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  1. It can be done if you are the sim owner (or estate manager) and save the RAW file, then edit it with an external editor program. A RAW file is just a multi-layer graphic image, Each layer can be rotated, if you have the right software, just like any other graphic program. I've edited them a lot, and you can even extract individual layers and edit them in other graphics apps. It's been a while since I did this, and my computer that has my raw file editing apps is not available to me right now. But it certainly can be done if you have the right software, and then you can re-upload the edited RAW file.
  2. You may also be trying to wear an outdated Furry avatar that still relies on "invisiprims" to hide the legs, rather than the newer alpha layer method. Currient viewers can't see the invisiprim effect any more, which relied on an unsupported (but widely used) glitch in the system coding. An alpha layer designed for one of the newer furry avatars can often be used with the old invisiprim-based ones to hide the shins as you want to do. Many avatar makers include those alpha layers in their demo versions of their avatars, and the free demo copy of the alpha layer can be re-used as I suggested. So find a similar newly made avatar, get the demo of it if you can, and try that as a solution. For what it's worth, while there ae a lot of older furry avatars out there for free these days, the newer ones that you pay for are much better quality. Avatar makers that have upgraded their work a lot sometimes make their older versions full perms freebies, as do some avatar makers who decide to go out of the business. From the problem you are having, it sounds like you're dealing with one of those older freebie furry avatars.
  3. L$1800 is nothing...That's less than eight dollars in US real-world money. I remember once that I decided I really wanted to expand my parcel of land to include a parcel next to mine that had been set for sale. This was years ago, before the price of land in SL crashed, and when people still could get far more per M2 for land even leased in a private sim than what they are willing to pay today. I think they wanted something like L$34 per M2. My parcel next to theirs was in a beautiful set of well-managed private sims that had lots of water sims along the edges for boating and swimming in, and I was right on the waterfront. What the neighbor wanted was pricy, but not too far out of line with what parcels of that size went for at the time, and it would allow me to almost double my parcel size, and gain an unimpeded view of the sunsets. I didn't have enough L$ to buy it, and so I actually bought somethink like $350 USD worth of L$ so I could get the parcel. Definitely the most I have ever dropped for any one thing I have ever bought in SL, since I have never, before or since, tried buying a whole sim or any single parcel of land that cost me so much up front. I quite enjoyed having the additional land for the next year or so, and I was earning enough in-world at the time that I paid myself back that $350 within three months or so, which meant that my net out of pocket cost was essentailly notning. And when I later sold my land in those sims and moved to a more private location, I got at least something for my land, though by then land prices had already dropped a lot, and I didn't get anywhere near as much per M2.
  4. If you want water that can be accessed for sailing and boating, you'll need to purchase and pay for homestead sims or similar, in addition to your four main RP sims. As far as I know, LL won't provide usable water sims adjacent to private holdings without charging you for it. There is a Linden-owned boating area, with 16 or more adjacent water sims. But as far as I know LL won't let private sim owners park their sims on its edges to get free boating access form their priavte sims.
  5. No one in these forums is in a position to answer that yet. The new SL isn't a public reality yet, and even if any of us were in an alpha test of it already, those people would be under a heavy non disclosure agreement and unable to spill the beans. To the best of my knowledge it's all still on the drawing boards, and no one is in an alpha test of it yet. In my opinion, odds are good that a lot of what you have now won't be transferrable, simply because trying to make a distinct improvement while retaining 100% backward compatability would make any real innovation almost impossible. But I suspect once we see the new version, we won't mind leaving the old stuff behind. If it really is significantly better, then the old stuff will look pretty cheesy if we could import it.
  6. Generally speaking, no. Not after the fact. If it's a private sim, and you own it (not rent it), or at least have the correct permissions as estate Manager, then you can save a .raw file for the terrain state before you start changing it, and save the raw file again after making the changes. Then you can switch between the two states by loading the appropriate saved raw file. But this is always a sim-wide change. It can't be done on the parcel level. Be careful also with 'revert'. While that does affect only the selected chunk of terrain, you may not get what you hoped for. Revert takes you back to the last saved/loaded raw file state, which on the mainland is whatever the Lindens designed it as. The terrain could have been changed quite a bit from that state before you ever saw that parcel of land, and what it will revert to could be very different than what you remembered it as.
  7. Have you actually used any payment info yet to buy anything from Linden Lab, such as buying some L$? There has been a glitch for years that entering, but not using, the payment info doesn't get detected in-world. Using it once will fix that.
  8. If you want more flexibility for how your home works, you'll need to abandon the starter 'Linden Home', and get a normal parcel of land and put a normal house on it. Linden Homes are very simplified started units, designed just to give you a taste of what owning land and a home of your own is like. They are intentionally limited in capability, so you will want to move on and buy more land and more complete home solutions after you get that taste.
  9. Received what sort of notice? It' quite possible that the furniture you tried to rez exceeded the 117 prim limit for your Linden Home. Those limited parcels need very prim-efficient furnishings to decorate with. Many older furniture items can't rez at all in just 117 prims of available land impact.
  10. For a script to detect someone is in a particular group, the object it is in has to be set to the same group, they have to touch the prim the script is in, and they have to be wearing that tag at the time. A script can not detect all groups a person is in - only the group whose tag they are wearing, and only if the group tag matches the group of the prim they touched. So if group A can open the door, and anyone else, including group B, can not, you need to set the prim to group A, and use the LSL command llDetectedGroup or llSameGroup. This also means you can't make a single script that responds only to members of two or more specific groups. It would require a separate linkset of prims and a separate script for each group. To do a door that two specific groups could open, use a separate button prim for each group, and have that prim communicate with the door script in the door's linkset Group A could then open it by touhing the "Group A Members" button, and the same with group B and their button.
  11. Replace the P with a B for the first letter, and you get a mildly naughty word. As they said, the word filtering is broken. Such filters are a very bad idea in the first place, because they NEVER work completely right, and are prone to lots of false positives.
  12. Just checked with the current LL client, (Version 3.7.14 (292638) Aug 4 2014), and it looked normal to me. No huge picture.
  13. Lindal is right. If you look at the property edges with "Show Property Lines" enabled, in the standard LL viewer, there is an indentation in the line every 4 Meters! I wonder when they added that handy feature! I'd never seen that before!
  14. Try Robin Sojurner's "Kick the Can" store in the Livingtree sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Livingtree/150/130/24 She has shapes, g-rated kid skins, clothes, kid accessories and also has a second store in that sim that sells fairly close-matching teen/adult skins, if you want to have your child 'grow up' over a period of time. It's also a great place for kid avvies to hang out and have fun, with a skate park on the roof, a playground, swimming holes, and places to go fishing and camping. (as in roleplaying tent camping by a fire pit, not sitting on something for L$).
  15. I did an experiment once to check this. Unfortunately I can't find the snapshots that documented it any more, and I am no longer an estate manager with a sim I can play with, but I can tell you an easy way to find out. Make a 512 x 512 texture that has a definite edge - like a white square that is black for a couple of pixels at the edges. I used one of the 10 x 10 'builder's grid' textures with a bullseye pattern in the center, since it made it very easy to see the repeats. Apply that texture to all 4 height levels in a sim. Put a prim on one repeat where the land is fairly flat, and streach it to cover the width of the terrain texture repeat. That will give you the exact size that the texture will always repeat at, regardless of what size texture you apply to the ground. Count the repeats along one edge of the sim to see how many times it repeats. I seem to remember that it comes out to a certain number of repeats (Eight? Ten?) plus one half two thirds of a texture repeat, in each direction, and that the starting point for the repeats depends on the sim's position on the SL grid. For example, one sim might start with a whole repeat in the NE corner, and 2/3 on the East and South edges. The next sim to the East does a 1/3 of a texture on the West edge, and 1/3 of a on the East edge. The next one East starts with 2/3 of a texture and ends with a full texture. You have no control over this. Where the repeats start is solely based on its location in the SL grid. As I recall, trying to apply a 1024 x 1024 texture to sim terrain is a waste of resources. SL scales all terrain textures to 512 x 512, regardless of what size you uploaded it as, before applying it to the sim's terrain. Try it yourself. Apply a 512 x 512 version and a 1024 x 1024 version of a terrain texture to land, and see if you can tell any difference. As I recall, both will look like the 512 version. === EDIT - I found some snapshots... Unfortunately I don't have one that is zoomed out enough to count the number of repeats across the whole sim. But my avatar is standing in the middle, which gives you some sense of scale. The repeat offset is really ugly. It's a certain number of repeats plus 2/3 of a repeat! This is one sim with a red grid, and the sim next to it with a green grid. : PLEASE NOTE: Although the 512 x 512 texture in the photo above is marked as a 10M x 10M grid, the size when applied to the terrain was NOT 10M x 10M. It was more like 12M x 12M, or something else weird.
  16. It looks likely that your landlord has quit secondlife. I couldn't find a "Wildfire Wolcott" in Search in-world, or via my.secondlife.com. I used to know a "Wildfire Walcott" (different surname spelling) who owned a moderately large amount of SL land, but she is no longer in Search either, and the last entry in her blog site is something like two years old.
  17. There is no way to 'merge' two accounts, but you can do a lot on your own to make what the secondary account has available to the primary one. Any items that allow transfer can be given from one account to the other. Any L$ that the secondary account has can be given to the primary one. Any no-transfer, non-clothing items, like furniture, can be placed in-world by the secondary account that owns them, for use by the primary account. You may need to create a group and set the item to that group to allow both accounts to operate the scripts in the item. No-transfer items are just that - they can not be transferred to another account, even if it is one you also own. So no-transfer wearable items are pretty much stuck with the account that owns them. Keeping the second account around isn't that bad a thing. Any group needs at least two members to exist. If both your accounts join a group that you create, you can be certain it won't vanish on you for lack of members.
  18. You haven't lost a thing. It told you that a server error is preventing them from displaying your correct ballance. Log off and back on again and it will probably fix itself.
  19. Perrie Juran wrote: The curious thing is this: "Maximum terrain height: 255 meters using inworld controls (mainland limit), 510 meters by using a *.raw file upload." http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits I was at 339 Meters when I took those snaps. When you use the in-world terraforming tools, you can usually only go to 255 Meters altitude (235 M above the normal default 20M sea level.) Each incremental change in the terrain height is recorded as a 0 to 255 greyscale value in the heightfield attribute for the sim, which counts as a 1M height change. So pure black = 0 M altitude, and pure white = 255 M altitude. In most mainland sims, while the initial uploaded terrain can have any value between 0 and 255 for the terrain height, the in-world editing tools can only change from that base value by +/- a fixed number of meters (like +/- 4 M from the uploaded base). Of course, the Lindens can upload a RAW file when they create a sim, so they can initially create mainland areas that are higher than 255 Meters, and have in some areas. On the mainland, you can't change the baseline terrain by saving the raw file changes made by the limited editing tools. The baseline remains what the Lindens initially uploaded. So if you owned the highest point on the Mainland, you could change that by +/- whatever that sim's limit is from what the Lindens created it as. On a private sim that limit on changes from the baseline can be changed by the sim owner, and changes to the baseline can be saved at will. For a lot of private sims, they set the change from baseline limit to +/- 100M. Private sim owners can upload and save RAW file data to change the terrain limits. Using a RAW file upload, you can also apply a multiplier to the heightfield values in the terrain mapping, and can get up to 2X the altitude change per pixel change in the heightfield (or a fraction of the normal altitude change, with smoother steps between height points.) Hence 510 M and a 2M step between height points is the max possible in-world.
  20. 5 to 10 business days is more in touch with reality. LL rarely makes their promise of 3 to 5 business days. I suppose the 'official' reason it takes so long is that they are intentionally slowing the process down so they can spot check transactions for possible fraud. They have access to a way to do it instantly, and they refuse to use the fast way.
  21. Just tried with mine. 13" MB Pro, that I bought in December 2013, with the Intel Iris graphics. With everything short of advanced lighting at maximum and draw distance set to 256, I was getting almost 35 FPS even in a laggy Linden Homes sim. Turn on advance lighting, and the frame rate drops to just under 10 FPS, but Advanced lighting does that to any computer. So yeah, SL works fine on it.
  22. The sky dome you are considering is has a 60M x 60M footprint, which means you would need to buy or rent at least a 3600 M2 parcel of land, that is square, and 60 meters on a side. That will give you an allocation of about 820 prims to play with, and the dome itself consumes 16 prims. I would advise getting a parcel that is a bit bigger than that, as centering your skydome precisely over the exact center of a 60 x 60 parcel can be difficult. The easiest way to get it centered is to rez it on the ground while you have your viewer set to show you the edges of your parcel, make sure you are not overlapping any of your edges, and then select the skydome and everything in it and edit the height value to the altitude you want it to be at (like 2000 Meters up, or whatever, so it can't be seen from the ground). Sinca that product has a rez box, I think you should be able to place the rez box at the exact center of a 60 x 60 parcel, and then edit its height to the altitude you want, then sit on a prim and edit that prim's height to the same altitude, and command the rez box to set up the dome up there.
  23. As Candii9 said, Control click does the same thing with a Mac one-button mouse as right click does on a three-button mouse. But I would seriously recommend getting a three-button mouse for your Mac. They are not at all expensive, and make life in SL much easier. Three-button mice are also very useful in almost all of your Mac applications, and even in Finder. Try one, and you'll never go back to a one-button mouse again.
  24. All of your accounts are equal in the eyes of LL. Some may be free accounts and some may be Premium, but all are individuals as far as LL is concerned - there is no automatic linkage or heirarchy between them other than what they may trace from your personal info and IP address if they are investigating an abuse report against you. However, you can only be signed into the website with one account at a time. So you need to sign out of the website as 'Avatar A' and sign back in as 'Avatar B' (using the Avatar B user name and password) to do things for Avatar B like changing their Partner status or selling their L$ or changing their password.
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