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  1. lol I am too. I thank you all for trying to help me. I am going to go to a place I know he hasn't been and ask him to find me. If he does it again, I am going to start to worry.
  2. lol No, it was at my man's private sim and I was the only one there.
  3. I am not wearing anything he gave me. At the time, I was butt naked swinging on a pole when he popped up.
  4. It was not a regular place. It was at my boyfriend's house who he knows nothing about.
  5. I never told him where I was. He asked me where I was and I told him none of his business. I was at my boyfriend's house who he knows nothing about. Did he do this with some type of HUD?
  6. No I did not upload a screenshot and I did not teleport from a simulator. Is there a type of HUD he could have done this from?
  7. Hello all! Last night I was inworld but not on my sim. A friend of mine managed to teleport directly to where I was without me telling him where I was. He doesn't have the permission to see me on the map. So, I am wondering, how was he able to teleport directly to me without me telling him where I was? I have not accepted any gifts from him, so I know I don't have any tracting device on my avatar. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ginger
  8. Hello all! I was at my home earlier and I have it set to no public access, but I looked on my nearby map and someone I don't even know teleported into my house. My friend and I did a test where I kicked him out of my group and he tried to teleport there and it let him in too. What would cause the ban lines not to work? Thanks, Ginger
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