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  1. I have a full sim region that has been divided into two parcels, both of which are mine. I would ideally like to set a single landing point for the whole sim region and then people be able to use landmarks to get around once they are inside of the sim. So they land at one point and once they are in they can use a landmark to get to the front door of a house or event venue. Is there a way to do this?
  2. I have a sim and I would like to set a landing point that you arrive at from outside of the sim. I would then like people to be able to use a landmark to reach other points in the sim. Is this doable? I also want people to be able to set home and tp directly to their homes. Please advise ; )) Kitty x
  3. My sim has a similar set of requirements. We have houses for adult entertainment and if you want to be part of one of those you will be required to upgrade to a mesh body. There are freebie ones out there that look better than the SL avi and we have spent hundreds of dollars to make an attractive venue for everyone to enjoy so it seems reasonable to expect people to look their best if they want to be part of the more involved sexual rp. There isn't a mesh requirement just to be on the sim or to be part of some of the other groups. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Silver City/30/187/2
  4. Hi Jenna, Welcome to SL! I am sim owner of The Night Court. We are a sim based on the Kushiel's Dart novels. We have a wide range of roles that a rper can occupy and while we have some sexual focused roles we are not a forced sex sim, everything is consensual. The Night Court RP - A Kushiel's Dart based Fantasy The city is teeming with life and always seeking new roleplayers. Come and find yours; Nobility Priest/ess Casseline Warrior Commoner Escort Expect art, sensual pleasure, dominance, submission, BDSM, gay, lesbian and straight sex. We'are a welcoming commu
  5. Hello ; ) I have recently started a rp sim with couple of other collaborators. We have a steadily growing group of people, not all of whom have any real roleplay experience. We are open to posts of varying lengths dependent on where you feel comfortable. We are a sim where roleplay happens and is encouraged but you will not be expected to always be strictly in character. Kushiel's Legacy novels by Jacqueline Carey is our basis. We are having a big celebration on the 7th of December with a masked ball and would love to see some new faces there. Please contact me in world for more
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