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  1. Let's hope this is just temporary but as a minimum we need an easily navigable route between continents, and ideally a sim wide. Look forward to seeing a positive reaction.
  2. PRIME LOCATION - 1680m² - 576 prims. Direct access to Bay of Space Pigs sailing. (Decorated for example of the parcel's possibilities) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bolinas/113/223/50
  3. FOR RENT - Roadside & Coastal View 235 prims -ONLY 150L a wk Access to Circuit La Course (Protected Linden Route) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edge Walker/230/174/32
  4. This plot now has been updated to 384 prims, but the price stays at 400L a week! Even better value!
  5. Mainland Waterfront at Cheap Rental Rental Cost 400L per week Prim Count 255 prims (inc objects on land) This is a rental property consisting of a small dock area for a small boat and a designer home, plus helipad. Tenants are free to return any or all of the current structures/plants if they desire and use the 255 prims as they wish. Click board at location for more info SLURL to Rental Plot 
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