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  1. Well from what i have experienced too, if you mute someone and you pay them some money then it automatically unmutes them too. I had apparently muted someone in the past (cant remember why) and after i bought something in a store, i got a message like "xxxx has been paid some money and has been unblocked". But seriously, i wouldn't mind if they can still look at my web profile, or at my feed. I just dont want them to be able to post there. And yes i agree if i mute someone i dont want to see their messages on any feed either. But the web profile thing is a good way to find out if certain people have muted you or not ...i just cleared my mute list which has grown pretty big in the past 3 years ...
  2. i found out something funny too about muting/blocking: 1) i mute somebody and we both stay on the same sim. 2) i write something in a group chat, where they are member too. 3) If they are on the same sim as me, it automatically unblocks them. If they're on a different sim, then it doesnt.
  3. sorry if i post it again but i cant find my old message for some reason. Not sure where it went. Anyway... today i saw somebody on my land, standing there for about 1-2 minutes, and not responding to my IMs. I have seen that person before, on several other places of SL too thats why i remember her name. She just stands there for a minute, looking around and then leaving. Could that be a stalker? And what can i do about it? Not sure if she is after me, or somebody else though...
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