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  1. I'm pretty sure that the only way to have a script know what group someone is in is for the object the script is in to be set to that group (which means you'd have to at least temporarily join the group yourself to set this up), and then the person would have to touch or collide with the object the script is in. So in short, while I may be wrong, I don't think it can be done.
  2. Yes, it's fairly simple. The SL Viewer has a setting to allow multiple instances to run concurrently. It's found at : Me > Preferences > Advanced, and check "Allow Multiple Viewers" Launch SL, with your avatar logged in. Launch it again, and log in as her. You'll now have two windows on the screen, one for each of you. Click the mouse on the one that you want to have active, and that person can use the mouse and keyboard. Click on the other window and pass the keyboard, and it's their turn. You can't both be typing or moving at the same instant, but on your 'turn' either of you can go wherever you want and do whatever you want. You can be playing in completely different sims, or be in the same room appearing to interact with each other and anyone else that is nearby. This is also how one person can run multiple alt accounts concurrently, with only a single computer. Voice Chat can't work this way, the last time I checked, the first window could use Voice, but the second can not. Note also that this doubles the graphics load on your system. If your computer is slow already when using Sl, trying to run two viewers at once could slow it down a lot more.
  3. I have to agree with what Ren said. All other aspects of alts or SL vs RL relationship issues aside, the big issue here is that you want and expect a monogamous relationship, while he wants and participates in polygamous relationships. In SL or on RL, you two are not compatable. Leave him. Staying will only hurt you. Before you take the plunge again, make yourself a promise that in the future when someone else seems 'interesting', you will take the time to get to know the other person, and to make an effort to know and understand their desires and expectations, and to make certain that they understand yours, before going beyond 'just friends'. If you expect a strictly monogamous relationship, and will feel hurt if the same Player has other alts that he has other relationships with, then make that clear up front. If you expect ANY possibility of the romances that you experience in SL to in any way overlap into your real life, make that clear as well.And if you two are not in synch on those points that matter to you, then do not proceed any further! Yes, you may still get hurt by someone who lies and says "I'll always be true only to you", and then turns right around and cheats behind your back. You run into far too many like that in real life too. But if you make expectations clear from the start, at least the honest ones that simply differ in their approach to SL will not form relationships with you that hurt you later. and you just might find someone who really does have exactly the same expectations and needs as yourself, and the basis for a solid relationship. There are many different ways to approach relationships in SL. Some people see their avatar as a direct extension of themselves. They expect the same level of committment between their avatar and another avatar as they would desire in a real-life relationship, and may even see their avatar's relationship as a real-life relationship between themselves and the other avatar's Player, merely acted out by using the avatars. It sounds like you fit into that category. When you 'fall for' someone with your avatar, it's the real you experiencing that emotional connection. So finding that he has other accounts that have their own separate relationships naturally hurt you. There are other people who see each of their alts as a separate roleplaying character - each with their own personality and relationships. To them it isn't 'cheating' if their 'Frank the truck driver' alt has an affair with one girl in SL, while their "Edgar the college student' alt has a very different sort of relationship with another girl. It's like the author of a book writing a story where two characters have separate, faithful monogamous relationships. None of the characters are 'cheating' because they are penned by the same author. Mixing those two perspectives is worse than "oil and water don't mix". It's more like "gasoline and a lit match are going to cause a deadly fire". At the best interpretation of your former Partner's intentions, you were still in two groups that should never, ever try to have a relationship with each other. At the worst interpretation, he may be the kind of guy that would cheat on a real-life wife or girlfriend, while lying and swearing he will remain monogamous with you. That, of course, will never work out for you, and he'll probably hurt a lot of other people, and not care. People in SL are still people, and you have the same percentage of liars and scumbags as you have in real life. You need to be just as cautious in SL as you would be in real life about avoiding them. Any way you look at it, that guy is not what you need. Leave him and move on.
  4. From the WIKI: Maximum "NO ENTRY" ban line height: is for all options 80 meter. Only the option 'Banned Residents' (named) has a 5020 meter ban line high, which is visible up to a high of 800 meter above the terrain mesh. ============== I'm kind of curious about when they increased those limits. For the longest time the limit for general bans (anything that restricts access other than banning a person explicitly by name) was 50 M above the terrain surface, and a ban explicitly by name was only good to 768 Meters high - which was the old build height limit before they increased it to 4096 Meters. Above those heights, anyone could still enter the parcel. So yes, setting a parcel to "group access only" won't prohibit strangers from accessing everything in the parcel that is above 80 Meters altitude. In general, the way that ban lines function reflects the 'surface-dweller mentality' that is pervasive in Linden Lab. Virtually every Linden Lab land use policy seems to assume that despite the fact that every resident can fly, and we can build castles in the clouds, that all 'real' activity takes place on the surface of the terrain. So ban lines are only useful fairly close to the ground. Parcel restictions have no way to stratify them vertically. (Like allowing for different rules on the ground and in a skybox). The whole concept that someone might make their home on a platform 3500 Meters above the terrain seems to be something they are incapable of grasping. Above the ban line height, you need to use a scripted security device that can ban and eject interlopers, adding their explicit names to the ban list dynamically. And that type of device only has a 96 meter maximum radius for scanning for intruders. To effectively have real 'privacy', you need to enforce 'no public access' at the sim level, and make sure that there are no other sims side by side with your sim that have any different restrictions. Only then can you prevent random strangers from flying over your home, or into your skybox. In an Estate, a parcel-level access ban does have one positive effect. If your home is on the ground, and if you restrict access to the parcel, and if you also turn on the 'parcel privacy' option, then no one standing outside the parcel will see any avatars inside the parcel, and vice versa, and no one can 'accidentally' cross the line into your parcel and find themselves in your bedroom, watching you and your mate doing what you had hoped was a solitary and private act. They could still fly over your home and look down to see what you're doing. But at least they can't crash the party and jump on the pose balls with you. For those outside the parcel, they can turn off the visibility of ban lines in their viewer, and they don't need to look at the ban lines.
  5. Unfortunately, when you agreed to assign the "Owner" role to those other people, you gave them just as much rights to continue the group as you have. You being the founder doesn't matter, and Linden lab won't step in on a 'dispute between residents'. If they won't voluntarily shut down the group, you have no choice but to walk away, leave them in control of your old group, and consider it a lesson learned the hard way. In the future, remember there is NO valid reason to give anyone else full "Owner" rights to your group, except for transferring all rights to someone else before you leave the group as Owner yourself. For anything else, you can assign the necessary rights to an "Officer" role or to other specific roles that you designate.
  6. valerie Inshan wrote: No collar will work unless you use a third party viewer such as Firestorm. This is not necessarily true. It depends on whether or not the collar in question is an RLV scripted attachment or not. It is accurate to say that no RLV-scripted collar or other master/slave scripted toy will work with the official viewer, and that if you use RLV-scripted gear you must use an RLV-capable viewer. I couldn't locate any info on the "PRIMe collar", so I don't know if that particular one uses RLV or not. But there are also many other collar systems that do NOT use the RLV system, and that work just fine on the standard viewer. For example, Xcite, Amethyst and M&S are brands that don't use RLV at all.
  7. This can not be done using flexi prims and regular prims. You can not attach a regular prim to a flexi prim and make them move as a unit. You have three options: 1) Make the tail entirely with normal prims or sculpted prims, and wag it only from the base. Before flexi prims existed, this is how almost all wagging tails were done, and it's still how it's done on most furry avatars that require an upwardly curled tail, like a Husky dog, or that require a complex shape to the tail. This is how I would advise doing it in your case. It requires the same skills you used to try to put the rings on the flexi tail, and you just need to attach a sphere prim at the tail base and make that the root prim, amnd place a wag script in that sphere prim. You can, to a very limited degree, create an illusion of more flexibility by making multiple tails in different positions of the wag cycle, and making each tail visible or invisible in sequence with a script. The problem with this is that it makes a very prim-heavy attachment, and will probably be a laggy accessory. 2) Make a sculpted prim tail, as a single sculpted prim, and use a script to swap out the sculpt map to cycle through several tail animation shapes, making it appear to wag. Changing the sculpt map reshapes the prim. 3) Learn how to make an animated mesh tail. I have no clue how that is accomplished, as I don't make stuff with mesh, but a friend recently told me he had seen a mesh tail that wagged reasonably well.
  8. I''ve quite happily played with add-ons where unprotected SL Sex could result in a 'pregnancy', and where if you wanted to avoid that, you had to have your girl 'on the pill' or your guy 'using a condon' - and the guy could cheat and say he would use a condom, but not really do so and still have the risk. As long as the SL sex itself was only voluntary (no non-consensual rape), that one wouldn't bother me. Any of the rest? If implemented I would delete all my accounts and spend my free time elsewhere. Primarily because I do not come to SL to engage in combat or violent roleplay, and also because LL is so patheticly ineffective in shutting down IP content thieves and scammers who rip people off for L$ now, that if any of those other options were available, the thieves and murders would rule SL. SL crime would skyrocket, and there would be few if any consequences. I'd rather spend my free time in some of the roughest RL neighborhoods, where at least I could carry a gun or use martial arts in my own defense, and where laws actually get enforced and criminals punished. (Or at least there is a strong possibility of punishment being meted out.) Any 'death of an avatar is real' options would have to include an ability to will your avatar's assets, including all inventory, L$ balance, paid account status and land owned, to an alt that would serve as your 'heir' or 'resurrected self' if killed. And if you had no heir, the account should still be able to contact LL, prove identity, and request assignment of all assets to a newly-created alt. Otherwise people stand to lose way too much real money invested in land and assets. It's not like a game where all your fancy possessions were paid for by going on quests or spending in-game money that cost you no real money to gain. Land in SL and many SL assets are paid for with real money. The risk of loss would be so high that it would not be worth playing.
  9. That's a restricted-access education sim. The account you made is only usable in that sim, and is useless for accessing the main grid. They NEVER export an account from the resticted sims to the main grid. The accounts created via that link only have access to the sim or sims that are part of that college or university's Estate, and never to the rest of the grid. Also, they could allow accounts there for kids, if they choose, since the only content available in their sim will be the G-rated stuff that they choose to make available. No account with access to that sim can ever leave that sim, or communicate in any way with the real main grid. Those sims and the accounts there also have no access to SL Marketplace or any other source of content that is available to main grid users. Sims like that have been around for quite a while, but are usually only publicized to people signed up for classes at that university. Restricting access like that is one way to be 100% certain that none of your students are exposed to 'inappropriate materials'. They existed back when the Teen Grid still existed, primarily as a place where the teen and adult users could meet in a hyper-controlled environment. Back then, to create an account there for an adult you even had to go through a police background check, so you were deemed 'safe' to interact with children! Incidentally, even the staff and instructor accounts are stuck only in those sims. If I wanted to work for that university as a Builder, I would have to create a completely new account there, or I could create an account on the main grid and go through a tedious and definitely one-way-only conversion of that account to exist only on that micro-grid. The one-way conversion allowed people who made accounts on the main grid by mistake to get their accounts moved to their school's sim, and allowed instructors, and content creators like myself, who already had main grid accounts to do a one-way import of an account with an inventory already pre-stocked with textures and scripts and building components to work with, so you didn't have to completely re-invent the wheel to make content there. The last time I checked, 'main grid' to 'school sim' conversion required the same scrutiny as creating an account for an adult in that sim, and you needed approval from the sim owner and a check of your inventory to be sure you were not importing anything you didn't have full-prem creator rights to.
  10. My favorite RP memory was holding an Edo-period japanese Daimyo's court in a reproduction of Hikone castle, with my Partner and I, three guards, a geisha playing music, and three guests. I built that castle, and I still regret having to cut back on my land and removing it from in-world.
  11. Here's another trick for you. if you did prim steps, but the rise versus run was too aburpt to walk up them, you could add an invisible ramp prim to the steps, just like you do when making phantom sculpted steps. In SL you can walk up some amazingly steep ramps.
  12. In addition, once a group is deleted due to insufficient members, that exact group name can never be revived or re-used. If you created a group and you were the only member in that group, and it got deleted after 48 hours, then you will need to create a new group with a slightly different name, and this time make sure you invite at least one other person to join the group. A good general practice is to create a second account - sometimes called an alt account - and use that as the second member. Additional accounts are free, unless you abuse the priviledge and LL decided to charge you for the additional accounts. You create it the same way as the first account was created.
  13. Rigged mesh simply will not fit most furry avatars. It conforms to the reduced head size of your avatar under your prim head, and never to the furry prim head. (Same goes for any other body areas that use prim parts to make you a furry instead of a Human.) As a furry, you're going to find that most mesh content for the avatar is useless. Unrigged mesh can be scaled and moved the same as sculpted prims, but is relatively pointless for most hair or clothing, because then you lose the advantage of mesh being able to flex and move with the body joints under the mesh.
  14. This is not possible. Linden Homes are always randomly assigned. You can't even request a specific sim, let alone a specific house in a sim.
  15. Unfortunately, there is no way to allow people who are not in your group to TP into the sim, and at the same time prohibit people who are not in the group from teleporting anywhere they choose in the sim at altitudes greater than 50M above the terrain surface. The parcel-level access controls are all ground-based and ineffective at altitudes more than 50M above the surface. This was a compromise made with mainland users who like using flying vehicles, so parcel owners on the ground wouldn't make it impossible to fly over their land, and dates back to when the max altitude for doing anything was 768 meters. General ban lines used to go higher, creating an invisible maze above the ground that made air travel a nightmare. A telehub can restrict where people arrive when they TP into a sim. But once they TP in, they can go anywhere in the sim above the ban line heights. You can ban an individual by name, but that only increases the altitude limit to 768 Meters. Above that they can still TP in even if banned by name. When LL increased the build limit from 768 Meters to roughly 4000 Meters, they didn't increase the ban line height to match, for explicit bans by name. You could place lots of scripted security orbs in your sim, set to ban and eject anyone that was not in your group and who wandered out of a small welcome area in a corner of the sim. But that is difficult to set up well (each scripted security device only affects a 96M radius), adds lag to the sim from all the scripted stuff, and won't stop a griefer from standing in your welcome area and causing trouble. You might want to consider placing a 'welcome center' in some other sim, where people can meet with members of your group, see pictures of your non-public sim and get info on what you do there and your policies, and get a chance to join the group, while locking the sim itself down with Estate level access controls, to eliminate public access. Then your sim could be protected, but new people would still have a way to visit, after being admitted to the group at the welcome center. If you do this, however, the sim that you lock down needs to not share any borders with other sims that are not locked down. For example, if you locked down the sim, but had a homestead sim attached edge to edge with it and the welcome center in the homestead sim, it would still be quite possible for someone to TP into the adjacent homestead sim, and then fly across the border and above the 50 M ban lines, to access your locked down sim, without joining your group.
  16. Sounds like you're using parcel-level access limits instead of Estate level. Parcel-level limits do nothing at 51M or more above the terrain surface. But if you turn public access OFF in the estate controls, no one can TP into your sim at any altitude unless thay are a member of one of the groups on your estate's access list, or are individually named as having access in the estate's access lists.
  17. The biggest landlords in SL get price breaks from LL on their monthly overhead and sim purchase costs, so if they choose to do so they can offer cheaper rates than smaller landlords and still turn a profit. For example, If I only owned one Mainland sim, my cost per month to own it is $195 USD. I would have to charge more than that to rent it out and make any profit. But a huge landlord that owns hundreds of sims gets a price break, and dosn't pay as much. So they could offer the same mainland sim for $195 USD a month rental, or even less, and still make a profit. The other advantage of going with a huge landlord is that they are less likely to go away overnight, since they have more real money invested in SL. A small landlord might decide to sell off all their sims with little or no notice. A big one that decides to cut back is more likely to offer their renters a way to relocate from sims that are to be sold to other sims owned by the same landlord.
  18. An alt is simply a term for any account that an individual may create after their first account. Sometimes what starts as an alt may even become a person's primary account, if they find they use the newer account more than the older one. There are possibly as many reasons for having multiple accounts as there are people who have them. I have multiple accounts for many reasons: So my main account and her daughter and their maid and their castle guard can all be present at the same time, interacting with my guests (different roleplay accounts, all run by one person, but each with their own back story and personality, like characters in a story or movie). Over half of my alts are stricly for playing different roles in social interactions, such as being the son or daughter of one of my other accounts mated to a friend's account, without having to coordinate a third person to roleplay the younger family member. (The other person always knows that I have many accounts, and that the particular set that interact with them are all fictional roleplay characters. I'm not misleading anyone into thinking they have an exclusive relationship going with a real person.) So I can test permissions on things I create, by giving the items to various accounts of mine that have differering permissions or capabilities in SL. So I can test access controls for a parcel or a sim. So I can have a 'mundane business account' for the few times that my real-life job has me doing things inside Second Life. The Corp I work for owns several sims in SL. So I can have membership in more groups than my group limits allow - for example, one of my 'social alts' maintains memberships in club venues, but my 'content creator' account doesn't, leaving more group slots for managing client's estate issues, and less spam about dance contests while I am trying to build a sim for someone. So I can have an account to be sociable with, that isn't getting spammed with product support questions from people who bought things I created and sold. So I can have a content creator account that, when on-line, people know is happy to chit-chat with them about those same product support questions from people who bought things I created and sold. So I can back up copy/transfer OK inventory items, by giving copies to an alt to keep in their inventory. So I can have different accounts with avatars and accessories suitable to particular environments. For example, a strictly G-rated account suitable for attending activities in a child-avatar friendly sim, and a very separate account that may somettimes attend events that are XXX-rated, with suitable avatars, accessories and group memberships. An alt to use as a photographer, to take in-world snapshots of my other characters from a specific position, using a pose ball to lock the protographer exactly where I want them. Alts to use as fashion models, to wear the clothing that I created and sold at one time, for pictures in product advertising. While I have never used bots for anything, alts are needed if you want to run a scripted agent to do anything in SL that requires avatar permissions, or that is intended to present a realistic avatar run by a scripted source - like a bot-driven bartender in a club venue, that moves around and responds to requests for drinks and chit-chat. If you get premium memberships for several accounts that you own, you can have all of them join the same group and share their tier allocations. For example, if I had four Premuim accounts, they could own as much as 2,252 square meters of land (4 x 512, plus 10%, rounded down to the closest 4 M increment), and pay no monthly tier on it at all. If those four accounts routinely cash out most of the L$ that they get in weekly stipend, then the cost per year becomes pretty low. I'd initially tie up 4 times $72 for the annual dues, but I'd get 12,000 L$ back each week between the four accounts. You just need to make certain that the credit card that their Premium dues get billed to never gets over its credit limit and that you update the card info when the card expires and you get a new one. (Failing to pay dues on time can lose your land, and get your account banned.)
  19. Alt accounts can share the same e-mail address, but by no means do they have to. None of mine do. There's also no reason why two real people couldn't share the same e-mail address for their main accounts. For example, a husband and wife might both use the same e-mail account for their avatars. That isn't a case of alts.
  20. They can't selectively move or remove any non-physical items, unless you have given them permission to edit or move your stuff. Possibly if you are both in a group, and the items in question are set or deeded to that group, there could be a group role that would allow them to edit or take the items. But that seems unlikely. Other than physical items getting pushed out of position, the only other thing I can think of is not controllable, and may have been fixed in the server code. It used to be that if someone could rez items on your land, that if they suddenly tried to rez something huge, existing prims of yours on the land could get auto-returned by parcel full limits. I'm pretty sure LL fixed that, however, and if that was what happened, the items would have been returned to you and who returned them would be noted in your local chat.
  21. No. But you can always revert to your actual login name at any time. The clock remains ticking for your next display name change even if you do that, however.
  22. @Phil The current LL Viewer does still show who your Partner is. It's cleverly hidden in the middle of the main profile page, under a headline that reads "Partner". :matte-motes-delicious:
  23. GingerVee wrote: Hello all! I was at my home earlier and I have it set to no public access, but I looked on my nearby map and someone I don't even know teleported into my house. My friend and I did a test where I kicked him out of my group and he tried to teleport there and it let him in too. What would cause the ban lines not to work? Thanks, Ginger Do you have a large basement under your home? General bans that affect everyone not in an access list, as opposed to banning an individual by name, is only effective 50 M above the terrain surface. I set up a castle once with a 60 M deep basement under the castle. if I set up a parcel levell access control like you describe, anyone would still be able to TP to the ground floor of that castle, since the terrain was more than 50 M below their feet. Banning someone by name is effective to 768 Meters above the terrain surface. Avove that height, the only way to keep someone out is an estate-level access control, making an entire private sim non-public, or scripted security devices that eject anyone not on their accessl list.
  24. More than anything else I guess it depends on how you, personally, view and use SL, and how the people you want to associate with use and view it. A substantial portion, quite possibly the majority, of the more established, long-term users in SL see the virtual world as a place to be something quite different than their real life self. They might play as the gender opposite to their real one, or dabble in graphicly adult sexual situations that intrigue them but that they wouldn't dream of doing in real life. Or the account may represent an entirely fictional character that has nothing at all in common with their real life self. For those people, they are not likely to want to post theior own real world info at all, and many of them would prefer not to know a think about your real world info. I'm part of that group. I use SL to tell stories and enjoy roleplaying interactions with other people's fictional characters. Ceera isn't the real me, and is never presented as being the real me. But I put a lot of time, effort and hard work into making her a believable character that seems 'real' to those who enjoy interacting with her. Most to the people I hang out with do the same. And if someone else has been doing a good job of portraying their avatar as a cute little kitty girl, the last thing I want to see if I check their profile for any reason is a picture of their real life self as a 50 year old, balding hippie with bad teeth. It's like going to a furry convention and having someone in a beautiful and incredibly well-done fursuit take off their costume head in public, destroying the illusion of the character they were presenting moments earlier. So, for me, being forced to see someone's real-life picture if I even glance at their profile is a reason to make me less likely to want to interact with them at all. Other people are into the Facebook attitude of sharing anything and everything about their personal lives, and they often create accounts here thinking it's like Facebook - a place to represend yourself as your real self, with the expectation of possibly meeting in real life for dates and whatever. Those people have no problem at all with posting their real life photos. They also tend to mix poorly with the first group that I described. The two attitudes about what SL is and how it should be used are absolute opposites.
  25. Deja Letov wrote: I've started working with mesh more and more and one thing I've noticed is that some (not all) merchants are designating that it is mesh in their product listing and on the actual ad poster for the product. I get the need to include the word mesh in the description or keywords because they may want it to come up when someone searches for mesh, but is there really a need to designate it on the ad poster? Or even moreso, in your store...are you guys actually putting a big flashing "mesh" sign over every item you carry to let your customers know it's mesh? I'd personally like to just treat it like anything else I build and not flag it as something, but thought I'd ask if there was a huge reason for it. *I do know some people don't like to buy mesh because they can't see it, so I can understand "some" on your product listing description, but if it's in store, if they can't see it properly in store, wouldn't that clue them in enough? I use V3, so I can see mesh just fine, and I'm pretty sure that the friends I have in SL all use V3-based or mesh-capable viewers by now. But I still very much want to know if something is Mesh or not, because of the half-assed way that LL implemented mesh. Rigged mesh clothes still have some severe limitations. For any user, it can be difficult to wear multiple mesh clothing items that aren't made to work as a set. With pre-mesh clothes, any jacket layer item will fit over any shirt layer item, and any shirt layer item will fit over any undershirt layer item. This is not true with rigged mesh. There's no way to know if a nice mesh jacket will work when worn over a nice mesh shirt or skirt. Odds are, if it isn't a set from the same maker, it won't, and there's no way to adjust it to make it work. On the other hand, if that jacket used sculpted prim parts instead of mesh, it's quite possible to adjust it to fit well. Personally, rigged mesh clothes absolutely do not fit the shape of my avatar, no matter which 'standard size' I attempt to use. I simply can not wear the vast majority of rigged mesh clothes without drasticly changing my body to the point where I look like someone else entirely, and I find that unacceptable. So until LL makes it possible to make rigged mesh clothes that respond to all the avatar sliders, I am just throwing money away if I accidentaly purchase mesh clothes. That doesn't make me very happy as a customer, and if the maker didn't clearly mark the item as Mesh, they will most likely lose my future business if I end up buying mesh clothes from them without knowing that was what I was buying. As for non-clothing mesh things, if there is any possibility I might scale the item larger or smaller, or link it to anything else, I absolutely must know in advance that it is mesh. The insane LI calculation system can cause LI to go to horribly high levels if I try, for example, to link a nicely formed mesh roof or column to the prim parts of the rest of a house. Again, if I don't know it's mesh in advance, it could cause definite problems for me as a consumer.
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