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About Me

Found 12 results

  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swain/112/168/131 Just trying to clear it out so I can move to a large parcel without having to hit the $67/month tier LOL Currently asking for only 2500L$! It is connected to plenty of abandoned land, if you want to expand the property in the future. I will offer a plot-sized prim with the property, textured with the area's snow, to help you build more easily.
  2. Centalia vision of Paradise 1500 L$ (1024 m² ; 351 prims) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/112/224/26 Euttum sea from the mountain 3000 L$ (4096 m² ; 1406 prims) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Euttum/32/96/115 Gwail Road Trip 5000 L$ (4704 m² ; 1614 prims) Next to the road 10 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gwail/186/191/96
  3. Hey ya'll ! 🥰 Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Luna Lu here and willing to turn your blank land into your dream paradise! 🌾🌺🌼 Are you tired of looking on onto that boring blank land with maybe a few default tress in the distance?... Do you love nature and wish to look out to a water fall scene? Whelp! I am just the landscaper for you! I am affordable, fast ans accurate! I Feel to message me here or in world via note card so i can insure i receive your messages. I can complete your garden space within a day! Here are my Prices Below: These are estimate prices. Prices WILL vary depending on your land size😊 Land size approx. 4,096 sqm Price estimate: $1,500 Ls Land size approx. 3,072 sqm Price estimate: $1,000 Ls Land size approx. between 800sqm- 900 sqm Price estimate: $700 Ls I also love doing bigger Lands like 1/2 , 1/4 and Full, we can discuss those prices as well.
  4. Region: Blue Moon Area: 2048 (1/32 region, dimensions: 64x32) Location: Northeast quadrant (water on one side). You may use the ground and/or the sky (200m or above for skyboxes etc.). Primarily residential neighbors. Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel in the Southeast corner of the sim. Northwest parcel (no water access). You may use the ground and/or sky. Primarily residential neighbors. Fnordian Magic & Gadgets store is on a platform at 652m on a parcel in the Southeast corner of the sim. Prims: 625 Rating: Moderate Rent: L$625/week. Pay for 3+ months and get a 5% discount. Terraforming: Allowed Use: Residential or Light Commercial (e.g., retail store). No Clubs or Adult Content please. Breedables okay within reasonable limits. Inventory option "Restore to Last Position" is available for all renters. Additional Perks: Use of free play gaming area (table and other games) on Southeast parcel, complimentary Fnordian Security System on request. 25% discount on Fnordian Magic & Gadget in-world purchases bought by direct sale from Fnordian Link (excludes collaborative products). Available: Immediately Contact Fnordian Link if interested or if you have any questions (an IM or notecard in world is best). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue Moon/179/222/21
  5. want a piece of the american pie? well come visit our little sim with tons of houses for rent, and our beautiful landscapes to go with your beautiful houses. at Tidwulf we like to invite you to our safe peaceful Adult RP/residential housing sim where you can chose from one of our 4 options on the sim (details below). join the fun and RP as a firefighter, police officer, doctor, nurse, and even the post master for the post office. with beautiful scenery and luxury homes and only the best seasonal system out there you just cant beat how beautiful this sim is. we are also connected with our partner sim owner Irish skytower to his sim McAlplane Lake to meet your RP pleasures and home needs, be sure to check his sim out. please check our leasing office for rent box locations our sim location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tidwulf/249732/346696/23 our plots are as follow: Townhomes: 390L / week - 300 prims - instant 10% discount after you pay 1560L or 4 weeks of rent (must pay 1560L at once for discount to apply) details: size 432 m - 2 floors - 2 bedrooms - 1.5 bathrooms - living area - kitchen area - small back yard - one parking spot - fenced - plot lines for added privacy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Detroit homes: 1040L / week - 800 prims - instant 10% discount after you pay 4160L or 4 weeks of rent (must pay 4160L at once for discount to apply) Details: size 432 m - 2 floors - 1 to 2 bedrooms - 1 bathrooms - living area - kitchen area - med back yard - one parking spot - hedge for fence- plot lines for added privacy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orchard Cottage homes: 1170L / week - 900 prims - instant 10% discount after you pay 4680L or 4 weeks of rent (must pay 4680L at once for discount to apply) size 1440 m - 1 floors - 2 bedrooms - 1 bathrooms - living area - kitchen area - large back yard - 2 door garage - hedge fenced - no plot lines ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roost houses: 1300L / week - 1000 prims - instant 10% discount after you pay 5200L or 4 weeks of rent (must pay 5200L at once for discount to apply) size 1728 m - 2 floors - 4 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - living area - kitchen area - ex large back yard - connected garage fits 2 to 4 cars - hedge fenced - no plot lines our sim location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tidwulf/249732/346696/23
  6. it is as it says, 16,384m3 of hillside, on the road not an extremely steep hill, but a nice one. selling fast and cheap, due to plans changing. if you are interested, here are the links http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Finsteraarhorn/61/195/52 AVAILABLE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//51/83/153 SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - SOLD going to go fast, this is the lowest price available, and its really not bad land its quiet, and has an airport a few blocks down the road
  7. 54,256 sqm / 18,627 prims on Bestone for rent or possibly for sale. Rent is preferred, looking for long term tenant, but will sell if necessary. Great location for an airport with a harbor, or anything else you wish. Access to 8 fully protected water sims via the NW corner. Unlimited use, no restrictions, full land group permissions (other than owner role), low price for both rental and sale option. I originally bought it as abandoned land in auction, so I would sell it for a lot less than it's fair market value. Rent will be cheap too for the size, location, and prims at 48k L per month (that's calendar month, not 28 day periods / due on the 23rd or before). Location link below will land you on a platform to see the current build, which will be removed on or before July 23rd, depending on when you want to take over the land. 1st month payment or full sale price will be due at time of occupancy, or July 23rd at the latest. The view in the picture is looking SW. Visit the sim and explore ..... and I will not abandon the land if anyone thinks they can wait for that. I will give it away to one of a select few people for free before I abandon it. If you want it cheap, speak up in the next couple of weeks Contact Trista Banx with Instant Message in world, or Notecard if that's you're preference. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bestone/151/58/88
  8. NOW Available!! Only three remaining 90L Beautiful Homes!! NOT APARTMENTS - wonderful individual homes!! Fantastic value 90L per week homes now available. Complete with a personal radio and a very generous 100 prim allowance!! NOW Available!! - Larger homes ranging from 525L per week!! TP to individual home via the LM above photo!! Acoustic Gardens offer a variety of homes, many individual styles starting from 90L per week, generous prim allowance included with each property. A cafe, self serve restaurant and music venue all close by for residents and non residents amusement. Several shops are located around a central courtyard for your convenience too! Below are a selection of larger homes. Lots of secret, romantic spots and dance balls located through out the area. Friendly community, why not come and make some new friends!! Please do pay us a visit, homes of this value and quality are rarely available in sl, especially located in such beautiful and peaceful surroundings!! Fully supported, with quick response to all queries. If you have any questions, please IM - Xander Kappler, Lynne Lundquist, or Evie Moyet in world. TOSCANO COTTAGES - 90L PER WEEK / 100 PRIMS! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/223/203/103/ TUSCANO COTTAGE 575L PER WEEK / 400 PRIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/232/136/102/ PIAZZA VILLA - 875L PER WEEK / 600 PRIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/134/102/96/ SUMMER PINE COTTAGE - 575L PER WEEK / 400 PRIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedenham/211/213/73/ WINTERBERRY HOUSE - 725L PER WEEK / 500 PRIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/bedenham/129/150/74/ MAYBERRY HOUSE - 845L PER WEEK / 600 PRIMS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedenham/206/119/83/ BASSWOOD LODGE - 1425L PER WEEK / 1100 PRIMS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bedenham/197/58/87/
  9. Acoustic Toscano Village is proud to introduce our Beautiful, Fully Automated Wedding Chapel! Here we also have a proposal area, full of charm and seclusion. The entire wedding including the automated service is low cost and available any time - night or day! We can also take bookings for a small fee to, change colours, theme & flowers to suit. The ceremony can be performed by one of our Wedding Officiants if required when pre-booked! Free to use is a most gorgeous Restuarant Area where you can hold a reception, including guests or, for an intimate celebration for two..... The cozy self serve restaurant can also be reserved for a romantic meal or party!! Ask Lynne Lundquist for details inworld! Please do take the time to visit this lovely new sim, some photos are below. Available are several homes ranging from 90L per week, with 100 prim allowance!! Evie Moyet http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Horsa/214/166/102/ - LM to central court yard area.
  10. We have a couple of cabins left set around a peaceful pond in the woods. Suitable for those on a budget who are just looking for a space to log in, rez and open boxes or just a spot to hang out and call home. Access to the whole sim which has games, rowing, fishing, surfing, horse riding, dancing and other activities. Your cabin is set in its own parcel for privacy and is part furnished including your own radio to set music. Come and see for yourself KiX Cabin Rentals
  11. RGE Estates Choose your most beautiful land and sim Homestead Prim's 5000 AREA 65563 SQM Price 6 690L/Week Details - No premium account needed - Residential/Commercial - 4 Estate Manager Rights / Full Estate Manager Rights - Stand Alone-Total Privacy - Custom Terrain Textures - Full Terraforming Region Ban,Texture Changes, Environment Settings, - Allowed Change Sim Rating PG - Moderate - Mature - Adult - 24/7 Professional Land Management - Land Expert Providing Personal Assistance - Restart Sim When You Wish - No restrictions in terms of zoning or builds - Possible to lock island for your Privacy - No neighbors - No other sim attached - Custom Windlight Settings Possible For Both Sky And Ocean - Sim Design (Optional) Contact RGE Estates, Brayden Thirdborn, or Tilly Arun EMAIL rge@rge-estates.com
  12. Fort Nautilus is a community and residential living location that is designed to give former and past military group members and their families a more immersive experience as well as an opportunity for base housing. Applicants must be current or past member of a military group. Families are welcome. Residents have access to a gym with new LIFE2 Fitness, beach, community pool, movie theater, The Liberty Call Saloon, and our Commissary featuring LIFE2 products. Commercial shops are also available for rent. Chapel and Courtyard available for events. For more information or for current property listings, please view our website at http://fortnautilus.moonfruit.com. To schedule a tour in world, please contact Daniella Harcassle (daniellamariec resident). *New Resident/Business Owner Special - rent three weeks, get one free at Fort Nautilus. To take advantage of this offer or to get settled in your new home or business today, please fill out the Fort Nautilus Citizen Application at http://fortnautilus.moonfruit.com/contact/* We look forward to meeting you! Fort Nautilus is attached to United States Navy SL Naval Station Velinissimo and our Naval Service Training Command. In addition to Fort Nautilus and NSV/NSTC, the USNSL has three other shore installations around the mainland and we're always looking for more good men and women to join our ranks. For more information, please see USNSL's website at http://usnavysl.moonfruit.com!
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