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  1. Does anyone know why LL eliminated the quarterly membership tier for new members?? Ugh...soon they will also get rid of it for exhisting quarterlies
  2. Hello @Grumpity Linden @Kat Linden Thank you for opening this thread. I feel Kat has been the most responsive...and that Grumpity has an attitude. Another Linden with kinder words might be better suited, the flippant attitude is not appreciated. As a general rule, please give us a 3 months' notice for any kind of fiscal changes...this impacts our RL wallets, particularly those who spends hundreds and thousands. I do believe you guys made the decision to rip the bandaid off instead of introducing changes with enough notice. TOS not-with-standing, it is common decency, and no one will care about what your TOS says if you treat your customers this way. In one form or another you have raised prices over the last 11 years here without enough notice. Every time, unsurprisingly, we get upset. We are the living breathing people who make your platform worthwhile to play in, and earn you money from, and many of us make a living out of this. Going forward, please give us enough notice about new fiscal changes. THat being said, the new changes do not sit well with me, like everyone else. I feel the timing has been suspiciously close to the opening of the new homes, and that the changes take advantage of non-Premium members and force people to go PRemium...many people don't want to go PRemium and instead opt to spend in other areas of SEcond Life. I think it is unfair that you are forcing them to. I would rather that everyone have the same amount of groups and Premium does not get any extra, if that would solve your server problems. The price of Premium going up without increased value-add of land or Lindens makes zero sense and is unwelcome in such a short amount of time.
  3. I love the Linden Homes! Here's mine- More pics of interior coming soon-ish! I have some object modding left to do then I will post more Please feel free to visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorma/9/154/35
  4. Some people speculate they're adding more boats?
  5. Totally enjoying the process- slowly but surely my plot's coming together! Will share more pics and location once ready =D
  6. Hi! THis is exciting. But in the EEPViewer I"m not able to navigate to Aditi. THere also doesn't seem to be an option to go log on to the Beta grid. HOw do I get to the Aditi region?
  7. Did this happen? ❤️ We would love the SLURL
  8. I just got my First ever car in SL and I'm addicted! What are your favorite, beautiful spots to rezz a car and explore by driving?
  9. Wait- really? AOL still has 2.1 million dial up customers?
  10. I'm not a merchant but I"m very supportive of this idea! Some day I might be a merchant and I'd like to see good changes too
  11. So psyched for these changes...THANK YOU Linden Labs make me feel loved as a PRemium member <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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