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  1. This is probably obvious.. but it would be ideal to have these kinds of engines available in a more integrated, immersive way inside the SL viewer, so all things related to LL can be in one high-tech place, without having to switch.
  2. Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more. When I read this I felt a strong disconnect with this statement. I didn't join SL to be part of Facebook! When I want to find out new information in SL, I use: - Content on the SL website - Messages on the SL viewer whent I log in - Email sent by LL to me - Open blogs that don't require you to sign up to browse content Facebook isn't on this list and really has no pla
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