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  1. Connect the Continents

    nobody is asking for anything for free. We are paying customers. If someone in this discussion has a basic membership and does not own or rent any land, then yes you could make a case against them posting an opinion here.... but they will benefit as well. This is about a grid enhancement that will benefit everyone that uses SL. It's not about a fan group for the groups personal use. I know some of the people that are involved in this discussion, and they have spent way more than I have to have a legitimate seat at this table of opinion. We've payed for plenty. We are, to some degree, share holders in SL that are asking the board of directors for a positive change. Nothing is free. LL makes in excess of 70 million a year from SL. They can afford to connect the continents if they want to. Our goal is simply to convince them that it's a good idea for all parties concerned.
  2. Connect the Continents

    Our first tangible proposal with a visual map example . Critically speaking though, it's not very sailing friendly. I would suggest trying to connect to the Euxoa region, after routing north of the Torley and Here regions, and then heading south before a west turn to meet with Euxoa. If LL is going to use this many sims to build a channel, the path of least resistance is worth using a dozen more or so. Like you said though, plenty of possibilities !
  3. Connect the Continents

    LOL ... nice twist at the end ... I like.
  4. Connect the Continents

    Not sure who you're agreeing with, but I think LL maintaining a channel of Open Space sims serving as protected water regions is the best option. I think renting them all out would be very difficult, time consuming to accomplish, and harder to maintain given that tier payments mean people have to keep paying the tier on every sim in the channel. What if someone stops paying? Is the channel blocked indefinitely ? What if they rent that sim so a sub tenant that blocks everyone with a security orb? ...... the channels themselves can't be owned / payed for / rented by multiple people or groups ..... it just opens up a big can of worms that nobody wants to complain about later.
  5. Connect the Continents

    verb: circumnavigate; 3rd person present: circumnavigates; past tense: circumnavigated; past participle: circumnavigated; gerund or present participle: circumnavigating sail or travel all the way around (something, especially the world). go around or avoid (an obstacle). "he helped her to circumnavigate a frozen puddle" avoid dealing with (something difficult or unpleasant). "they circumnavigated the issue" So which are you suggesting? That we try to sail or travel all around SL, or that we should try to avoid SL ? Maybe you're trying to circumnavigate the goal of the forum LOL
  6. Connect the Continents

    1. Unless you work for LL with access to privileged information, how do know what maintenance costs on what ? 2. Nobody is playing an entitlement card. I've invested 1000's of dollars into SL to reach the success level I currently have, which is humble compared to other members of this discussion. 3. If you read every post in this forum you would see the possible benefits for LL, which have been suggested by myself and others. 4. You speak as if this is my idea alone, which it is not. It's an idea I share with many others, and have for a long time supported. If you don't support the idea, then I wonder why you're a part of the conversation to begin with. If you think it's a bad idea, just ignore the forum. It won't personally affect you either way
  7. Connect the Continents

    OK...... more importantly than a reply to this post is the important function or the goal of this forum ..... to put it simply, the people that post ideas about teleport ideas to get from point A to B in a more creative way than just teleporting are defeating the purpose of connecting the continents and are genuinely or accidentally missing the point. Posting about clever ways to teleport from A to B is about the equivalent of people pushing the flat earth idea in RL. It's not productive, and serves no purpose. This is about long, time consuming channel(s) to the other unconnected continents on the grid for the purpose of spending time traveling as well as other undiscovered or explored advantages. Not sure how much more simply i can say that ..... so teleport ideas have nothing to to with the task at hand here. This isn't Start Trek ... we're trying to improve the grid with real sim channels for better travel experiences and a lot more for grid wide realistic enthusiasts.
  8. Connect the Continents

    @animats .... well the idea you have is clever, but the point of the long channels is to enhance the travel experience for sailors, aviation enthusiasts, and to stimulate land ownership on other continents because of greater connectivity "without" teleporting.
  9. Connect the Continents

    The shorter routes can be easily used since private sims in the way can be easily relocated without substantial consequence to the sim owners, which they really don't own. LL does and can allocate priority to a project like this, for the benefit of many more users than a few sim owners. On your 2nd point, OS sims 'are' individual sims. If you mean homesteads or private regions, the difference is that they can run many more OS sims on a single server than the other 2 types of sims, and server cost and maintenance would be a consideration for LL. The less servers needed to host the channels, the cheaper it will be for LL to maintain them. As for the ban lines and private estates, that's where LL could circumvent them with a bend in the road. If they decide to use 80 to 100 sims to build a channel, then redirecting the channel with a few extra shouldn't be a big issue for them
  10. Connect the Continents

    good point. And to put that into perspective, biting that bullet would cost 500 for setup, 295 a month for the full sim, then 225 for setup, and 125 a month for EACH additional homestead. So even 1 full sim and 20 homesteads, would cost a person $5,000 USD just to get started, and a monthly tier cost of $420 USD. You would need to actually be rich to afford a 99 homestead sim community as a hobby or even to afford the tier until it's all rented out. So I doubt that the channel(s) being bought and paid for by residents is likely scenario, and then there's the problem of people abusing the themed rules and possibly blocking passage by using security orbs that extend beyond the allowed distance. I think Open Space Sims is the best way to go here, and LL can afford the maintenance on that easily. Also another perspective on the financial aspect, is that if you combine the income LL generates from all the average non-rich users including marketplace taxes, L purchase fees, and land tiers, and compare it to the tier income from all the land barons that spend little to no money on anything but land tier (hence the reason they all look like newbs), I would bet money that the average users FAR outweigh the land barons. AND .... a lot of the tier cost for the land barons, is paid for by average residents that rent from them, so the barons aren't even paying most of their own tier to begin with. Point being that the everyday average consumers and tenants that actually spend time with activities in world, should have more of a say as to what happens with their SL grid
  11. Connect the Continents

    With all due respect to everything else you said in your post, these 4 lines are the only relevant statements to the topic and purpose of this forum. The point of the forum is to have an open dialog about connecting the mainland continents, and to hopefully persuade LL to make it a priority, so anything spoken off the main topic should be avoided, since it will serve to be anti-productive towards the goal here.
  12. Connect the Continents

    if LL used OS sims, which can be low cost and many hosted on fewer servers, the potential to connect the continents even with a 1 sim wide channel could be very profitable for them by also being able to connect to large privately owned sim communities via 1 or 2 homestead water sim connections from the channel. Only so many people are allowed to build sim communities attached to the Blake area, so this would open the door for other people willing to make the investment, to add more multi sim communities that have the attraction and advantage to have access to and from the larger mainland part of the grid. Great idea for all types of travel or exploring enthusiasts as well as Real Estate investors that know that all land on the grid will be more valuable if it's more accessible without teleporting there. It's been officially said that the 1 thing that causes the most lag in SL is teleporting. I'll dig up the link to that information if someone cares to ask for it. But connecting the continents is something I've personally been wishing for as a aviator and sailor for years. The only feasible reason I can think of, that would stop LL from doing this would be Blake Sea and surrounding area land owners (big time land owners, not just 1 parcel or sim) - they might worry that their "prime real estate" will go down a little in value due to the additional "physical" access to that area from further away, and those rich people might pressure LL to avoid the project. I own some land on and near the Blake though, and I support the idea 100%, so maybe larger land owners will too.
  13. shoutcast stream for new club

    I have a trouble child of a parcel that refuses to stay rented, so I decided to make a music club out of it. I want a 24/7 stream that allows DJ's to log in for their sets without ads interrupting them. When there is no DJ, ads are fine, but I want it to be able to play 24/7 either way, reliably, and having some control over the genres of music in between DJ sets would be nice. I read a post from 2014 mentioning Shoutcast only costing L500 a month for good, reliable service. Can someone tell me if the pricing is still the same for something like that, or where to look to set up my parcel with a stream from Shoutcast? If there's a better service provider than them, I'm open to other companies as well. Thanks
  14. I'm looking for someone to create a fitted mesh piece of clothing that I can't find anywhere on the market. I have a few examples for reference, but are not exactly what I'm looking for. I need this to be fitted for the Slink body, and I only need it to be fitted and include a shadow map. I can do the texture myself. I know it won't be a cheap price, but at the same time, I'm not looking for a professional that does custom work for a living charging $40 an hour. If you're good with making fitted mesh, this will be a relatively easy project for you. You can make some easy lindens. Let me know if this is you if you're interested. Send me an instant message in world, or a note card if you prefer, and I will describe what I want in detail, and will give you my email if you prefer to primarily communicate outside Second Life.