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  1. Wanted: Stable parcel, Low Lag, Northeast corner of island, approx 65m x 100m, with ~2500 prims. Will need help Landscaping the area to fit existing house, beach, forest and reef. See existing parcel "Domaine" in region "Ressort" This could be a 1/4 sim if the price is right.
  2. I am looking for land to rent, stable (moving again after 18 months), about 65m x 100m with around 2,500 prims. I also would like this to be in the Northeast corner of an island, low lag area. I will put this in a separate thread, thanks.
  3. Is there a way to get a list of all objects in my parcel and their creators? What about sizes and locations etc? A "Parcel Inventory" with export option would be nice.
  4. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: If its sold, the new owner may let you stay as a tenant though and you may want to inquire about this if it is being sold rather than abandoned. The new owner will probably be thrilled to have a good tenant already and allow it, if they intend on renting out land. Yes, I am a good, reliable, long-term tenant. But when a sim is sold, do they "wipe it clean" usually? Is there a way to save my parcels, wipe clean, and restore my stuff by the sim owner? Thanks
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Rez boxes are not difficult to use. You put the box out in a center location. Then you put a script that comes with the box in the edit contents of each item. Thanks. There are over 900 prims of her stuff, about 1/2 of those unlinked prims mixed in with mine. So rezz boxes are out. Also, many of the items are no mod. Not sure if rezz boxes will work for those. I know how to "select only my stuff" and take the glob into inventory, but this leaves 90% of the house behind, and 80% of the trees and stuff. I wish there were a "sim closing" procedure in LL that could take care of this. No ownership would change, and its not a voluntary movement. All other ideas are appreciated.
  6. I am looking for land to rent, stable (moving again after 18 months), about 65m x 100m with around 2,500 prims. But the main problem is the house and parcel were built by a friend who is no longer in SL. She came back for 2 weeks 18 months ago to help me move, but has not been in SL since that time. The island I moved to was full at the time, so I thought it would be stable, but now only two parcels are still rented, and the owner is selling etc etc Does anyone have suggestions as to how to move my house and trees and stuff to a new sim, when I don't own but about half of it? Is there a Linden Labs service I can pay for? etc? Also, the landscaping to fit the house (and river and waterfalls) is complex. Is there a way to dupllicate the terrain etc in a new sim? A way to save the terrain data and "apply it" to a new sim? This has to be a problem that arises reasonably often. Any help would be appreciated. My home is called Domaine, and is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright house, Falling Water http://vv-99.com/SL/Falling_Water.jpg It is in the region Ressort, and if you wish to visit, please just contact or IM me. Thanks Domitan Redenblack
  7. Venus Petrov wrote: Felt like a dose of alirium this morning. Really lovely, Venus, thanks. I again commend these versions of Fields of Gold: The late Eva Cassidy...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKtqTYSOBCg and Sting's original... Warning: May cause eye leakage. °͜°
  8. Wow, Caity! Very erotic! How does it feel?
  9. Awesome, Kelli ! /me votes for bald look...
  10. A friend has a really old Builder's Textures HUD. Inside we found the glass texture I need. No other methods worked. One friend visited my house, tested the wall, and gave me a UUID, but it was for concrete, not glass, in the end.
  11. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Love the colour effect in your pic, Venus (it's one of my fav windlights for fooling around too ). Okay, I am all dressed up and ready for some more exploring on SL9B! Very nice!
  12. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: If you have the prims full perm, you can just make a copy... The house builder has left SL, but gave me full rights to Edit her stuff, etc. But I do not have full perms on the object, so taking a copy leaves the textures locked.
  13. Morgaine Christensen wrote: Or, try inspecting the prim house, should tell you the texture name and the creator. Creator gone from SL.
  14. Sassy Romano wrote: Hover the mouse over to the texture, UUID's in the lower right of the viewer. Sorry, Sassy. Nothing appears in Firestorm 4.0.1 for me. Show Memory also does nothing. The rest of the Show Info data appears fine.
  15. Develop > Consoles > Textures does not show the UUIDs as far as I can tell. Some short hexadecimal numbers 1/5th the length of a UUID do appear along with other mostly useless info. Is this the correct console? I also looked at menu "Develop > Show Info > Show Texture Info" but it does not seem to do anything...
  16. Ah, I see. I have a house which is a custom build by myself and another person. Unfortunately, that person has left SL now. Before she left, she gave me full edit rights to her stuff, and a folder of full perm textures for the house, but it's missing 2-3. One is a very neat "plate glass" texture, blue-ish-green faintly tinted, with the edges of the texture "more dense". I would probably have a hard time re-creating it. I am sure she got it from somewhere else, just not sure where. Any ideas?
  17. Looks like great fun, Venus. I am truly impressed by all the amazing pics in this thread - wow!
  18. valerie Inshan wrote: Lovely photo Sara. Lovely bare feet (where did you get those?), lovely boobs () and wonderful sim surround. Landscape untimited is just awesome! Here's mine atm. :smileyhappy: Looks like Yosemite park - nice!
  19. Venus Petrov wrote: Wonderful photos UT and Saraya! Here is one from this morning. Just messing around. Wow, very nice! (enlarged here)
  20. Sassy Romano wrote: Dance male NOT female Excellent, thanks! Using: dance male NOT female NOT couples
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