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  1. Hi Peter, let me just go back to your post a sec..... (quote) "Or back-up your "threats" and leave for somewhere that does support aviation properly." Let me make it perfectly clear. I made no threats but simply stated my feelings at how things can go from 'relatively working well' to 'completely messed' up in the course of some updating & that I personally felt LL could be a little better at updating than that by keeping the working parts working while still advancing the evolving newer material, the term for this being 'compatibility' & not forgetting of course, pre release 'bug testing' which I believe is how the gaming industry (by comparison) survives as a thriving & well oiled machine. If a gaming company released an add on pack for one of there products (the sims for example) & it was full of bugs which made the original 'not work so well, if at all' then of course there popularity would dwindle & people would not be happy. I am actually very happy with a lot that LL has done recently in certain areas it is simply the 'one step forward then two steps back' problems that occur which frustrate the majority of SL users in general I think. Also you say Sl isn't made for aviation, i think that you limit it to easily, it actually can (when running smoothly) be extremely enjoyable as also is sailing because the people who are passionate about it do there utmost best to make it as 'peak performance' as possible for the user who has similar interests, they don't see limitations, they see challenges & things to overcome & I applaud them for it. Maybe you should raise the bar higher yourself for what is achievable & attainable? Just a suggestion. Good creators always advance, never receed & as much as I love LL for all the good things they bring it frustrates me when you log in one time & suddenly see a working mechanism broken. Thankfully they do work it seems at putting it back together again eventually but I digress, a little more pre release testin wouldn't hurt before going 'alpha'. So again Peter let me make clear, I made no threats, simply stated some frustration about the mechanism/scripting breaking down from developer changes that had been made (though since posting this it does seem improved a little from what it was) & I applaud LL for makingprogress with SL, they put a lot of effort into it, it is just when it 'regresses' that frustrates.
  2. Yup Zoot this was exactly what i was experiencing & once out the plane I would most times have to relog as avatar could not even move, it just was static. On the up side though I flew out today & there seems to be some improvement. I took off from holly & through several sims returning to the airport & landing no probs so maybe they have addressed this issue already. Lets hope so! I think scripting is still prone to play up but I've turned off script error reporting for now as it was just getting too much.
  3. Well thanks for all the comments advising where to go etc. Yeh I could write a jira but sometimes just venting on a forum feels good y'know & this problem for which I have spent a lot of money on for a hobby I enjoy(ed) really felt like needing to be vented in the public eye, ie a forum. Would just be nice to see LL doing updates that don't mess up an already working part of the system per se. I am pretty confident that they will fix the scripting probs with flying & indeed today felt a lot smoother when I took one out for a spin so hopefully they have already made some adjustments. If they could test for these things beforehand though it would stop a lot of frustration, just bug tested there updates more thoroughly before releasing on the global grid.
  4. Since the last update nearly two weeks ago aviation has gone beyond a joke. Sim crossings aside, planes are throwing up script errors and randomly spasming out for no particular reason. I like many others have invested a great deal in airplanes & now it seems they are useless & all that money wasted! Also after glitching out, many many times the avatar becomes IMMOBILE and cannot be turned needing a relog to rectify. Why oh why do you, LL, get things pretty much stable and then go pull something like this? I for one will not be investing another penny into SL until these problems are dealt with properly. I really hope this is sorted out soon as it has affected greatly the aviation community and to some extent the transport community as a whole. Please LL, look at what you did, look at the outcomes & rectify as is necessary.
  5. A friend of mine on SL had heard of another sim called 'Inworldz'. After looking into it a little online (I am not making an acc there, I don't have the time for two sims lol), it appears to be so completely alike to SL in so many ways that it is either an LL sim or it's ripping SL severely off! The viewer people use for it is IDENTICAL to the phoenix V1 viewer. Could someone please clarify the maker of this 'new' sim and put my mind at ease. Thank you.
  6. Appreciate the reply, but I don't twitter or fb lol I don't have time for anymore things like that inbetween Sl and RL. I am though, patiently following the jira thread on this one and from what I can tell they are getting there but still aways to go before it's all fully stable for the majority of Nvidia users who want to get the most out of (or the higher end) of the graphics on SL.
  7. Well, to answer your reply, I know full well what a forum is thank you, having been a moderator on quite a few of them, notably graphic design and signature forums. Also, you said it is the same with phoenix... I have never had the crash prob with phoenix in regards to this issue, EVER. Even with settings set to ultra, it runs stable with zero open Gl error code 8's. I have also posted on the Jira thread about this Nvidia issue with the sl viewers. I just hope they don't consider it resolved with the solution to be 'DOWNGRADING' card drivers!!! Re other viewers... Why is it that 'THEY' can get it right but LL's OWN viewer doesn't address the issue? I realize they are working on this 'open GL Nvidia card prob', however, it really shouldn't take that long, surely all they need to do is put their viewer code inline with those such as 'Cool VL' etc and prob solved! In the meantime, this is very frustrating to those who use those cards (ie a LOT of people)
  8. I have heard of this workaround, ie downgrading to early Nvidia driver. The problem with this, for me, is that my pc relys solely on the card for graphics output, there is no generic inbuilt vga output. Also, one of the updates for nvidia resolved clipping issue with realtek HD audio sound. If i downgrade I go back to that! So for me to downgrade would not only not be a solution, but also a potential catastrophe (ie trying to install drivers with nothing to see on the screen because of uninstalling the later edition Rather than putting people in this position, LL should be keeping up to date, people shouldn't have to 'downgrade' to 'keep up' with SL. Also it should be noted that anybody using Gpu cards is always advised to use the latest and most up to date drivers, thereby avoiding such potential conflicts as the 'Bsod' or 'blue screen of death' which when occuring can be unrecoverable and requires complete reinstallation. I'm just glad phoenix is workable right now (but for how long!) because without this viewer I would not be able to play SL at all in it's current state. *see first post* it simply crashes!!!
  9. Well, to the best of my knowledge, that's what the purpose of forums is for. This doesn''t bother me asmuch as the fact that they've known about this for long enough and have still done nothing about it. Or do they just expect us all to ugrade our 1Gb cards for fracks sake!!! Really hope they sort this soon, i've invested a lot of both money and time into this sim, i would think there customers deserved to be able to actually use new features when they come out, not be left on the sidelines. And as for contacting them by other means, i believe the forum is monitored by them (or should be) so this should be enough to get the job done. I've little faith, from past experience of developer supports that anything would come of contacting them in person. better to make it public, on there own forum and get it said and done and addressed (with any luck). Not after any comments suggesting anything different thank you (unless it's people with the same complaint and adding their 2 cents). If you don't have a 450 or 460 card then as the saying goes 'Your alright jack!' Well I and those in same position as me ARE NOT alright till this is sorted out, we are actually stuck with a v1 viewer!!!
  10. SInce mesh introduction, no longer does V2 work no longer does FS work, kirstens is being disbanded (real shame that, imo the best ever made) and the only viewer that seems to work for me now is phoenix. This is all due apparerently to LL not recognizing the Nvidia's 450's, 460's cards by other manufacturers (ie Zotac etc). This has become such a PITA lately! Would be nice if you guys could get on top of this situation. I've researched and researched this and it was confirmed in the latest 'phoenix hour' blog that it is those cards that cause the probs because LL haven't addressed them in their configs/coding I play WOW (world of warcraft) on ultra high settings and NEVER have a prob on my pc (4Gb ram, 3.0Ghz proc) For gawds sake, pls sort this out. it's driving me nuts! Thank you.
  11. Thanks for the replys. Yeh it's the stretching i want to avoid. Was hoping for a spot on standard figure that LL recognizes. At least if is 4:3 i can work with that. Thanks.
  12. Just curious if anybody knows the optimum res in pixels that a profile pic should be. I know it's not an equal square number but more of a 4:3 ratio looking at it, but knowing the exact number would help when uploading any work done via photoshop for profile use. I tried a couple at around 400x300 which although worked physically could possibly be smaller? Any help apprecited re the exact res, thanks.
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