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  1. Would assume that it's a jitter related issue? That seems to be the problem that I've been having with my internet recently. Just connections jumping all over the place but not necesiarly loosing any packets to the pinged servers. It's actually been much better recently than it has been in the past, but still has it's moments of awfulness and when I'm viewing other avatars or objects and they are mostly moving fine. I'll have to look at like what one suggested, to a place with monsters that constantly move around. Just today actually, I was doing fine when all of a sudden, Firestorm reported over 200 packets were lossed in about 5 minutes, and I went over 100k packets without it "loosing" a single one. I just find it strange that everyone else also sees me with the same moving issues, at first I thought it was just me with my viewer, but my friend is always telling me how I'm randomly being pushed all over. Edit: I turned off velocity interlopate objects: Yup. I'm freezing as I'm moving and I see other people freezing as well when they move. However, it then teleports me forward as I'm moving, and my friend told me she sees me still moving forward, even when I'm in this frozen state. It seemed to fix being randomly pushed, I think.... but I'm thinking since I keep getting "frozen" at random, it might be an issue with unstable jitter... which has been the problem for me since christmas or so Doing a ping to secondlife.com, lowest = 81ms, highest = 149 ms. Average = 117 ms. (I live on the East Coast)
  2. Here just to showcase an example of what's been going on with me since about X-mas that is ruining SL for me.... and for some others who know me. Sorry for the Audio Issue in the video, but, it's mostly there for reference. This has been happening on and off for so long and I've tried so many things to try to fix it but nothing has seemed to work... It could be jitter, the small packet loss, or just my ISP just being complete crap for 2 straight months.
  3. Ok, something is going on and I'm not sure what. I was having the issue BAD today. Here's what happens: 1. My avatar moves forward as normal. 2. Anywhere between 3-5 seconds later, my avatar gets pushed in a random direction, usually in the direction he was walking. 3. After landing when flying/jumping, he bounces as normal, lands, and then bounces again about 3 seconds later. Looking at the stats from firestorm: Ping: 85-125 Packet loss: 0/65,860 I even tried taking everything off, loaded a default avatar, still having the same issue. So... what the heck is the issue? I tried moving different regions, same issue.
  4. Firestorm reports 0 packets loss.... however I am still rubber banding on and off. Been doing constant ping and traceroute tests to many different locations and getting just random results. Sometimes perfect, other times packet loss, other times ping spikes. It's very inconsistant. Thinking about resetting my modem and router, but I've done so before and I was still having issues afterwards. It might just be ping spikes, or the fact that so many people are streaming Netflix, I honestly just don't know.
  5. I'm having similar issues. My ping is fine, yet I'm rubber banding everywhere. Using Firestorm and trying to figure out whats going on.
  6. EDIT: I am currently investigating a possible packet loss issue. I've done 3 tests and lost about 1 or 2 packets each test. Going to continue to look into it. Recently, for about a month, I've been having some very strange rubber banding issues with SL. There is no pattern to these, they sometimes happen and then other times don't and I can move perfectly. By rubberbanding: Whenever I move my avatar, he will either fidgit, bounce, move forward,backwards, or to the sides randomly, or be being pushed back when moving. The delay can be anywhere between 1-5 seconds, it seems completly random. I've been trying to track down the problem for some time, and still can't figure out the issue. Here are some statistics from some tests: SL: Average ping seems to be about 115-150. (This has never changed)Will occassionally jump to 160-190 when downloading a large section of textures/objects or when the viewer begins to lag/freeze. Lowest ping I've had is 60, which happens only in very small and non-populated parcels. Packet loss remains at 0%. I am using an ethernet cable and not wireless Speedtest results to my closest server: 1. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3259096854 2. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3259099473 Pingtest results: (Ignore the packet loss, I've done other tests and it's at 0. This is due to a stupid fault with Java) 1. http://www.pingtest.net/result/92389519.png 2. http://www.pingtest.net/result/92389574.png Misc. Information: 1. Occassionaly my friend complains about my voice cutting out, this is only for a short moment and only seems to happen with an occassional lag spike. I can ALWAYS hear her voice perfectly. 2. This has not been apparent in any other game I have been playing on my PC or PS4 I still have to run some tests on different games to see what results they produce. 3. Chat, Object interactions, etc, all seem to behave normally with very little delays... it seems to be only movement. If anyone can help me with this problem.... because I have no idea what to do. Should I try opening firewall ports for SL and see if it improves anything? It's the only thing I can think of. This started I want to say about a few days after Christmas.
  7. After some messing: Yes, it's an issue with chat itself after the last viewer update. 1. After you keep chatting, your chat box starts to fill 2. As your chat box starts to fill... your FPS starts to drop 3. If very full, FPS can drop to 7-8 FPS... it's awful. 4. Change chat tab, closing chat, or going into mouselook, FPS Jumps back up to 35+. So yeah, fix please.
  8. Edit: Deleted chat logs and it seemed to have fixed it, FPS is now running at like 35-40..... Still a bit strange really.
  9. Ok.. this is a bit weird, appeard after the last update. Talking to my friend with an IM tab: FPS is 9.8 Click on Nearby Chat tab: FPS jumps to 33.5 Um.... is therer something going on here or did the last update I download today break something?
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