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  1. Dora, thanks. If I click on a tv monitor (which contains the camera script) that I want to show "full screen" etc, how do I get the camPos, i.e. from the center of the tv "3m" away, on-axis? (If I can get this working, I will put the results as an example in the Wiki) Oh, Wait... I can put an invisble prim on-axis, and get the loc of that... Then it does not matter what orientation the tv screen is in, yes?
  2. Dora Gustafson wrote: Are you asking for a script that does something like the viewer's "zoom" function? It points the camera at the clicked object then it moves the camera towards the object for to show it in a appropriate size (the "zoom" function does not zoom at all. It moves the camera closer, so the name is badly chosen) If you know your own and the objects positions it is possible to move the camera towards the object and make it face the object. Yes, exactly. Is there a "demo script" etc to do this off the shelf? I don't do this kind of thing normally, so investing in learning how would be lost after a month or two... Thanks.
  3. I am new to camera controls, and I'd like a simple button to set the user's view to be looking "face on, on axis" at a certain zoom. If I have the X,Y,Z and a,b,c orientation of the object, is there a simple way to do this? Thanks
  4. Limited graphics quality, small computer.... Unlimited fun with delicious Cinnamon Girl, hurray!
  5. Yes, user malfunction. There was (an almost invisible) space before each line of my notecard... All set now, thanks.
  6. Hello, I read a notecard line by line, and look for a pattern in each line. The pattern I look for in the notecard is at the beginning of the line ("!command") ... but when I check for the location using llGetSubStringIndex is say it is at char 1, not char 0 ! What's that about?
  7. Interesting, it appears that you can drop (at least) notecards and textures into items which are No-Modify, but you cannot drop scripts into them. So this retains security for the object notecards. Using a menu to delete notecards appears to be the best way to solve this, with the Object set to No-Modify. Of course, the creator retains all permissions, yes?
  8. Qie Niangao wrote: I still think the simplest, quickest way to have text not viewable by the end-user is to store it as strings in a script. That means that you get less than half the 64k limit (1975 limits) to use.
  9. Nova Convair wrote: Make prim no mod. Needs to be mod to add/delete notecards, I think.
  10. So dropping a script into the prim can then read the notecard that is "locked" .... How should I prevent this?
  11. Permissions are extraordinarily confusing. The prim itself comes in two versions (1) Modify, noCopy, Transfer and (2) Modify, Copy, noTransfer. I don't want the notecards inside messing with those abililties. Some of the notecards inside the prim are full perms; no brainer there. You can delete and read and modify them as you wish. To set allow-delete but not-read, not-modify, not-copy of a notecard, which perms should be set when on the notecard? And does this muck up the perms of the prim containing it? Can a notecard inside an prim be read by the LSL script in the prim no matter what the notecard's perms are? What if I drop in another script to read it and report to local chat etc? Do I need to check updates/additions and delete any scripts which are dropped in on CHANGE ? This is not a simple open-and-shut issue, thanks.
  12. I want to put notecards of info into an object which has a script that can read the lines. I want the owner to be able to delete notecards and add new ones. Some notecards I want to be able to delete, but not copy or read by people. Any suggestions? Ty
  13. Builders' Brewery - "Join" button not visible? Is anyone else getting this? Is membership closed now? Thanks
  14. And still 1,000 bugs in V1 are still in the world years later. Example: Animations STILL cannot turn an avatar, so you have to line-up hugs before you start. I see people who are more than a year old still not realizing this. 999 other bugs remain. How about a "word search" facility for settings and menu locations? "Where do you find X menu item" is the single most frequent question I see in chat, or get personally from others.
  15. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Some information is still available here. In particular, look at "signups per day" and "median user concurrency" at the bottom of the page... http://dwellonit.taterunino.net/sl-statistical-charts/ This may at least partly explain the new silence from LL. Personally, sign-ups per day are misleading imho. Sure the economy sucks, and people have less time for SL, and are too stressed and just veg in front of tv etc when they get home... My own feeling is that the move to Viewer 2, with completely different menu structure and window orgamization, killed in-world support, member-to-member, thus making the steep learning curve for SL even steeper. So lots of sign-ups and lots of "forget it, this is nuts" final logouts... Still, I would like to see the quarterly reports - there is no other grid around that's half as good a community as we have here now, even a shrinking one. This is interesting http://www.gridsurvey.com/charts/historicalconcurrency.png I cannot find a graph of Hours Online which covers the last few years
  16. Q4-2011 "The Second Life Economy" report - - - - WHERE IS IT ? The Q3 report was issued only 14 days after the end of the third quarter last year. Why have we not seen the Q4-2011 report yet? And will we see a Q1-2012 Report ever?
  17. Cinnamon Mistwood wrote: Followers are people following you that are NOT your friends. It is a completely separate list. All of your friends are automatically following you unless they manually unfollow you or you manually unfollow them. Also - unfriending someone just moves them to you 'followers list. You still need to remove them from followers AND unfriend them. Confused yet? Perfectly clear: If A then B and Not C, or if B and not C then A and not B. Unless C are cats, of course.
  18. my.secondlife; I am "Following" all friends, yet the tab "Following" says 4 (should be 200+) and only shows 4 names... What's up with this?
  19. Saraya Starr wrote: Damn now I am on a Dr. Who kick today.. here I am inside of The Tardis... Now I have the Tardis, but still missing The Doctor Just stand like that for a while. Lots of doctors will arrive!
  20. Nimue Mistwalker wrote: Here I am at Misty Mountain trying to blend in with the forest :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: Wonderful !
  21. Tamara Artis wrote: Go to my.secondlife.com click on your name (top left, above Home). There you have different fields, all below your profile photo. And it says: Feed, About, Pics, Groups. Stay on the Feed one. Thanks yes!
  22. Domitan Redenblack wrote: I uploaded to My Images and pasted the URL into "Share Something" and it looked good, ... but when I refreshed the page, the post that I shared was gone. How do I see my own "Shares" ? How do I see my own "Shares" ?
  23. I uploaded to My Images and pasted the URL into "Share Something" and it looked good, ... but when I refreshed the page, the post that I shared was gone. How do I see my own "Shares" ?
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