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  1. I contact ll for to reactive old acc but they told thats was right they hold it. Thats I broked rules and thats my other alternative acc will be permanently inactive. I asked on the ticket what will be happene but they don't ask anymore. My ticket is closed.idk or they banned only acc they was synchro whit thats acc
  2. They told they go permanently inactive all my accounts .its a week and I am still able log in. One of my acc was blocked since 3y and after I wanted react. Thats happene this.idk if they want ban my acc they was adding to thats acc. .
  3. They want do it. so I will be not able anymore to log in?:'(
  4. So there go on Ip address? The problem is ll want bann my alternative acc. And Idk if thats acc they was add to email address. .i am really stupid on it:(
  5. Have alternative account the same email address?
  6. Please .can someone tell me what are alternative accounts in sl?they have different emails with same owner?
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