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  1. Alobar Valeska wrote: I was able to get Presence 3 working, but it leaves a lot to be desired, including the ability to easily delete "ghosted" avatars (avatars whose departure wasn't recorded, so they end up showing up on the current visitor's list forever.) Also, it works from a Google Docs spreadsheet, which I assume will eventually grow so large that it will explode. Thanks! llGetAgentList() offers some interesting possibilities.
  2. I used to have Carlyle Theas' Presence v2.x system. It was great. It had a web interface and log of visitors, and would send me IMs when people entered or left the range of the three sensors I had (one on ground, one each in two skyboxes). However, the new v3.0 system requires the setup of Google Docs, which I tried and messed up three times now. Can anyone recommend another security system which offers web reporting? I don't care about excluding people or ejecting them automatically etc.
  3. Storm Clarence wrote: ...the "Home" tab I get to see all the posts of people that *I* follow, but not my own (unless, of course, I post in response to their post then I can view on both "Storm Clarence" and "Home".) I hope this helps. Yes! Thanks. I was a bit confused that I got no confirmation in The Feed. Personally, I do like see it all on one page though.
  4. MySecondLife: My posts shared do not show up in Following... Is there a way to show my own posts in Following in MySecondLife Home page?
  5. Madelaine McMasters wrote: Dom, this may be caused by an ancient notification. Click the "Notifications" tab, then start clicking "More" at the bottom until you reach the page containing the unviewed notification. The notifications page holds only 15 items, so if you get 16 new notifications since your last visit, and you simply look at the notifications page, you'll leave one unviewed notification behind. This will nag you for the rest of your life as it drifts further down in the notification stack until you're sure it's not there. This begs for a "Clear All Notifications" button. Thanks, but... 1. I cleared notifications back 20 days, at least 100 of them. There were at least 20 that were bold face, but made no difference to the status of NOTIFICATIONS tab. 2. As you can see from the pic attached above, it is MESSAGES(2) tab that is the problem. Clearling Notifications did not make any difference. 3. I have 0 messages, count them. No contacts in my Messages window. Why would there be 2 messages indicated? This is a silly screw-up by LL. It's not critical, just obnoxious.
  6. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: Those should go away when you click on your notifications tab and read the 2 new notifications Thank, Dilbert, but... There ARE NO conversations, no messages, at all, just an indicator that I have 2 messages. When I go to that page it says "NO MESSAGES" yet the indicator of (2) remains. No amount of clicking, logging out, rebooting, or changing browsers fixes this. Just as I said above. I even gave you a picture, Dilbert. If anyone has a solution for this, please let me know. Thanks
  7. For me, I have about 10 contacts with messages, none of them current, all of them read... Strange... I even sent messages back to all of them - made no difference. So, I now deleted all messages, all conversations, and my message count went up to 2 ! LOL crazy I have, of course, logged out, rebooted, etc - no luck.
  8. My Inbox in My Second Life always shows 1 message, no matter what I do... I have been through all the contacts listed there, and there seem to be no new messages at all. Is this a system glitch?
  9. Great shots, Cinnamon! Does the Dr. carry a pistol? :smileywink:
  10. I lost my hair somehow on the second day in SL. By the time I figured out how to get new hair, everyone knew me as bald. So... I still am today... :smileywink:
  11. Don't you know you can get pixel-cancer from those cigarettes? It's not pretty, either... :smileytongue:
  12. Lindal Kidd wrote: IMVU is not smaller than SL. At any given time, they have maybe double SL's concurrency. And they have a tremendous amount of purchaseable content. However, SL has a great deal more functionality than IMVU, and more realism. For example, you can't walk or fly in IMVU, only click to move your avatar from one position to another. And there is no way to physically travel from one region ("rooms", in IMVU) to another. They aren't physically connected, and you can only "teleport" from one room to another. There are no inworld building tools, and created content is subject to approval and/or censorship by the company. Wow, very interesting, Lindal. Sounds like chat rooms in boxes...
  13. Yes, the last thing I remember was their quarterly report a year ago, saying that registrations were up 40%. If you read more though, you found that in-world hours were on a downward trend. The release of totally different Viewer 2 (even menus moved and renamed) split the community of support in-world, and made newbies less welcome. imho.
  14. Yes, thanks. I have seen the source materials for that, as noted above. Is LL a closely-held company? Or publicly traded?
  15. What are the Second-Life-like other grids, and what are their traffic numbers? I suspect that SL has far higher numbers that others... I just wish LL would fix bugs before they add more new buggy features.
  16. Very interesting, thanks. Wish there were more info. I am curious if there are "general worlds" like SL, with similar or greater populations. I have heard of IMVU but as I understand it, it is smaller than SL.
  17. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: http://gridsurvey.com tracks second life Not any more really. Most of their economic metrics end in Sept 2010... That site does show a net loss of about 10,000 residents online (average) over the last few years. What about other grids?
  18. Czari Zenovka wrote: WolfBaginski Bearsfoot wrote: Is SL dying? There is a downward trend on many things, and while I can see how such things as Mesh and Pathfinding can make a difference, they haven't been well done. It's not quite three years for me, and I admit, Jo, I'm not the same sort of user that you are. With the way things are going, I am more and more inclined to give up my Premium status. I paid, and I hoped for some technical problems to improve. I paid, and they didn't improve. Some of them get worse. What, I wonder, do I really get for that little patch of land I get? What do I use it for? What I get from SL are the social interactions, the people I hang out with. I'd be happy without Mesh, without Pathfinding, . I'd be happy if they'd spent time and effort fixing the old problems, which they seem to have not fixed in three years, and which seem worse than I have ever experienced. We're stuck with decisions that were taken a decade ago. SL may have some advantages still, but somebody else might take the idea, and write their own code, and not be tied down by those old choices. SL might be the Visicalc of virtual worlds. (Emphasis mine) I've been in SL 5+ years and I can personally say that this past year has been disastrous in many ways as compared to the past 4. The Merchant Forums, although perhaps not interesting to those who do not have SL businesses, are comprised of people, many of whom make their full-time or good part-time income within SL, and thus stay aware of trends that could impact their businesses. In a related thread to this one: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Stunned/td-p/1661335 ...it is noted, as it has been at various times on those forums, that 1800 sims (I'm assuming estate sims) were abandoned last year and it is reported that 800 more have been given up in the last 2 months. Anyone can travel around mainland and see that many, if not most, of the individual sims have huge portions for sale, many being sold by LL for 1.0L sqm - previously abandoned land. I'm not saying this is the death knell of SL, but with people giving up their sims, merchants closing down businesses (and thus giving up sims) which is part of the lifeblood of LL's income (selling land and lindens so people can buy stuff) - SL *is* shrinking. Two years ago LL laid off 30% of their staff, approximately 100 people. The issue is how long can LL as a corporation stay profitable. Rodvik came from a gaming background and it has been very evident that he has been moving SL toward more of a "gaming" type platform - examples being Linden Realms, pathfinding, and offering MMORPG type "exclusive items" for becoming a Premium member. SL may survive, but it may be a very different SL from when I and many began years ago. I note that Linden Labs stopped issuing quarterly reports a year ago....
  19. Is there a website which tracks members and online-stats for Second Life and other grids? I note that Linden Labs stopped offering quarterly reports a year ago now...
  20. I was able to get my wooden cube to play a URL to an mp3 file directly. You need to right-click on the cube to get the player controls, I thinik..
  21. Thinkerer Melville wrote: Hear/see music/video media/BOP in Second Life 2012 http://virtualoutworlding.blogspot.com/2012/04/kit-media-hearsee-musicvideo-mediabop.html You could even wear a BOP prim, so you would not be limited to playing the music on land you control. Remember, thouigh, that a BOP prim is a web page, so you would play the music as you would from a web page, by clicking on the correct button I *not* want to play parcel music, thanks. I want to create a HUD which plays an mp3 file. Does the mp3 need to be embedded in a web page?
  22. How do I play an mp3 file from a URL onto a prim? (not video, just mp3) thanks
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