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  1. Amazon has new Fire 7 and Fire HD tablets How well will they run SL via Lumiya? PocketMetaverse is a joke now on iPad and iPhone
  2. Thanks, but Mesh kills the Nvidia 675MX even at the completely lowest settings. This is probably due to very old Apple drivers. The Nvidia "web drivers" are even slower. With mesh clothing, and now mesh bodies and buildings and etc, the 675 just can't keep up. And the reality is, each release of the Viewers is 10-20% slower, regardless of the amount of mesh around. When Firestorm blocks older viewers, SL becomes unusable. I was told my iMac was obsolete (quite rudely) and to buy a new one (right, old age, limited income, can't afford a new Mac every year or two ), even though it's hugely capable of everything I do, EXCEPT SL.
  3. New parcel in new sim, Building underwater reef. Ocean currents wrecking plants and octopus How can I get the underwater "wind" to slow down? There appears to be no Support category with Linden. Underwater Plants bend over like in a hurricane, bubbles blow almost sideways at 100mph, my Octopus has legs that hang almost sideways. Help!
  4. Amethyst, thanks. Looks like our landlord has also let her personal account lapse as well. Any advice or strategies on how to pick things up from the ground/underwater so they can be easiest/best placed after moving? I may be able to get accurate terraform before move, which wouls save months of pain and fiddling. This pic shows what we need...
  5. Missing Landlord for region. My 1/4 sim down 10 hours. LL brought back online for one day only I have extensive landscaping for Frank Lloyd Wright house "Falling Water" near beach with underwater reef etc. LL did this a year ago, would not say why. It took 7 hours to pick up my stuff. FOR SOME REAON I could not pick up ALL of MY owned stuff on the ground in one "BLOB". Many things were left over that I own, and I had to pick them up one and two at a time. They were NOT locked. After almost a day, LL said "okay, you can stay" but my stuff was gone. My landlord got them to do a rollback, thank heavens, but I still had 7 hours of suffering and panic. I really need some good advice fast, as the LL clock is ticking. Most of my stuff is non-mod, so I cannot put "linkers" into them. Why can't I pick up everything on the ground in one blob? I hid water so the reef etc were visible fully. I am happy to pay for a good solution, especially one that moves the landscaping over to a new sim as well. HELP!
  6. COBY, you are saying: Linden Labs also has the right to go out of business and lay off all workers, and wreck the investment of the owners. This is "typical LL thinking" about customers. "It's our ball, so burn your shoes and outfits and property, OR just go away". The 3 Stooges of corporate management? Really? Don't you think Linden really understands that losing customers is 100x easier than getting them?
  7. 1. Landscaping and building my parcel (Frank Lloyd Wright inspired "Falling Water") has taken years and at least $1,000 to build and get right. Will I be able to move en masse this work and contents, or will LL make it just disappear? 2. Laptops with Intel graphics were purchased by many of my friends a few years ago, "the latest and greatest with longer battery life". But they never worked with SL, which none of them realized in advance. Since they are not made of money, they simply left SL forever. Sad, eh? Will the new world finish off the rest of us without the kick-ass PCs your LL engineers all have? 3. What if the "new world" fails to draw people away from their HUGE investments in old SL? Remember, 80% of SL isCHAT with a wonderful community (now half the size it once was), with the world itself being fun but NOT the core of SL imho.
  8. ... You have to go into your personal feed first (by clicking on your name). From there you should be able to delete the notice. Thanks!
  9. SL Feeds - "You have 1 snapshot being processed" - for weeks now. How do I clear this? I also show 1 notification pending on the left side "INBOX" for a year now, but nothing is there. How do I clear this too? Is there some sort of stick you can whack Linden Labs with to wake their monkeys up?
  10. Thanks, all. The apartment complex provides the WiFi as part of the package, so it is "free" but included in the rent etc. I will pass on your suggestions, thanks.
  11. When my IM and chat logs get bigger than 500K - 1MB, I rename them with today's date. This forces SL to start a new file. Also, make sure your disk is not heavily fragmented.
  12. I have a friend who gets "free" WiFi internet where she lives, no other option for her swampland location in Florida... It works fine for browsers and other apps, but SL does NOT work through it. Is there advice on what to check for ways to get around this? ( I also found this true recently on hospital WiFi -free but would not run SL )
  13. Rolig Loon wrote: In the past two weeks, I have maybe had a half dozen times when one failed to rez for me. I especially see sculpties not rezzing in my own sim, and in most others. I have Firestorm QuickPreferences tick box tool to allow me to switch Alpha Mask Rendering off then back on, which forces all prims to appear. Some places it is as few as 2-3 objects, some places it's 20+ still with 4.4.2 FS.
  14. When is Linden Labs going to fix the "missing prims" problem? After you tp, many prims are "logically" there but not visible in viewers. If you right-click where the prim should be, or go to wireframe view then back, you can restore their visibility, but JEEZ why don't the fix it? It used to work just fine.
  15. Deltango Vale wrote: SL is like Detroit. It's going nowhere until a new management team rebuilds the technical infrastructure and reverses years of bad policy decisions. The only alternative to SL at the moment is EVE Online, which is growing like wildfire under a brilliant management team. I pray daily that CCP Games will buy Linden Lab and take SL into the 21st century. Interesing. I think SL wins big in two main ways: 1) The online community in SL is reallly quite amazing, if reduced badly from a few years ago... 2) You can build things yourself, and even program them. I don't know of any other online worlds that come close to both 1 & 2 above.
  16. My formula for "fixing SL" financially 1. Offer limited free access to SL with bandwidth limited to 300 kbps (just as it was for years) 2. Offer "Super" access to SL with bandwidth only limited at 3 Mbps (twice current limit), for $9 per month. 3Mbps access would reallly make exploring SL fast and easy, and being 10x as fast as "free" many would adopt this. - I could care less about the current premium stuff; the land is crap, limited, and the kickbacks are laughable. - increase this fee to $10 per month next year, then $11 per month in 2015, etc 3. Cut tier in half. Comments?
  17. You repeatedly talk about going back to the SL of 5-10 years ago, too afraid to talk rationally about 1-2 years ago. There is just no discussion here about compromise or backwards support, such as for mesh. You are an elitist and just want all the non-rich and non-gnurds to be banished, I suspect. It is perfectly possible to build a system for the customers you have, but the long line of Linden mistakes in "leaders" shows they just can't grasp the concept like most other companies today. All my life I have worked (45 years) to build computer systems to serve people, the 80% target for usability is a noble goal you should consider.
  18. For those of you with non-rendering prims, especially after tp'ing, try this: If you use Firestorm, go to Prefs > Graphics > Rendering > Render Alpha Masks ... .turn this off then back on, and the "Interest List" will be refreshed and all prims displayed. There may be a way to do this in other viewers.
  19. Cincia Singh wrote: remain stuck in 2003 No, again no... that is 10 years, not 1.5 And my figures show much lower TRAFFIC which is numbers X time-at-place. Traffic is the key to keeping shops and clubs open. Remember, Linden used to publish these numbers every quarter until the numbers got really bad, embarrassing, then they stopped. Many people I know bought new "better" laptops in the last 2-3 years, but found they were NOT better for graphics. They had no clue about the demands of SL, they are normal people, not gnurds perhaps like you. Just because you (and I now) have money and gnurd-time to invest, does not mean SL rules the lives and pocketbooks of 90% of residents here. 75% of families I know are struggling every day, much more than in 2010. You put the cost too high, and performance too low, and bingo: more shops and sims close due to lack of traffic. My point is this: Linden should pay much more attention to the abilities of its customers to pay for PCs and visit with reasonable frame rates. I think this is due to their engineers having whizz-bang PCs, and not being faced with the reality of "brand new better than ever laptops" which aren't. Soon we will get server-side baking, which Mark My Words will kill off another 20-30% of residents who won't or can't manage the upgrade.
  20. Cincia Singh wrote: This is not about people with new laptops, this is about SL used to work fine, but now it doesn’t. No, it's about people making the choice to not upgrade their computers to be able to continue to play in SL.... Sorry, you don't get it. Traffic in SL now is terrible, about 1/3 what it was 3 years ago, and half what it was even a year ago. Stores and sims are closing all over the place. This is about LL killing SL by moving beyond the pocketbooks of the public. You may be able to afford to keep up, but look at your friends list, or the traffic to your stores or sims. Look at the number of abandoned parcels. Ask any estate agent renting parcels!
  21. Ayesha Askham wrote: in order to get the best out of SL you need better equipment now than you did 5 years ago. You also need a better internet connection in most cases. Again, wrong. Pay attention, quote what I said: Not FIVE years, but one, or at most, two. As I said, and will say AGAIN, I have friends that saw 10-20 fps a little over a year ago, and now see 3-6 fps. Pay attention if you are going to respond to my points. If the economy had not been borked by two wars on credit, and tax-breaks for the wealthy (invested in our competitors overseas, don't get me started :matte-motes-big-grin-evil:), then these people could probably either have jobs, or at least enough money to keep up with Linden's mad dash away from their customer base (as you so rightly noted). And again, I miss my friends who loved SL dearly, and their friends here, but find that Linden has left them behind...
  22. Coby Foden wrote: Many people also tend to think that any "brand new" computer they might have should run SL perfectly - just because their computer is new. Wrong. Most of these people have the SAME laptops they used when they came in, but SL is slower now due to all the crap that LL have piled on top - mesh, pathfinding, etc. Read my post. MANY of my friends have simply left SL because frame rates have gone from 10-20 frames per second only a year or so ago, down to 3-6 fps now. This is not about people with new laptops, this is about SL used to work fine, but now it doesn’t.
  23. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Have you used a Linden Lab viewer since 3.4.5? On my machine with a Nvidia GT 640 card, the current Linden Lab viewers have higher frame rates than the PRE-MESH version of Phoenix. I get much higher framerates than with any previous mesh viewer even in crowded locations and get very little framerate drop over time. The rendering engine was heavily revised in 3.4.5 - most TPV's haven't released a viewer using the new rendering engine yet so if you're running a TPV you won't see it yet. Yes, I have tried both SLV and Firestorm lastest. I get almost exactly the same frame rates with the same location, view and graphics settings.
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