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  1. Thank you sooo much! I've been so lost w/o this store, but I feel stupid for not seeing the notice. ty ^
  2. Does anyone know if the store Miss Murder is closed for good or has just moved. I was in the group and did not recieve a notice either way, but when I went there recently there was only an empty plot of land. And if it is closed does anyone know of a similar store that I can go to.
  3. I've tried this but the shape I'm using now is no mod.
  4. Oh thanks for clearing that up, although it is a little distracting and I can't really tell what the shape looks like.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get female shapes that are petite (5,5 and under), but with full hips (not huge like the "ghetto" shapes though), and soft facial features? I'm on a budget too, so anything 300L or less would be really good.Thanks.
  6. I'm having problems with my shape demos where the hands and feet are way too big and the body is super thin (not how it looks on the demo pictures).I've tried three different shape, and same thing happens to all of them. Is there any way to correct this w/o having to buy the shape, since the point of getting the demo is to try b/f you buy.
  7. I'm having the same problem with my demos too. Is there any way to correct this w/o having to buy the shape, since the point of getting the demo is to try b/f you buy.
  8. I'm actually looking for something less than 500L.
  9. Wow! Thanks for all the replies so far. I never knew there were so many men's stores. I just joined a few months ago and since then I have been trying to find decent men's clothing that isn't all bikers and goths.
  10. I use both male and female avis and I have no problem finding quality female clothes for under 200L within my style. but for men it's a little harder. Most of the clothes I've seen for men are biker/goth/punk, but I was wonder are there any places where I can fin preppy clothes for men at a reasonable price (preferably under 200L)? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the sitting idea! I actually just built a box in it and sat on that and it worked.
  12. I just recieved a free skybox for joining a group but I have no idea how to get inside of it. It has walls on all sides and the "Phantom" option is disabled. The interior looks really nice, and I'd love to see it up close, so could someone please help me? Thanks.
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