Next time you are there, look at the icons at the top of your screen, you will probably see an extra one on the sims that don`t let you drink coffee.
  24. Void Singer wrote: for most groups this has bee fixed (mostly)... if you are still seeing problems this severe in most of the groups you are in, then I would suggest filing a jira report on it... and if you are also experiencing effects like frequen random disconnects (especially when teleporting), the you may want to check your connection as it can be the source of problems with both (wireless is often a culprit there) The only ones it seems to be fixed for are the small groups & the ones least likely to be needing group chat. Any group that is offering any sort of support or testing feedback etc which are often the ones with most members & make most use of chat, have the problem as bad as ever. Together with not being able to get a full member list to load & often not even being able to get group chat to open. When it is affecting everyone in the chat, its a safe bet that everyone is not on a bad connection.
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