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  1. There are no functional limits to how many alts you may have. LL has a limit of five accounts 'per househlold' on the books, but they do not enforce it at all unless someone is abusing the system and using the alts in a way that they dislike. There is no automated cross-check on account creation that detects how many accounts you have. The only limit you may run into is based on how many accounts you tried to create from that computer in the last 24 hours (I think the limit is 2 per day, now), and on how many of your accounts use the same e-mail address and/or payment info. I always have a different e-mail address for each alt that I make, but I've had more than 5 alts using the same payment info for years, with no problems. So just make a new alt. If you're really worried that LL might enforce the technical limits, delete the old alt first.
  2. If the land is on a private island (resident owned sim) your landlord (sim owner) can reclaim the parcel and give it back to you. If it is mainland (you paid tier directly to Linden Lab), you will need to contact a Linden and get them to reclaim the land and give it back. There is nothing you can do as residents to fix this yourselves. The dead group can not be revived, ever.
  3. My main account is a shapeshifter who self-identifies as female, but who will, depending on circumstances, become male, female or a hermaphrodite. I have other accounts that are strictly male or strictly female. Most of my accounts, including my main one, aren't even Human. But all my SL accounts are fictional characters that I use for roleplaying, so of course I have all sorts of variations. The author of a book or the screen-writer of a movie doesn't limt themselves to characters that match their own gender, so why should I? None of my avatars is a clone of the real me. I don't need SL to be myself.
  4. No. All land in SL has a recurring maintenance fee of some sort associated with it. If you do not accept the 'free' Linden home, and if you own no other land in SL at all, you could make a one-time purchase of 512 M2 of mainland, and keep that 'rent free' forever... But it really isn't rent free. The catch there is that while you don't pay tier on that 512 M2, you still have to continue to pay your monthly, quarterly or annual premium dues. So you're still paying a recurring fee. It's just that the fee for your 'free tier' on that first 512 M2 of land (or for the 'free' Linden home, if you take that option instead) is part of what you pay for with your Premium dues, wheather you use the 512 M2 free tier or the Linden Home or not.
  5. Just adjusting the positions, while retaining the same animations, is a matter of either moving the pose balls (with the edit function), or using scripted commands to adjust the position. It depends on how the particular pose ball is scripted. Changing the animation - so limbs are in different orientations or 'more natural positions' - is a matter of creating a new animation and replacing the animation used in the pose ball, or making your own pose ball set from scratch.
  6. You can't edit what is already there, no. Go to the 'payment information' link on your dashboard, delete the old card and add a 'new' credit card with the current expiration information, and switch preferred payment method info to the new one. If you're using a different card, (different account number), you don't need to delete the prior one first. You can add the new card and switch payment info to the new one. You could delete the old card later.
  7. One other handy trick, for scripts within one linkset. The description field of any prim in the linkset can be used as a place to store variable data. So each prim in the linkset could, in effect, be used to store a data value, accessible by all scripts in the linkset. I used that trick for a HUD once, storing an alphanumeric srting value in the description of one prim, and the scripts updated the description to indicate various states. For another project, I have a local teleport bracelet that stores one set of teleport coordibnates in each prim in the bracelet, allowing it to store ten teleport locations within a sim.
  8. Stand outside the parcel. Click on the land inside the parcel, and you can access the land settings to change the access list back to the way it was. With a Linden home, you may need to cam under the floor to be able to click on the terrain that the home is covering up.
  9. You have to actually use the credit info to buy something before it will show in-world automatically. Just buy at least $2.50 USD worth of L$, and the in-world indication of your payment status will be fixed. It's been many, many years since just adding Payment info was enough to show you as 'Payment info on file'. You have to use it and that means you show as "Payment info used'. You can also call LL and ask them to fix it, but that is more of a hassle than it is worth, if you ask me.
  10. LL does not care what e-mail is associated with an accout, in respect to applying payment info. Each of my alts has its own e-mail address. Many of them share the same payment info. Works just fine.
  11. One additional note: When you get a Linden Home, the only thing you have any control over is selecting which style of home you get, from a list of what they currently choose to offer you. So you can, for example, choose one of the Japanese-styled homes and know your home will be somewhere in the Japanese-themed Linden Homes sims. But you have no control at all over which parcel or sim gets assigned to you. That is entirely random and automated, and as far as I know, there is no way to get assistance from LL in designating a specific parcel as the one you want. That means that you can not choose to get the parcel right next door to one that a friend of yours has, for example.
  12. The answer offered by A3123 is incorrect. There is a 1:1 correspondance between each of the ten possible roles and a single title per role. One role = one title. Anyone who is a member of a particular role can use that role's title, and other than your Owner, Officer and Everyone roles, the other roles don't need to grant any permissions at all. For example, in my Fox and Ground property management group, the title for the 'Everyone' group is 'F&G Member'. That gets you access to my land. The role 'Resident' has the title 'F&G Resident', and grants extra permissions for people that would live on my land. The role 'Guard' has the title 'Castle Guard', and carries no extra permissions at all. If I wanted to have someone join the group, have rights as a resident there, and also have the roleplay title 'Castle Guard', I would invite the person inti the group and assign them to all three roles. For large roleplay groups, a titler is a much better option. A titler is an attachment, and can be given as inventory, and has no practical limits on how many titles it can support. Your officers could have a copyable but no-mod titler for each individual title that you want to use, and could give those to players as appropriate. So for example when someone is knighted, you could give them the titler that says 'Sir Knight'. No need to mess with roles and permissions. In your case, you could make a single titler that could switch between a menu of titles, and leave it to the Player to only display the titles that they have permission to use. If you wanted to be fancy, you could even have the titler use a password system to unlock certain titles, so, for example, they only learn the password to unlock "Sir Knight" as a title when they are knighted, and prior to that the option isn't offered by their titler.
  13. The Rutgers Opensim grid is, for the most part, a realistic reproduction of several of their campus sites. The largest one reproduced there - 12 sims or 15, I can't recall off-hand which - is their Livingston campus, and a lot of the builds I made there were architectural models of both existing buildings, walkways and roads, and proposed additions, such as a parking lot with solar panels built into a set of carport-like roofs over the cars in the lot. A smaller one is their "Old Queens" campus - their oldest school site, and the 5 main buildings of that site fit in a single sim. In that sim is a detailed replica of a chapel that is at the real campus, and the details are accurate down to the stained glass in the windows and the portraits of former school presidents on the walls. They also have a faithful reproduction of their football stadium, which I built. They use it as a sandbox for building and scripting classes, as well as a competition field for virtial games of several types. They use the sims for "Rutgers Day" events, where students, family members, and potential students from all over the world can visit the virtual campus and interact with people at the real world campuses. For example, they could visit the "Old Queens" campus, go to the original school house, and ring the bell. They could even go into the attic and ring the bel from up there, and watch it ringing in the cupola on the roof. They can chat with professors and students at the real campus. They can visit the Livingston campus and see what it will look like when the new Student Union building and cafeteria are completed, and when several new dorms have been built. They also use the sims for classroom training. They have classes in programming where the students gather at the virtual stadium and do LSL programming experiments. They have an orientation course that teaches people how to use the virtual world, and which also doubles and a lab experiment to study how people learn new tasks. At one point, they were talking about making a 20-sim or larger reproduction of downtown New Brunswick, NJ, to serve as an architectural model for a downtown renovation plan that the university campus was a major participant in. It was to have a transit mall that serverd downtown, as well as several new campus buildings that were either already in the area or that would be renovated or built as part of the plan. The cost to create the virtual model was quite competitive with the cost of an architect's paper model, but could be viewed by people all over the world. That was the huge in-world plan that got scrapped when LL eliminated the education discounts last time. I don't know if they ever did that project on their own grid yet.
  14. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: You can not export an image unless it has full perms, or you created it your self. The default Linden Textures are not exportable. As well as all things in the library. They maintain the copyright to the textures. You are only licensed to use them in world. Best you can do is take a screen shot with texture open. But I dont recommend altering or using textures that you do not have express written agreement to do so From a technical perspective, it is not entirely true that assets in the Library can not be exported. Nothing can be exported while it is still in the library, yes. But those default textures can be copied and pasted to a folder in your inventory, and they are full perms and will then export normally with the default LL viewer. The TOS says that you are not supposed to export anything that is not full perms and that you are not the creator of. But LL's own viewer does allow you to export their full-perms textures. I would certainly not recommend exporting LL's textures and re-using them in a commercial package fo textures that you might want to sell. LL owns the copyright to the images in their as-is form. Using them to create a derivitive work is possibly a greay area. But honestly, you can probably make better textures than most of what is in the LL Library. The only reason I would use their textures is to get an exact match for a project that has to mesh with applied terrain textures.
  15. Rotating a prim with LSL rotates that prim on its center. So most one-prim doors are cut in a way that leaves only half the prim visible, and the true center of the door is at the 'hinge edge' Multiprim hinged doors use a 'hinge prim' as the root prim of the door. Again, the door rotates on the center of that root prim, and its true center is at the desired point of rotation. For your unlinked, multiprim door, just make sure the root prim of the door has its center at the hinge edge. Placing a slender cylinder prim along that edge and making it the root is the easiest way to do that. Doors that have to be linked to a building either have to be one-prim doors, so the script in the door prim rotates the door and not the building, or require much more complicated scripting to read the position and orientation of the root prim of the building they are linked to, and base the door's rotation on that coordinate data. It is much more complicated to make a linked door open and close properly. So simple free scripts usually require the door to remain un-linked.
  16. When they killed the education discount and jacked the prices, it was about a month or two after most educational budgets for the upcoming year were cast in stone and not possible to change. LL's decision meant that for many educational institutions, they had no choice but to dump half their sims, rounding up, to have sufficient funding to pay for what was left. Or possibly they had no choice but to leave completely. Only the ones that had paid for the full year in advance were able to get through that fiscal year with their sims intact. I had a major Ivy League school as a sim building client when it happened. They had 9 or so sims and were looking at possibly buying as many as 20 more in the next year or two. After the price hike, they paid me to migrate everything to an Open Sim grid that they set up for their university, and they dumped most of their SL sims. I seriously doubt they would even consider returning to SL. *sigh* I just checked, and that university, Rutgers, now has only three sims left in SL. Some of my best work that I did for them no longer exists. The Old Queens campus and their football stadium are now gone. Last time I checked, they had over 20 sims on their opensim servers. Fortunately, before the SL sims went off line, I was able to migrate everything I had made for them to that grid, as well as building many more new sims for them there. LL burned the bridge to education with that last elimination of the education discount - especially when they wouldn't reconsider the change after educators explained that it was impossible to get new funding approved in time to pay for all their sims at the higher rate. Most educational institutions had renewal dates on their contract that were not tied directly to the start of their fiscal year. So they might have had less than 6 months before their contract expired and the new rates would kick in, but only had funding to renew at the old rate. Most of those institutions now have their own servers and run their virtual worlds there, for the benefit of their students and staff. I seriously doubt LL could lure those customers back now, after the way they treated them last time.
  17. In SL, all textures 'wrap' from one edge to the other, even if the repeat is set to exactly 1.0000. This means that when you have a texture that is opaque at one edge and transparent at the opposite edge, you get a one-pixel 'bleed' of the colors from the far edge showing at a 1.0000 repeat. Setting the repeat value to 0.99 works in most cases to eliminate that glitch. But it may just slightly alter the appearance of some carefully textured things. If you are making a custom texture for a project and you know you want to have one edge solid and the other alpha transparent, then make the texture with a one-pixel wide alpha along the 'solid' edge. This will be what 'bleeds' over, and it will be invisible at the alpha edge. At the solid edge, especially on something like a flexi tail, that end will often be embedded in something else, and you won't see the thin transparent bit at the edge. If that solid edge is exposed, a one or two pixel wide alpha at the edge usually wll not be noticed. === Another tip: If you are making nested tapered flexi cylinders to make a bushy tail, make them hollow, and use a 100% alpha texture on the ends and on the inside face. This will fix the alpha sorting issues between the layers of the tail itself. Works better than solid cones.
  18. The shiny setting is based on the individual object's Materials and texture settings. You have to have mod rights for the individual items, and set the "shine' to zero there, then use the new Materials settings. It involves using a specular map, not the old 4-level shiny settings. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Materials-Normal-and-Specular-Mapping/ta-p/2034625
  19. You might like the skins that Robin Sojurner sells in the Livingtree sim. She has one batch that are intended for kids, and a second, matching batch more suitable for young adults. I don't think any of her male skins have facial hair, but they definitely are not overly muscled. And she has a good range of skin tones. And for the ladies reading this and looking for similar age skins, Robin's adult female skins have some nice no-makeup and 'light makeup' options that look good on a younger girl, without looking like you're made up for a late night cocktail party or a rave event.
  20. There are several available. The one I am most familiar with is 'Mama Allpa'.
  21. If you are referring to a Linden Home, you can't get that exact one back, unless maybe LL is feeling very generous and you open a support ticket with them. But you can request a new one of the same type, and it will randomly be assigned somewhere in all the sims offering that type of Linden home. Don't like the placement? You can abandon and request 5 times per day.
  22. You can't alpha-out only one arm. The SL avatar only has one arm to map to. You would have to alpha out both arms and replace both. Or use a mesh avatar that has only one arm, or use invisiprims to hide one arm (but that no longer works with lighting and shadows enabled.)
  23. Smilar issues have happened with megaprim surfaces, or with attempting to rez something atop a cut and 'tortured' prim. . If SL isn't certain where the surface is, the rez can fail. And if the thing being rezzed is no-copy, you can lose it. Best solution is before rezzing a no-copy item on an 'unusual' surface, first rez a normal cube prim there, if you can. Then rez the no-copy thing on top of the cube prim.
  24. To begin with, my avatars are not 'me'. Each one is a fictional character, with interests and activities that might be quite different from my real-life activities and interests. So the groups that they belong to are groups that fit those characters. It would be wrong though to assume that my own interests exactly match those groups. In many cases several of my other accounts may also be in those same groups, for access purposes. But those accounts don't normally have an in-character reason to belong to some of those groups. For my main account, that has been the one I do business with in SL. Many of the groups that account belongs to are the land groups for my clients. I don't need to broadcast who I have Estate Manager rights for. In some cases, I might be working for two groups that normally don't get along (like a Furry group and a Gorean RP group). But I still need those groups to do my work in building sims for clients. Why should I offend a potentuial client by showing groups that they might not care for? Especially with the accounts that I do business with, the social groups that they also belong to are almost always hidden. When I go to work in real life, I don't wear a sign stating which bars, clubs and social groups I hang out with on my own time. So why should my avatars do that?
  25. Lindal may have been blunt, but she was stating a simple fact. The lag in any Linden Homes sim is already quite bad, mostly because of the massive misuse of sculpted prims by LL for the trees in those sims. Adding any heavily-scripted content, such as multiple breedables, to a Linden Homes parcel will increase lag for everyone near your Linden Home, and will be seen as harmful my most, if not all, of your neighbors. Can you do it anyway? Yes, the terms of use for the Linden Homes don't prohibit it. But your neighbors will dislike you if you do it.
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