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Found 12 results

  1. Greetings All, I have two RLV viewers-- Marine Kelley's RLV and Kokua FTRLV. Both have RLV enabled permanently which cannot be turned off. Now, if I have changed location in one viewer and login from the other, my location gets reset to my previous location. Is there a way to update the last location in the other viewer too? Because it is permanent RLV, it does not allow me to choose any other location at login. love, angel
  2. Bonjour tout le monde Heum, désolé, j'ai oublié d'indiquer que j'avais déménagé sur une parcelle plus grande. 1/6 de SIM où j'ai regroupé toutes mes activités. Au lieu de deux morceau, j'en ai plus qu'un seul. Voici l'adresse: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy Hills/37/98/21 C'est un endroit principalement Francophone, cependant tout le monde est le bienvenu. J'y ai réuni toutes mes activités, entre autres: Entraide build & script cours Sandbox réservée aux membres du groupe pour travailler tranquillement Boutique Shop de mes réalisations Greedy, 7sea, club, Paintball pour s'amuser Money chair pour les noobs sans argents Art Showroom pour les artistes qui souhaiteraient exposer leurs œuvres (10 prims gratuits) Skybox & kiosk en location Un appartement gratuit en skybox pour les SDF Bon, en résumé. A bientôt
  3. Hello there. Does any one know if it is possible to choose a premium home next to a friend's house? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I have recently become a mermaid again and I really want to meet more mermaids/mermen community of them but I just can't seem to find any place and there appears to be only a few underwater locations but empty ones. Does anyone know of any good locations where a mermaid community hangs out? Thanks.
  5. Hi , I am looking for a sim or any furniture in any sim that provides setup of casting couch or casting audition. And most importantly should not be that much public. It could be like a posh hotel or clean office with desk and seating arrangements for more than 1. Also(optional) if that sim contains poseballs that may include handicams or so that should be great. Looking forward to explore great places. Thanks
  6. Bonjour 🙂 Il y a une semaine, j'ai payé pour la location d'une maison sur une sim. Depuis le dépôt des Lindens à la propriétaire (via hippoRENT Rental Box) je n'ai reçu aucune confirmation, mais la ''hippoRENT Rental Box'' indique bien que je suis locataire de la maison et qu'il me reste une semaine (ayant payé pour 2 semaines). Cependant, je n'ai pas obtenu les droits pour la maison et les objets des anciens locataires sont encore là... J'ai tenté à 2 reprises de rejoindre la propriétaire (IM et Notecard)... sans nouvelles !! aucune réponse de sa part !! Donc, je ne peux utiliser ma nouvelle résidence comme je le voudrais... et je paye quand même pour la location ! 😞 Alors, existe-t-il une autre option, soit pour rejoindre d'une autre façon la propriétaire, soit pour un remboursement de la location?? Je suis désappointée de la situation... ce n'est pas la première fois que je loue des maisons, et c'était toujours OK! 🙂 Merci de vos expériences et/ou partage d'informations si vous en avez sur ce sujet ! Lluciiole ☘
  7. Siirio Blinker live on Stage on April, 28th, 11am @ Aladin Music Hall, come and join us and listen to her wonderful voice and great Songs, we are a german club but everyone speaks english. Open 11am to 3pm everyday with Live DJs and DJanes. if you interested to see whats going on and info of Live performers @ the club join our group: secondlife:///app/group/81452ac1-d15a-0e58-a31e-34b8cb2bce0c/about The Team of Aldin Music Hall
  8. 54,256 sqm / 18,627 prims on Bestone for rent or possibly for sale. Rent is preferred, looking for long term tenant, but will sell if necessary. Great location for an airport with a harbor, or anything else you wish. Access to 8 fully protected water sims via the NW corner. Unlimited use, no restrictions, full land group permissions (other than owner role), low price for both rental and sale option. I originally bought it as abandoned land in auction, so I would sell it for a lot less than it's fair market value. Rent will be cheap too for the size, location, and prims at 48k L per month (that's calendar month, not 28 day periods / due on the 23rd or before). Location link below will land you on a platform to see the current build, which will be removed on or before July 23rd, depending on when you want to take over the land. 1st month payment or full sale price will be due at time of occupancy, or July 23rd at the latest. The view in the picture is looking SW. Visit the sim and explore ..... and I will not abandon the land if anyone thinks they can wait for that. I will give it away to one of a select few people for free before I abandon it. If you want it cheap, speak up in the next couple of weeks Contact Trista Banx with Instant Message in world, or Notecard if that's you're preference. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bestone/151/58/88
  9. Hello, I bought a sky box and am wonder what is different about setting a landing point in it. I went to the area within the sky box I wanted to set the point at, reloaded, and ended up on te ground. I know how to set a landing point on the ground, but how is it different in a sky box? Thanks!
  10. this is a new location and we are needing hosts and djs ASAP please im mrwhitesday so we can add ou to the family this is a EDM HIPHOP RNB RAP TRANCE DNB CLUB
  11. were moved finally to the new location its begger and better beacuse we can now fully pack this ***** out lets see if we can beeat 40ppl for the opening weekend for the new loaction PARTY WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE,,,,,, regards mrwhitedsday please im mrwhitesday for the land mark we are open again from thursday from 2pm slt
  12. Hey, did something change in the past few days? I have a butterfly rezzer, that I bought years ago, and it's never given me any trouble. In fact, it's been sitting in the exact same place for over a year now, doing it's job, untouched. A few days ago I got a slew of messages telling me that my butterflies were being returned from all over the place, same sim, nearby sims, just all over. When I reset it, and tried to rez more butterflies, the same thing happens, they rez all over the place, when they are supposed to be within 4 meters. I tried to contact the creator, but he's long since gone ... any ideas about what might be going on here?
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