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  1. shoutcast stream for new club

    I have a trouble child of a parcel that refuses to stay rented, so I decided to make a music club out of it. I want a 24/7 stream that allows DJ's to log in for their sets without ads interrupting them. When there is no DJ, ads are fine, but I want it to be able to play 24/7 either way, reliably, and having some control over the genres of music in between DJ sets would be nice. I read a post from 2014 mentioning Shoutcast only costing L500 a month for good, reliable service. Can someone tell me if the pricing is still the same for something like that, or where to look to set up my parcel with a stream from Shoutcast? If there's a better service provider than them, I'm open to other companies as well. Thanks
  2. I'm looking for someone to create a fitted mesh piece of clothing that I can't find anywhere on the market. I have a few examples for reference, but are not exactly what I'm looking for. I need this to be fitted for the Slink body, and I only need it to be fitted and include a shadow map. I can do the texture myself. I know it won't be a cheap price, but at the same time, I'm not looking for a professional that does custom work for a living charging $40 an hour. If you're good with making fitted mesh, this will be a relatively easy project for you. You can make some easy lindens. Let me know if this is you if you're interested. Send me an instant message in world, or a note card if you prefer, and I will describe what I want in detail, and will give you my email if you prefer to primarily communicate outside Second Life.
  3. 1800 a week (slightly negotiable) for 4512 sqm with 1548 prims available to use. Nice quiet area of the grid with full protected ocean access to all the main protected oceans including the Blake Sea and beyond. This property was rented for about 2 years before the last tenant left for personal reasons. It's a nice place to call home or start a business with unrestricted travel benefits. No restrictions on use of land. Tenant(s) will have near full land ownership abilities. Contact Trista Banx inworld with any questions.
  4. Protected oceanfront property for rent. Sail or fly anywhere on the connected continents 2240 sqm 1200 / week, 768 prims. Group provides ownership abilities. Extras options include a free parking space in the parking area just to the west, use of the pool just to the north, and a private runway for taking off and landing.... none of which will count against your prim use or cost anything extra. No ban lines near by, quiet area, neighbors to the east or west are never there. (I've never seen them in 2 years) All prims rezzed are for example. You can place what ever you want, just no ban lines is all I ask. Security orb is fine. The light blue in the picture shows the property boarders beyond the example dock. Contact Trista Banx in world about any questions or details
  5. Unlimited ocean access to fly or sail anywhere on the connected continents including the Blake Sea. Group abilities are equal to land ownership. Nice, quiet, and secluded bay area. The temporary stone wall around the parcel shows the property lines. Rental meter will be placed at your preferred location, and the dock is just there for show and to land on for viewing, but can be kept if you like it. Contact me in world with message or note card for any questions or details
  6. I'm searching for a 4096 sqm parcel to purchase on protected waters to use as a rental property. Preferably accessible to the main connected water ways and Blake Sea, but I'll look at other continents too if the protected water access is a large area.... message me in world with an IM if you're looking to sell...... I'm not going to pay 100,000 L for this, so if you're looking to get an extra RL paycheck from a small piece of virtual land, dont bother... I look forward to hearing from you otherwise :)
  7. If anyone is looking, my 4096m land with direct Blake Sea access is available .... click the rental meter for detailed Info notecard. The fences mark the property lines, and will be removed when rented... rental meter will be placed wherever is convenient for you. Terraforming and Subleasing allowed. No ban lines :) The whole parcel can be over or under water, and I will place the rental meter wherever is convenient for you. For $L1875 a week, you can have the entire Blake Sea as your front yard..... 4 weeks minimum required, I will change it to weekly after initial payment if you prefer.
  8. quiet parcel with direct access to all the connected oceans - sail or fly anywhere including Blake Sea. Only 2L per prim It's not a huge parcel, but it's nice.... no ban lines, no annoying blurry walls or security orbs near by. Land group permissions are basically the same as owning the land - you can do anything you want. Please click the rental meter for a detailed notecard. 1840 sqm, 420 prims, nice rectangular / square shaped lot. direct protected ocean water access quite nice loking area perfect for someone looking for an affordable place to call home with a great view and protected ocean access.
  9. Stringing and Looping Sounds

    hi i read the whole thread, and tried this script and it works fine, but now here's a new twist lol .... I want to use it as a HUD, which I already made, and i can hear the sequence of sounds, they loop good, it stops when I press it, etc. .... But now I need others to hear it. Can you help please ?
  10. I paid for 1 week on the featured items page about 24 hours ago, and I do not see it listed there, weather I'm logged in or logged out of marketplace. The product is a general rating, so everyone should be able to see it. Yes it's active, and yes it's listed as well. here is the link to the product, if it helps....
  11. If I am a sim owner and I want to give full control of the sim to someone as a sim manager, what do I need to do ? *The land group is in place. *This person is already in the land group.
  12. could not delete this post

    I'm willing to consider it being the card, but being that it's one of the most highly rated and popular cards in the gaming industry, and the fact that it doesnt give me any problems like that with anything else... let me repeat..... "not anything else... no other games, no videos, no programs"...... I would be inclined to see it as a compatibility problem between SL and a high end video card. But there are others that have the same or similar kind of GPU that have no problems with SL, so I'm puzzled still I still have no solution or way to diagnose this. I'm not returning the card... it's brand new and nothing is wrong with the hardware or drivers.
  13. could not delete this post

    it's not the fans. I wear head phones this is not coming from hardware at all. I wasn't specific with the "anything related" thing because "nothing else" of dozens of things I run that are relative cause the noise. Anyway TY for trying to help