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  1. I wanted to know if it would be possible for a payment system to be set up in the Dashboard on the website that you can pay residents inworld without having to log in? Its not always possible to log on and pay someone.
  2. Hi I love the new CHUI on the beta viewer, but is there a way of resizing the main window width? I can change the chats that are undocked to any size i want, but the main window doesn't get any smaller. Is there a way to resize the width of the main window with all chats docked? I can resize the height but the width is almost half my screen. Any help would be grateful.
  3. Hiya Thank you for getting back to me, but if i do that the sim is locked off to new people not in the group Ceera Murakami wrote: Sounds like you're using parcel-level access limits instead of Estate level. Parcel-level limits do nothing at 51M or more above the terrain surface. But if you turn public access OFF in the estate controls, no one can TP into your sim at any altitude unless thay are a member of one of the groups on your estate's access list, or are individually named as having access in the estate's access lists. .
  4. Our private Island Sim is set to Group Access Only, But we have now found that you can still come onto the island if TP'ed after 71m high and you dont have to be in the group. Why is this possible? How can we set the limit higher?
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