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  1. Simple in Google: Dance Male -Female but the "-Female" doesn’t work in Marketplace for some stupid reason... Oh, yes --- LL are the Three Stooges of corporate management. Woob woob woob woob °͜°
  2. LolitaFrance Anthony wrote: "If you have an alt, you might want to check if your alt has the same issue and if not, it might be account specific." I really don't want to highjack this thread making it about me, maybe you could send me a notecard? My main has the problem, but not my alt. Please explain your comment? When you edit your Shape > Nose > Nose Tip Angle, adjust this a lot and watch the results on your face closely. With a "normal" nose which is not tipped way-up-piggy-snout, you see the sides of the nostrils crater back into the face when the nose is tipped down. I have chosen to tip my nose up a bit more as a compromise.
  3. I went into an alt, and copied down the Nose parameters from Appearance settings. As I thought, the Nose Tip Angle is the culprit, with mesh cratered into the face when the nose tip is angled to normal human non-piggy position. I am willing to look a bit more piggy, with smaller nostrils etc and some other mods. Now the cratering is only half as bad as before, but still shows the LL body model design flaws. I guess its like terrain: there are some bumps you just cannot get rid of...
  4. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Why wont you try a different viewer and make sure it is not a viewer problem? I have tried Phoenix, Firestorm 3.3 and Firestorm 4.0.1 - all of them show the same problem, and everyone around me sees it as well, regardless of viewer. This is clearly a flaw in the nose design by Linden Labs.
  5. Marigold Devin wrote: ... you must be so very frustrated by this. Not really, just a curiosity mostly. Some sort of Linden glitich.
  6. Perrie Juran wrote: Just that it can take some practice and work to learn all the foibles of the adjustments. Yes, i am aware of this, but if I don't want Pinnochio or Piglet, then the tip of my nose must not point up. And when it points down, it pivots on a centerline which makes the nostrils crater into the face. Ugh. I do not see any solution for this via the Viewer LL Appearance Editting Controls. If there is another way to edit my face, I would be happy to try it out. Cheers
  7. valerie Inshan wrote: Well honestly, Domitan, even though I have the latest quadricore iMac, I had completely lost hope to be able to run shadows and DOF until this morning update! I didn't even have to reduce my draw distance to enable them and the big bonus is: this does not seem to significantly reduce the speed either. I only had 10 minutes earlier today before going to work and I can't wait to come home this evening to start playing with that! :smileyhappy: Quad-Core ! Colour me green LOL !!
  8. valerie Inshan wrote: YAY! Shadows at last! They are fixed in the lastest version I just installed this morning! I thought they would never work on my Mac. And DOF works too! :smileyhappy: Wow, truly amazing Valerie! I have a MacMini i5 Radeon 6630M and I don't think it could ever reach this level of clarity and detail !
  9. Nose tip angle seems to be the culprit, mostly. If you do a piggy-nose, then the crater mostly disappears. Northern European noses seem to be off-limits at Linden Labs !
  10. Clarissa Lowell wrote: I have a whole shop full of free modifyable shapes. You could've saved a little money there. The male nose in the male mesh is ugggglyyyy. It is very hard to make an attractive male face that doesn't look the same as all other males in Second Life. Unless you use the female mesh, which I don't do. The skin looks different in some of your pix. The skin shading around the nose can make a big difference. Some of your pix don't have any nostrils. Maybe it is a bad skin? The nostrils are there, just pushed back inside the face for some reason. I think its because I want a normal sized nose, not a Linden Labs super honker. The shapes I bought have "normal noses" which are twice the size of RL noses. The body mesh that LL use for men has serious flaws, just like the LL female body has breasts that hang from the neck rather than straight down from the shoulders, ugh. And yes, the skin does make a difference. I have tried Allesandra, Ispachi, Redgrave, Emperor, Laqroki, Jordan Skins, Belleza, etc - All have the same problem around the nose. Emelia Redgrave thought it might be a viewer problem, but my two (Phoenix and Firestorm) both show this trouble, and others say I look the same to them.
  11. Well, I went and bought a Mod shape from Marketplace. The only way I see to avoid crater-nose is to make my nose into a clown nose; fat and sticking out. LL win again.
  12. TEST RESULTS: 1. Before Clean Install (A) Me, (B) Male Character Test (A) Me before (B) Male Char Test, before clean install 2. Jump to Sandbox (could not find any place named Furball) (A) Male Chat Test AFTER clean install (B) Me After Clean Install, Sandbox Long and Short: No difference that I can see. The Male Test Character has some crater distortiion around the nose as well, as far as I can see. I will look for a Mod Shape which does Not have crater-nose, and then try to mod it to look like "myself" again...
  13. No mesh at all. Going to try Generic Male test character.
  14. Perrie Juran wrote: How do others see you? Exactly the same. When I use LL "male shape" etc, they sometimes look good, sometimes not. But no matter what, others see me the same way I see myself. If I pick a new shape, does the system keep the "adjust appearance" parameters of the old shape?
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Have you worn any mesh clothing lately? I've heard that some people have had strange things going on with their eyes after wearing certain mesh items; the nose may be similarly effected. Nope, no mesh clothing or other items.
  16. If I stretch my nose length out to Pinnochio lengths (like 4") then the crater stops.
  17. 1. I use both Phoenix and Firestorm 4.0.1 with caches in different locations 2. Caches have been repeatedly cleared 3. About 1/2 of the shapes I have tried look fine, the others have crater-nose
  18. I have my own shape for a long time, but suddenly my nose sits in a crater in my face! I have tried about 10 others shapes, many from Linden Library, and about 1/2 of those show the nose pushed back into the face, forming a crater around the nose. Often the nostrils are not visible, the nose is pushed back so far. Any ideas what's going on? ty
  19. valerie Inshan wrote: I finished decorating the inside of the houseboat yesterday. I can finally relax! :smileyhappy: Wow, pretty nice for the bayou.... °͜°
  20. Kelli May wrote: Son of a gun, you'll have big fun! Any jamabalya cookin'? The 'bad girl' thread has died down, so I'll post this one here... "Sorry folks, no show tonight! Hehe.. heheheh.. HhahahaHHahhh! Hoooooooohhhahahh!" Very nice, Kelli !
  21. Ah, I don't want to have to give the viewer anything they have to wear (and then find in their inventory -some have trouble- and then have to possibly kick something else already worn off, or have to figure out another place to attach it etc, either on body or HUD) Neither do I want to have to have a pose ball the user must sit on, but I suppose that's better than requiring them to accept an item and then wear it... <rant>But on the upside, LL did invest in Viewer 2, and is reaping the "rewards" from that "community of support" blunder.</rant> You can Cam around in your viewer to do this, so you should be able to in LSL as well. As for "permissions" I am happy to have a blue (or whatever V2) dialog pop up to ask permission to move their cam around...
  22. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Am i muted, or are you just ignoring my post which told you exactly how to calculate the position? *sarcasm flies over my head* Huh? Isn't that what I've done? (Your post link about rotations is NOT "exactly how to do it"... That page is full of *very* complicated math & things that apply to MANY different situations, and its not clear which situation is mine. Just pointing at very complicated pages is NOT "exactly anything", and even now, I won't mute you); Do I need to be sitting on the item with the script to do the viewing?
  23. vector gvMainPos;vector gvViewPos;default{ state_entry() { gvViewPos = llList2Vector( llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(2, [PRIM_POSITION]), 0); llSay(0, "Viewpoint at " + (string)gvViewPos); gvMainPos = llGetRootPosition( ); llSay(0, "I am at " + (string)gvMainPos); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llRequestPermissions( llDetectedKey(0) , PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { if ( perm & PERMISSION_CONTROL_CAMERA ) { llClearCameraParams(); // reset camera to default llSetCameraParams([ CAMERA_ACTIVE, TRUE, // (TRUE or FALSE) CAMERA_FOCUS, gvMainPos, // region relative position CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, TRUE, // (TRUE or FALSE) CAMERA_POSITION, gvViewPos, // region relative position CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, TRUE // (TRUE or FALSE) ]); } } } ERROR: Object: Camera control currently only supported for attachments and objects on which you are sitting.
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