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  1. Qie, you ROCK!!! That fixed it! Just had one of those, "Oh, well DUH!" moments M'husband and I have just been through and cleaned up a lot of redundancies and unneccesary bits to streamline it as well - and it's working a charm! My thanks to Qie and everyone who replied!
  2. Thanks Qie! I've fixed the llListen entry so it's before the llDialog. Please could you expand on the name string? Should I be using a name string as an indicator of "user" instead of the detectkey? I can only assume I'm trying to set the user to be any avatar incorrectly, and that's causing the menu to close on selection of "Metal", "Diamond", or "Accent". M'husband is a software developer, but unfamiliar with lsl, and we were trying to set the user in the opening, but couldn't get it to work as it would if we were writing a php script! It's like lsl is similar to php at a glance, but seems
  3. Thanks for the reply! I do have all textures in the object and have double checked that permissions are set to "copy" and "transfer" on each. The scipt I posted is where I attempted to change all references to llGetOwner to User to make it open for any avatar. While that lets the initial menu open, clicking on the options closes the menu. I added "key User" at the top, and added the "User = llDetectKey" coding under the start command hoping that would make it work, so far - no luck.
  4. Hello lsl geniuses! I have a bit of a quandary. I made a pretty ring with texture change menu by adapting a script posted in an ancient (2009?) thread at sluniverse. It works wonderfully for the owner of the object. Now that I've tested the item, I'd like to make a demo for my shop so potential buyers can test the texture change, but I can't work out how to configure the script to allow anyone to use the menu. This is what I've tried - it will open the main menu, but when one of the options is clicked, the menu just closes. Please can someone help? For reference - I know just enough html and
  5. I had this issue when I had to reinstall Vista after a crash, and this solution (deleting the AppData folders) worked fine for me. Now, I've upgraded to Windows 8, and am having the same issue! Only this time, it isn't working for me. I've already made sure I've got the most up to date driver for my video card, as well.
  6. I've logged on to the community, but the new entry button is muted and mousing over brings up the message "Sorry, you do not have the permission to post media to this contest." I tried logging off and logging back on again, but still no luck.
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