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  1. Both answers are right, it depends what you are trying to find out. Brooke is charge I think, but if you want the one that fixes stuff Dakota does most of that.
  2. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Oh .. and as you've been away you should read the comprehensive "what's new", "quick start" and "getting started" guides. The only problem is that LL haven't written any - of course. Rand is working on them atm, he has done one already & its great http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Second-Life-Quickstart/ta-p/1087919
  3. There is nothing wrong with spending 40 cents on the offchance that one of the bazillion beggars in SL is actually genuine. Most of us have seen it so many times before that we tend to brand them all as scammers & ignore them, but there has to be at least one that is occasionally telling the truth. As it turned out that one was just another scammer, but you could have been someones hero that day.
  4. A button is not a bad idea. I think Lexie is still open to suggestions on this topic, as the way it is now has proved to be the best solution tried so far but there are still some that don`t like it so its not set in stone. If any threads are started in GD that should be in feedback, the mods have been good at getting them moved here & that seems to be far less work for them then it was when it was the other way around and they had to keep moving dozens out of here. I see someone did still managed to mispost one in here recently. lol
  5. "Pay liabilities & receive dividends" cannot be unchecked for the Owner role, it is mandatory, so as others have said you should have received the funds the following day. If you want to know the name of the person that bought it, check About Land for the new owners name & the time/date it was aquired.
  6. Topix Darkfury wrote: They need to have an option to get rid of timestamps in IMs. I can't stand timestamps. There is an option on Firesorm mesh Beta3 to remove timestamps from local chat, but I doubt many people would want them removed from IMs. How would I know how long people have been ignored if I couldn`t see when they IMd me?
  7. lilliebell4 wrote: someone has changed my password i got a email also saying you password has been changed and i havent changed it Change it again yourself, directly from the link on your dashboard & not from any link in any email & do not tell anyone your password. If any damage has been done in your account you can create a ticket " I beleive my account has been compromised", but you could end up getting your account put on hold while it is investigated, so unless there is a serious problem I wouldn`t bother, just make sure your account is secure again now.
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: I do however predict that about 90 days from now we will be bombarded with threads from people who didn't read the fine print asking, "WHERE DID MY DISCOUNT GO? OMG LINDEN LAB TEH SUXORS." It's all right there on the page. The good news is that anyone that is unhappy after 3 months can just downgrade before the end of the 2nd 1/4 & they will still have been paid $1.45 by LL for being premium for 6 months. If you cancel before the end of the 1st 1/4 they will have paid you $8.35.
  9. If you have never traded on Lindex, you will not be able to sell until you have a trading limit. It will be at 0 until you have made your first buy of $20 or more & then it goes up automatically after that https://secondlife.com/my/lindex/describe-limits.php? If you do not want to buy in order to sell, you can checkout one of the other approved exchanges instead of Lindex http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Linden_Dollar_Marketplace
  10. If you remove your donation & the group does not have enough land credits, LL will email the group owner & give them 48 hours to correct the problem by getting more contributions from members or by selling some land. After 48 hours if its not corrected LL will take the extra land.
  11. Small & unusual shaped/sized plots are vital on the mainland. When you deed land to group you often need those weird parcels for prim land to use up your group land bonus & get the extra prims on your main plot.
  12. Dante Tucker wrote: I have not seen ranks have any effect on anything. Well other then making people complain about the effects they are having... which, well see the first sentance. It's just a big circle of people beign angry about nothing. ^^ This On the brightside, being angry about nothing usually means that people don`t actually have anything to be angry about, so whenever I see this topic come up I think YAY!! there are no real problems at the moment. @ Venus, Grats on your red skittle!!!
  13. Another piece of album trivia for you.... Everyone`s original "Public" folder (the one you can`t delete) are shown here: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/media/v2/gallerypage/tab/albums & you can go through other people`s albums and comment on the pics or give them Koodies. The albums appear to be listed in the order of age of when you first uploaded a picture & as far as I can see there is no way to change the sort order of 111 pages of them. It would be nice if they could be sorted to show recent changes for example. They are still fun to look at.
  14. Phoenix & Firestorm both use the Eric Linden rock in the Library to create the bridge from. The reason being that they need a prim that everyone has already, because they cannot put an object into your inventory. So it just uses a script to change the rock into a tiny invisible prim & attach it to your avatar. If you see the rock (or sometimes a hoop around your butt) it is because the scripts failed for some reason while creating the bridge, either because the region is extrememly laggy or scripts are switched off.
  15. LL won`t change usernames, petty & silly as its just a casesensitive change but there ya go. However, if you set your display name to Kurt , your username will be show all in lowercase anyway, so no one will even know that it was created that way.
  16. The reason you walk or fly without control is because you have crossed a sim wall in laggy conditions & are waiting to be handed over to the new region, the worse the lag, the longer you can fly off into the sunset. Sometimes you will even crash or end up back where you started with a message saying the handover timed out. Trying to TP while you are already not on one sim or the other will also crash you, as you have discovered. You may as well just take your fingers off of all the controls until you either hand over successfully & get control back or crash, because banging around on your keyboard will have no effect whatsoever lol Your second problem has already been answered, the restore option rocks.
  17. Riko Kondor wrote: Hallo, I have something else, maybe someone can help me out. For a couple years back I had my own group. Since I didn't know that the group would be automatic deleted when there was just 1 member, I lost it. The group name never was used anymore since at least 2 years now. If I want to create a new group with that name it keeps saying that name is still in use. It was a very unique name. How can I get my own group back? Thanks all. You will have to make a slight adjustment to the group name, which can usually be done by adding removing some minor detail or words such as "The _____ Group".
  18. I agree, rolling restarts are way better than the old "Wednesday maintaince" system when the whole grid was closed & no one could get anything done. You can even TP out of the way of the roll & stay connected to the grid now, BIG improvement.
  19. If it is just the latest mesh release viewer that is crashing, you can still use the v2 prior to that. You can switch off the automatic updates in preferences so that it doesn`t keep updating to 3.0. You can get 2.8.3 here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Supported_Viewers There are a couple of bugs with the latest one that could be causing your problems. Do you have a NVidia series 400 graphics card or a CPU that does not have SSE2?
  20. Which message does it freeze or crash on?
  21. You only get a tier free 512sqm allowance for being premium & a 512 can only support 117 prims & is 16x32m in size, so apart from not enough prims I would think your mansion has a bigger footprint too. If it is less than 32x32m you could buy a 1024sqm plot & your 512 allowance would be offset against that & you would pay $5 a month for the additional 512sqm. However, a 1024sqm plot only has 234 prims, so it wouldn`t leave you many to decorate your house with. Unless you got a 1024 on a double prim sim, such as the Nautilus sims. Those cost more to buy but you get back that money when you resell if you sell when prices are good. The other alternative is to get a bigger plot.
  22. Hi Again Teedy, What is your system info? You can find this by going to the help menu in your viewer & copy/pasting the info found on "About Second Life". Also what sort of connection do you have?
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