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  1. Crysantha Lafleur wrote: I need to find someone that is very knowledgeble with the ins and outs of Terraforming and Ground Textures. Firstly - I noticed the other day that when I was terraforming, one side of the sim liked being low, and the other liked being high. I had lifted some land on the west side, then decided I needed to smooth it out... The far EAST edge began to drop straight down after a little. Like it wanted to be lower.. When I did the same along the west side, the very western edge, did not do that. Is this normal in all sims? And if it is, should a person take that into consideration when they wish to transition from low to high ground? Secondly - My project is to create a transition from a low lying sand region, up to a mountain terrain. If I am going to do, sand, sand, rocky sand, mountain. How can I effectively transition from one to the other .. I think I may need a how to video or something. I am having trouble grasping the low/high number concept or something. It needs to be a rather abrupt change from sand to mountain.. low flat city for 2/3 of the sim then up a mountain slope Anyone know of someone that can help me understand how to do this. Thank you Crysantha For your first problem, that sounds like an issue with a different terrain height in the adjacent sim, and the fact that you don't own the land on the other side. One thing I noticed is that terrain height changes applied to a selected area of land tend to have issues like that at the edges. On the other hand, using the manual 'bulldozer' brush tool will affect the adjacent parcel a bit as well, making a smoother transition at the edge. It takes some experimenting there - you can't use one hard and fast rule for edge effects. === For the second issue, I am afraid you'll find that an abrupt and predictable change in terrain textures is impossible to position with the terrain textures. The only way to make an abrupt and precisely positioned transition is with prims that have a terrain texture applied to them. Terrain textures are always blended at the transitions, and a certain amount of viewer-side randomization is unavoidably built into the system. You have 4 textures in a sim. You can specify the aproximate height of the transition between the first and second texture, and of the third and fourth textures. The transition between two and three is always halfway between what you specified for those two that you can control. You also are specifying these heights at the four corners of the sim. If you think of those four corners as anchored to the corners of a rubber sheet, you get an idea of how they affect the area between them. If the height is the same at all four corners, the sheet is flat, sim-wide. If the south pair are the same, and the North pair are higher but equal to each other, you get a flat slope, from South to North. Raise just one corner, and that corner streaches upward, just like a rubber sheet. Example of flat transitions, sim-wide : Texture 4 Mountain "High" transition = 40, all 4 corners Texture 3 Rocky sand Interpolated 'Middle" transition will be = ( (High - Low) / 2 ) + Low = ((40-20)/2)+20 = 30 Texture 2 Sand "Low" transition = 20, all 4 corners Texture 1 Sand Now... add a subjective (changes for each person looking at it, randomized by their viewer) +/- 3 Meters random factor to the actual transition point, and blur the transition for 4 to 5 Meters from that randomized value, at each corner! Result? Even though you asked for the rocky sand to mountain transition to appear at 40 Meters, it could be as low as 37 and as high as 43 Meters at the middle of the blending, and that blended area will be several meters wide.
  2. Well... you can play the "Linden Realms" game and pick up a few L$, but not much for the amount of time you have to spend doing it. Other than that, howeverm there really aren't many oppourtunities in SL to just do something mindless for a few hours and rake in a pile of L$. L$ are money. You either exchange real-world money for L$, or you earn them. You're not going to just get them for free. However, there's a lot you can do in SL that requires no L$. There's lots of free stuff in SL. If money is tight, stick to the freebies and don't worry about L$. Seriously though, you get more that L$250 for just one us dollar, so for what you can earn in a few hours at a minimum wage real-world job, you can buy a lot more L$ than you're ever likely to earn inside SL, unless you have a skill set that is in demand and sufficently advanced to earn a lot, fast. (Things like being a very good artist in Photoshop, or having mad skills as a programmer and making really cool and innovative scripted stuff, or having fantastic skills with Maya or other 3D design tools and making stuff for sale inside SL.) 99% of the people in SL don't just walk in with skills that can earn them money here. You need to learn how things work, and try your hand at various forms of content creation and services offerings, and build the needed skills before you're going to find a niche where you can earn money here.
  3. You should be aware that both Tiny and Petite avatars have some severe limitations, as compared to normal avatars. With a "Tiny" avatar, the visible body is made entirely of prims, and the actual body is folded up very strangely by a deformer in an animation overrider. This means they can NOT wear normal clothes and accessories. Thye also can not use normal animations, like dances, sex beds, or even normal furniture. Everything that you add to a "Tiny" has to be custom-made to work with them. Special prim clothes, special furniture that has animations compatible with the Tiny's AO and deformer, etc. . On the plus side, however, Tiny avatars have been around a long time, and there's a wide diversity of Tiny furniture, dance animations, clothes and accessories made just for this segmet of the virtual population. The "Petites" have a couple of variations so far, made by different content creators. All rely on the new mesh avatar techniques, to replace your visible body with a much smaller mesh body. The ability to customize your appearance as a Petite avatar is very limited. Skins and clothes have to be made specific to the mapping used by that one content creator. Some makers use the same mapping, and others don't. Since the concept is very new, there is a very limited range of these avatars and of clothes and accessories for them. They can not use normal clothes, hair or accessories any more than Tiny's can.
  4. You need to actually use the credit card to buy something, before it will show as "Payment Info Used" in-world. Buying $2.50 USD worth of L$ will suffice. The function for having it automatically show up as "Payment Info on File" in-world when you have entered, but not yet used, payment info has been broken for years.
  5. This is one of the biggest flaws in the current implementation of Mesh, when it comes to avatar attached things like clothes or body parts. As implemented by LL, Mesh is incapable of responding to any appearance sliders that don't affect 'bone lengths'. It also can't respond to 'avatar physics' - IE jiggly boobs and butt - so you have to turn that off. Wearing the alpha layers provided with them will at least keep others from seeing you jiggle out of your clothes if they have avatar physics enabled in their viewers. What this means is that unless you luck out and the clothing designer happened to model their clothing item on something fairly close to your shape, you have to force your shape to match one of the shapes that they designed their clothes for - changing the size and proportions of your bust, butt and other attributes to an often badly proportioned 'standard size'. Whether it's worth doing that is your call. If your normal shape is kind of close to what the clothing designer offers, maybe it works for you. For a lot of us, the required change is too radical and our avatar doesn't look like themselves when forced into another set of body proportions.
  6. Tamara Artis wrote: An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log. That is what I get in Chrome. Haven't tried others cause Chrome is working great everywhere except on SL pages. Sometimes if I refresh the page that message is gone and I am logged in. Sometimes it gives me login page again so I just leave it and try some other time. It happens on my dashboard and on forums. I get this same error in Safari. I also tried Firefox. Something has definitely been broken for the last several days, for user authentication anywhere in *.secondlife.com.
  7. Some corrections to Lindal's otherwise excellent response. The payment method that you have on file does NOT have to be PayPal. It can be any accepted method of payment. It has to get used to make at least one payment to Linden Lab, usually to purchase at least $2.50 USD worth of L$, so LL knows your payment info is valid and traceable. (Annoying, perhaps, but a necessary fraud prevention step.) When you do the step to cash out via PayPal, they will ask at that time for the e-mail address of the PayPal account to cash out to. That information is not populated based on your payment info that you have on file. You manually enter it. Lindal was correct however that the PayPal account used to cash out needs to be a Verified PayPal account, meaning you've linked it to a bank account at PayPal's end first. There is info on the PayPal site for how yo verify your account.
  8. UUID's are wonderful, but in LL's code base, they were an afterthought, added years after SL opened to the public. While all of their newer code uses an avatar's UUID as the proper avatar key, there is, sadly, plenty of other, older code still in the system that does NOT use the UUID. So if they allowed you to change your username, keeping the UUID intact, there will still be some things that don't link properly back to your avatar. Every backwater link that still uses the text of the name as the index key, instead of the UUID, would break. Most of the system would work, because at siome piont the code was updated to link on the UUID. But their code is a mess and even they don't know what functions would still break, or how. If they had written the code from day 1 to use a UUID as the key for all avatar-related associations, then renaming an avatar would be trivial. A mere matter of changing the name attribute, and using the UUID to link behind the scenes. Their insistance that it can't be done is proof that they do not use the UUID everywhere as the unique key for an avatar.
  9. I'll suggest that a good thing to learn from is to get a free, full-perms "Furry" avatar, like a fox or wolf, and see how they do their eyes. You can learn a lot of useful construction and scripting from dissecting one of those avatars. You can often find them offered for free in furry sims. Blinking eyes as a texture is easy. The texture typically has four sets of eyes, making four frames of a blink animation, and is displayed on a prim surface. When the eyes are to 'blink', the script animates the texture, showing 1/4 of the actual texture at a time on the surface, and moving through the 4-frame cycle. Better quality eyes will be built up in 3D from more prims, often with layers and parts for the eyelid; eye lashes; iris color; and the black detailing, highlights and white parts of the eye. Scripts can then allow the eyes to be color changed, and to blink, or to display a wide variety of expressions. Scripts can also change between different sets of textures for any given surface, so for example you could have a normal blink cycle, and a one-eyes wink as a seperate texture, and swap between them with a script.
  10. Linden Lab very stupidly did use the exact text of your username as the indexed key for almost everything associated with your avatar. As a result, doing a rename requires tracking down every asset that you ever were associated with, anywere on the grid, and changing that association. A competent programmer would have associated the name itself with an unseen unique key value, like the UUID for an avatar that is used in their more recent code. But they made the mistake long ago, and it's festered so long that repairing it now is a monumental task that they are unwilling to spend time and effort on. Much easier to say "it can't be done".
  11. 1: You don't need to be premium. Skyboxes can also be built on land that you rent from others. 2: You DO need your own parcel of land - either one that you purchased as a premium member and pay tier on directly to Linden Lab, or a parcel that you 'bought' or lease from another resident, paying that resident for the right to use that parcel. 3: Some places do not allow skyboxes. They are prohibited in all the Linden Homes sims, for example. They are fine on most mainland parcels, if you own the parcel. If you rent land, either on the mainland or on a private sim, check with your landlord. Most landlords allow skyboxes, but ask that you place them high enough to not be visible from the ground. 4: Prim Count and size is a function of your parcel size. There is no difference at all between something you build on the ground and something you build 3000 M up in the sky. In either case, prim count is limited to what your parcel supports, and you are not supposed to extend any prims past the edges of your land, which is called 'encroaching' on someone else's parcel. 5: There is no extra cost for building in the sky, as opposed to building on the ground.
  12. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: i had the same issue, unfortunately you have to use invisi prims. I wouldn't make anything new with Invisiprims. They don't mask anything if you have shadows turned on, so your content will break with high end hardware and graphics settings. The only decent way now to do a 'Single cybernetic arm', is to use mesh, and either replace the entire avatar, or replace both arms, with one normal looking mesh arm and one mechanical looking mesh arm, and an alpha mask that hides both arms on the normal avatar.
  13. I'll agree with Caitlin. Sounds like you forgot to also wear the part that puts a sword or pistol in your hand, normally invisible when sheathed, and made visible when drawn. If you are wearing the right invisible part on your hand, highlight transparent should let you see its shape, to confirm you wore the right thing. If it's suppoosed to be a sword, and if highlight transparent makes it looik like you have a sword in that hand, but it isn't responding to the draw and sheath commands, then scripts in the hand-held part might not be active, and may need to be restarted.
  14. An 'open' relationship works only if all involved parties are polyamorous and agree that it is a desirable situation. Most people's minds are not 'hard wired' for anything other than a one-on-one mating relationship. In terms of how most species evolve, choosing a mate who will remain faithful to you and stick around all the time to defend you and your family is greatly preferable to being 'one filly in the herd', where the male (or female!) who has multiple mates is dividing their attentions among many others. People who choose a devoted, monogamous mate are more likely to survive. This is especially true for females, who are more vulnerable while pregnant or rearing small children. A woman risks far more if she engages in a polyamorous relationship that allows other women, because her mate might leave her for one of the other females, while she is more at risk because of current or past pregnancies and children to support. A male, on the other hand, risks far less in allowing multiple partners. They are not weakened by a mating - except for the responsibility that they choose to bear for defending their mate(s) and children. Polyamory requires that each partner be fairly self-sufficient, and that conditions don't require that 'be with me at all times for defense and support' mindset. In a modern era where a woman has her own job and her own car and can go where she pleases without permission from a man or a male escort, and where contraception is available, it is much easier to take that risk. But to do so means going counter to thousands of years of genetic predisposition. So you don't find that many women who can accept that sort of relationship, mentally or emotionally. In SL this is greatly complicated by the divide between Residents who see their avatar as an extension of themselves, and those who see their avatar only as a fictional role playing character. If your avatar is 'you', then all of the above issues with polyamory come into play not just for one avatar that you own, but also for all your alts. And you'll generally expect the same feelings from your partner and any of their alts. But if your avatar is NOT you, then it makes no difference if Joe the Lumberjack is married to Jill the tavern wench, while Joe's alt, Sam the railroad engineer is dating Polly the preacher's daughter. They are separate characters, and separate relationships, none of which are real.
  15. In adition to valerie's fine answer, you can get a texture set from LL for free that matches the textures used in your Linden home. They give them away at the infohub/landing area for that themed group of sims. Those textures can be applied to prims (which count against your 117 prim limit) to add a few interior walls, or a loft, or other features. A friend of mine added a sleeping loft to his Linden Home, using a 1-prim sculpty railing, two prims for the loft floor, and one prim for a ramp up to the new loft. With a few more prims we divided the ground floor into a kitchen, living room, hot tub room and a back hall. It's challenging to furnish a Linden Home completely, with only 117 prims to work with. But there's lots of extremely low prim furniture out there - some free, much of it quite affordable - and that will make a world of difference. A single prim-heavy object like a 42-prim bed can make furnishing the rest of the home nearly impossible.
  16. My own opinion is that it would be unwise to make exact replicas - logos or not. For example, the shape of a Plymouth Prowler or a HumVee is very distinctive. If you've ever seen one of either vehicle, you can tell what they are from a quarter mile away, well before you can read any logos. So no matter what you call it - you would be risking IP infringement. The rules that LL puts forth clearly state that just changing a few letters in a product name isn't sufficent difference : "It is often difficult to tell what may or may not be trademarked or protected as trade dress. However, use of designer logos and brand names without permission, such as Gucci, Nike, Louis Vuiton, etc., is usually not acceptable. If you don't have permission, please don't just use a misspelling of the brand name, for example, "Njke" instead of "Nike" – instead, create your own original brand name that's associated uniquely with you! " My best advice is make cars that are original and unique, and that proudly display your own brand name, instead of copying someone else's work. People in SL love creativity. When Nissan actually had a sim in SL and was offering a free Nissan car, they found that people still preferred the creative and unique vehicles created by and for SL residents. Even though their SL Nissan could rotate it's wheels horizontal and fly, they didn't get much business at all, and I'll bet you never see a Nissan car on the roads in SL. (Mine is gathering dust in my inventory somewhere).
  17. This is a resident to resident forum. There are no Linden employees here who can help you. But a resident to resident L$ transfer should be nearly instantaneous. 1: Contact billing support. - only they can actually find out what happened, and rectify it. 2: Check your transaction history. If someone else was near you and if you transferred the funds by clicking on your other avatar and selecting 'Pay', you could have accidentally clicked on an invisible attachment like a wing that may have been in the way, and paid someone else by mistake. Likewise, if you did the transaction by findig your alt in Search, you may have mistyped the name and entered instead someone else's account's name, and paid them.
  18. There is no "chief of Police" in SL. This isn't The Sims, or some other game of city building. Second Life has no organized police force, army, or government.
  19. What you describe is just a modified saddle script. (A variation of a vehicle script). The plow has to be sat on first by the pony, which then appears to wear tha harness and have the plow behind them. Then the plowman sits on the plow, and ends up standing behind the plow with hands on the handles. When not moving, it is a static pose. When the pony moves, the plowman would be directed to do a custom walking animation, in the appropriate pose. What you're probably not going to be able to do is turn a furrow of plowed earth. The plow won't appear to do any work. Perhaps you could make a scripted prim object. laid in a trench, that would turn over as the plow passed, changing appearance from unbroken ground to a plowed furrow with earth raised on one or both sides? Maybe use the new pathfinding feature to force the moving pony down the length of the pre-laid furrow? Just some thoughts.
  20. Get the best card you can aford, and make sure the computer also has a decent processor and lots of RAM, and a very fast hardwired network connection. SL is extremely graphics intensive, and has huge bandwidth requirements. A poor graphics card or a slow network connection can make it like swimming in tar - no fun at all. Every place you go in Second Life is filled with user-generated content that can change at any time, so virtually nothing will be optimized or locally cached - unlike most 3D games, where the content is produced solely by an in-house team of graphics professionals who optimize everything and can pre-load most of the data to your local hard drive.
  21. To be able to go to all sims: 18 and older To be able to go ONLY to the G-rated sims, 16 or 17 can also sign up, but they can't cross into the other sims and I think they can't even see the non-G sims. They can, however, IM someone who is 18+, no matter where they are, and you have no way of knowing they are only 16 or 17 unless they admit it, or unless you require them to join you in an M or A rated sim and they can't comply. The 13-15 years olds can only log in to specific education estates designed for kids, and they can't access or communicate at all with the main grid. The adults that can go to those education sims for kids have special accounts that are also locked down to those estates only, and have to undergo background checks.
  22. In my own experience, most content creators in SL are lucky to make "beer and pizza money" profit levels. I've run several businesses in SL, and with the exception of my large-scale, whole-sim/multi-sim projects, most of the stuff I sold barely covered in-world expenses. If you looked at it in terms of what you cashed out versus how many hours you spent earning that money in-world, a minimum wage real-world job flipping burgers would pay better. Certainly there are some creators who manage to make decent profits, but they also spend huge amounts of time making their stuff. So, yeah, it pretty much is a 'labor of love'. You do it because you enjoy doing it. If you also happen to make any profit at all, so much the better.
  23. Are you wearing a no-mod female shape? You may need to wear a different shape to make the gender choice work again.
  24. LL does not 'register' or link any accounts to each other in any way, shape or form. That is false. Every account a person creates is a unique individual as far as LL is concerned, even if you put the same information on file for personal information and payment information. They may try to determine who owns groups of accounts for disciplinary purposes, so all of a person's alts can be banned if one of their accounts misbehaves badly. But they don't normally bother tracking who has what alts in normal circumstances, or offer any positive benefits allowing alts to be registered or linked as belonging to one person. LL does not pay a 'weekly allowance' for alts. Basic accounts, which pay no membership dues, used to get a weekly allowance of L$50, but that is not the case for newly-created accounts, and hasn't been for many years. (I have three old accounts that get that small alowance, but none of my newer accounts do.) They do pay a 'weekly stipend' for Premium accounts - but that means you must pay a monthly, quarterly or annual membership fee for that Premium account, and the cost of that dues payment exceeds the value of the stipend that they pay back to you. They won't give you something for nothing. An alt can be upgraded to Premium member status, but you're paying them more than they pay you back.
  25. The way mesh attachments work at this time, wearing it can't affect any slider settings, so it can't affect the clevage or exposed breast area. You could, however, include a notecard indicating the sort of settings that work well for creating the effect you want. The wearer will also need to adjust their slider settings so their hips and bust match to what you design, and giving them those slider settings will help a lot. The area of the avatar's body covered by the corset will be masked invisible by a worn avatar alpha mask (which you will need to create and provide), so their slider settings there won't matter, no matter 'how tight you lace it'. You'll probably want to fake the exposed skin behind the laces in back, since making that part line up right will be difficult. All that said, a corset is actually a good project for mesh, since it is by definition supposed to enforce its shape on the wearer, and not adjust to the wearer's shape.
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