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Found 11 results

  1. The sim on sale southern to wolf spirit airport seems to be banning script making planes crash soon after takeoff. Ma-757 landing gear problem.The second time I can’t extend landing gear .neither Automatic landing command or manual extend works everything else was fine (control ,flaps,lights) one guy kept asking me for sex...should I block him?
  2. Visit us at Tuarua Fiji Estates where we have all you need for a great time on the water. There is a race line in Anse Etoile Isle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Anse Etoile Isle/17/129/23 that's open to all to use. There is a GTFO (get the frieght out) hub in Glacis http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glacis Isle/193/189/22 and of course our Cloud 9 floating bar in Banc auxCocos Isle http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Banc auxCocos Isle/31/208/22. Also we have great flying facilities with a 4 region air hub to the south based around Maho Beach and a smaller single region airfield to the north at Du Sud Isle. These are rented regions so not directly estate run items but they are open for all to use. We have great sailing facilities with all water open for sailing, no ban lines, and tough rules for security orbs. If you have any inquiries don't hesitate to contact either: Surreal Chung = Estate Owner Donald Chung = Estate Manager MargotFenring = Estate Manager
  3. Bring sailing and power boating luxury to Second Life.Visit us here at Tuarua Fiji Estates! You can view my land listing at http://tinyurl.com/SurrealChung . For my sailing regions, here's my listing - https://tinyurl.com/y4hz93ky If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to IM: Surreal Chung = Owner Donald Chung = Estate Manager Margotfenring = Estate Manager
  4. Visit us here at Tuarua Fiji Estates! You can view our listing at https://tinyurl.com/y4hz93ky Don't hesitate to contact Surreal Chung =Owner Donald Chung = Estate Manager Margotfenring =Estate Manager
  5. Protected Blake waterfront. Sail or fly safely to the Blake Sea and beyond. Unlimited use with full permissions including terraforming. Land can be 90% above water or 100% below water. Commercial use allowed, sub-leasing permitted if you wish. All of my tenants are long term renters, with a 100% satisfaction rating for years. I will work with you to personalize your experience. Photo below is an example setup of land with house, yard, landscaping, runway, hangars, fire pit, and 9 vehicles - only using a little over 1/3 of the available prims. visit here ----> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atai/38/63/22 contact Trista Banx for rental pricing and options or with any questions. IM is fine - I don't get capped, but note card is ok too if you prefer.
  6. Anyone can make the Lockheed L-188 Electra in Second Life? for the Passengers,GTFO Freight and much others? with modifiable permission. It's will be first four engined turboprop airliner in SL in Mesh.
  7. Hello! Is it possible to alter the script of the aviation speedometer, showing the horizontal speed in the speedometer, showing the vertical speed by rotating the texture?
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barushkya/75/238/21 perfect square 4096 all land OR all water - was rented for last 3 years by 2 different tenants with no issues. Do what you want with it, no restrictions. It's up for the grabbing. 500L discount available for choosing to pay monthly instead of weekly. Click the rent meter for a extensive note card about the rental... contact me any time with questions, and for a group invite for that land. price is 2000 a week, or if paying monthly, 7500 a month (500L discount)
  9. Hello! I have recently been attempting to convert one of my land-based planes into a seaplane. I have successfully installed floats on it, but find that my aircraft sinks like a rock. The aircraft in question is an mm_MXS-R 1.2 by Michie Yokosuka, and the mm_MXS-R_script_1.2 it contains is marked as 'no modify'. Therefore, I have since been trying to learn how to create a patch script which I can insert into my plane's root prim, that will allow my plane to float on water. Based on past forum posts, I have crafted the following script, but it does not seem to work: default { state_entry() { vector pos = llGetPos(); float altitude_sea = (pos.z - llWater(ZERO_VECTOR)); if (altitude_sea > 0 ) { llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, 0 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 10 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_BUOYANCY, .977 ); } else if (altitude_sea < 0 ) { llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, 0 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY, 0.2 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE, 0.4 ); llSetVehicleFloatParam( VEHICLE_BUOYANCY, 1.0 ); } } } I have also installed VICE on the plane via RCX's free installer program, and that process has been a resounding success. So currently the additional scripts installed on the plane's root prim are: RCX VICE+TCS LISTENER VICE Bomb Control v1.2.0 VICE+TCS ALA sensor The following VICE Patch: /** * @author: reconx86 (RCX Productions) * * @license: You are allowed to share this script full-perm with others and even use it in your own projects. * But do not sell the script seperately nor as part of a script package. * * This script is made to make any incompatible mod-vehicle work with VICE. * It's not recommended to use unless you really can't script the vehicle at hand, this script may cause glitches and interfere with the main-script functions. */ integer seated; key owner; integer links; integer prevLinks; default { state_entry() { owner = llGetOwner(); prevLinks = llGetNumberOfPrims(); } changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_OWNER) { owner = llGetOwner(); } if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { integer link_nr; links = llGetNumberOfPrims(); for (link_nr = 0; link_nr <= links; link_nr++) { if (owner == llGetLinkKey(link_nr)) { if (!seated) { llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, seated = TRUE, "seated", owner); } prevLinks = links; } } if (seated && links == prevLinks - 1) { llMessageLinked(LINK_SET, seated = FALSE, "seated", NULL_KEY); } prevLinks = links; } } } I would really appreciate it if someone could help me perfect my seaplane patch script!
  10. Looking for the services of a military super power with no political ties or agenda? Maybe your a person who needs private transport for yourself or freight needs. Needing a little more security to back your police for? Then Royal Services can help. We are a private military corporation with many skills and can provide you with the right man power for any situation. If your a contractor and looking to join our ranks please message Colonel Temp Harrison (mrharrisonofreaper) in-world or reply to this post. Weapons training and flight training can do provided.
  11. FairChang Isles, great tropical islands with easy access to a vast waterway of over 30 Regions to sail thru, connected to Bingo Straits. Sail or fly east to Blake Sea, the best place for your boating, sailing, diving and flying pleasure. Slurl to location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FairChang Quebrada/126/198/21 (FairChang Quebrada 3) See ALL of our available land on our marketplace page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/191362 You also have the option to buy additional prims as an add-on to your land! Contact Pepper Charisma for details. We have several islands of varying size available and prices at the moment. This island has 2048m2 with 625 prim allowance, $937L weekly and is in a full region. To purchase this land and pay the first week's rent just right click on the land you want to buy. The next rent will be due one week after purchase. Be sure to contact Pepper Charisma after you have purchased the land to be added to the rent box. Rent may be paid weekly in L$ at our rental islands located on each region. Once your name has been added to the rental box, you can pay for additional weeks by clicking on the box for your parcel. All lands are terraformable from 6 meters up or 6 meters down. Some islands come with NO transferable home and landscaping for your pleasure, if you want to use your own just click `return'. Also, Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FairChang-Isles-a-Sailing-Community/1548501295415546?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/FairChangIsles Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132298170@N02/ Interested? If you have any questions please feel free to IM Pepper Charisma. Regards, FairChang Isles A Sailing Community
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