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  1. Mak Munster wrote: ... if you think that new generation viewers can match the speed of the best 1.x viewer, I have to tell you that you don't know what you are talking about... So true! Especially laptop owners with built-in Intel HD3000 graphics are suffering. MANY of my friends have simply left SL because frame rates have gone from 10-20 frames per second only a year or so ago, down to 3-6 fps now. It is debilitating to try to move around in a club at 1 frame per second, so they just Quit Second Life, some of them with anger and a true sense of loss. I miss them a lot. WIth the economy belonging to the top 1% now, and so many with no jobs or poor jobs, the "option" of a newer and better laptop is a cruel joke. Of course, LL's own staff have kick-ass PCs, I am sure, so they don't see how this affects their user-base at all. If you care about SL, complain to Linden to work on the code base so they don't cripple and lose more and more residents. My own favourite places in SL show only 1/4 the traffic of late 2009 now. Ugh. You will note that until 18 months ago, LL released quarterly statistics, but they stopped doing this to hide the downward trend they created by alienating so many laptop and lower-end PC (and Mac) owners. Cowards, really. Linden Labs: Pay attention: Your traffic is dropping and dropping because YOU are effectively kicking your customers out of SL en masse. Put some effort into versions of SL that run well on the Intel HD3000 chipset (millions out there), and lower-spec PCs and Macs.
  2. Yes, I am seeing Interest List failures after every tp now. Much worse than before, and it was not great before.
  3. Ayesha and Nalates Very interesting stuff, thanks. It remains to be seen if those URLs are actually useful, though, if what you say is true. If not, then they really should not be given out any more.
  4. Using the URLs show on that page - At 9.30am GMT (best off-peak time, average from 3 tests each), from London Sky fibre broadband to: London, 15ms ping, 37 Mbps down, 9 Mbps up Dallas, 300ms ping, 19 Mbps down, 3.7 Mbps up Phoenix, 155ms ping, 22 Mbps down, 3.6 Mbps up Reston VA, 184ms ping, 29 Mbps down, 5.2 Mbps up
  5. Mostly I get pings of 15msec - 30msec, with an occasional glitch. In world, Ping Sim comes up typically well under 170msec now.
  6. valerie Inshan wrote: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_speedtest Excellent! New fibre connection from London shows around 37 Mbps down and around 8 Mbps up to all of those. WOOT !
  7. I am based in south London. Which servers in USA should I test with Speedtest.net? I see several in Dallas and SF and ?Reston, VA?
  8. A while back my friend and I saw a couples pose ball at an underwater sim. It was a quite beautiful and fluid couples underwater swimming dance. Amazing. However, it appears it's not sold any more. I see lots of Mermaid single swimming animations etc, but none for couples. Anyone know where to get a couples one?
  9. Merry Christmas! My home is called Domaine, and is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright house, Falling Water http://vv-99.com/SL/Falling_Water.jpg and a tour online: http://www.fallingwater.org If you'd like a tour, contact me in-world!
  10. Wow, amazing! Wonderful motion, colour, and subject. Nice! Merry Christmas to all! Have a great day! valerie Inshan wrote: To all of you, beautiful people of this thread, I want to wish you a merry Christmas! May you and your cherished ones be showered with love and joy on this special evening. Love and hugs you all. :heart:
  11. My comment was intended for the improvement of the Wiki. I have already taken the first 3,600 chars of gsAgentHistory for the llEmail( ). We will see if I see any more incidents.
  12. Innula Zenovka wrote: According to the wiki article on llEmail,The entire message (including the address, subject and other miscellaneous fields) can't be longer than 4096 bytes combined. Yes, but there is no information on what happens if the message is longer than that. Other functions specify the string will be truncated. This article does not say. Truncated to 4096 is fine. Deleted is not.
  13. I have not had any further trouble, but I did note that the string max length for emails from SL is about 3,600 bytes. It could be that I was exceeding this limit. I would have thought that SL would just truncate the message to 3,600 bytes plus headers etc, but perhaps not. I will keep a closer watch on this. If the whole message is truncated when it exceeds 3,600 bytes, that's not good.
  14. gsAgentHistory is a string separated by newline chars. It's a "list" in English, but it’s a string in LSL. I use the nomenclature: gs<varName> for Global String, etc
  15. Xiija wrote: can you post the function.... myCheckAgents( ); ....so we can see it? It's not important really. Just adds string-lines to the string-list of visitors.
  16. The code below always sends an empty email to me, although checking the gsAgentHistory just before Noon London time shows visitors in the list. Something is emptying the list BEFORE the email is sent. Any ideas? timer ( ) { myCheckAgents( ); // Updates visitor list if (gsCurHour == "12" && gsPrevHour != "12" ) {// report London Noon daily = SLT 4am gsPrevHour = gsCurHour; // due to 20 sec delay of email, remember we are sending one llEmail( "virtualvisitor99@gmail.com", "Domaine visitors", "Noon report:\n" + gsAgentHistory ); gsAgentHistory = ""; } gsPrevHour = gsCurHour; }
  17. I am not going to buy a new laptop. I am not shopping for hardware. Intel HD3000 is not a graphics card, it is graphics hardware built into the i3 processor. Thousands of residents in SL use them. This laptop runs Firestorm slowly. What other viewers might have lower requirements? If you have not tried different viewers on low-end laptops, don't clog up the thread please.
  18. Thanks, but I am looking for REAL suggestions by people who have tried viewers on low end laptops and can offer REAL advice on their experiences. Generalisations are not helpful.
  19. Laptop with Intel HD3000 running Windows Vista Yes, I know that sucks. What viewer do people think will work best with this PC?
  20. Cerise Sorbet wrote: ...You set ExternalEditor to /usr/bin/open "%s" it ought to work. Rufus... Since I already default open .LSL files in TextWrangler, this works just fine. It also means if I upgrade to BBedit, I can just set those files to auto-open in BBedit. Thanks, though!
  21. Thanks. That works well. NOTE: When you open a script in Firestorm, it will open in the standard FS script editor, then you Must Hit the EDIT button in the lower right of the FS script window to actually open the editor (I did not know that). When you save the result, it will be automatically re-compiled and shown in the internal FS script edit window.
  22. Does anyone know the Debug settings for ExternalEditor path string for Mac OSX? I use TextWrangler on my Mac with Firestorm 4.3.0
  23. I rolled my own system. I just send it an email from my Mac or my iPhone and it replies with a list of visitors as they have changed in the last 24 hours, most recent at top. Example: email request: 2012-11-23, 15:31:58 > (empty) 2012-11-23, 15:29:58 > Foxy Someone, Domitan Redenblack 2012-11-23, 15:27:58 > Domitan Redenblack The list is updated once per minute. Works like a charm, and sends a daily report automatically at noon London time ( = 4am SLT lowest traffic time ).
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