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  1. Never mind forgot to enable multiple grids!
  2. Hi! THis is exciting. But in the EEPViewer I"m not able to navigate to Aditi. THere also doesn't seem to be an option to go log on to the Beta grid. HOw do I get to the Aditi region?
  3. Therese Tammas

    Would you live in a fancy hotel focused on RP?

    Did this happen? ❤️ We would love the SLURL
  4. I just got my First ever car in SL and I'm addicted! What are your favorite, beautiful spots to rezz a car and explore by driving?
  5. Therese Tammas

    What if SL existed for another 100 years

    Wait- really? AOL still has 2.1 million dial up customers?
  6. Therese Tammas

    The new Marketplace Features coming - Merchant Survey Requirement

    I'm not a merchant but I"m very supportive of this idea! Some day I might be a merchant and I'd like to see good changes too
  7. Therese Tammas

    Clarification needed - Tier pricing and allotment change

    So psyched for these changes...THANK YOU Linden Labs make me feel loved as a PRemium member <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  8. What are the Top Roleplay-Required/Roleplay-Intensive RP Sims in your Opinion(s), and Why Do you Think They Became Successful? I'm looking to explore opening an RP sim, and I'm thinking about these things and weighing the costs of opening a sim on SL Please include average of visitors, if you know it, and also details like, marketing strategies they used that proved successful, kinds of events they ran especially at start up, what kind of community culture they had, whether they had external media and advertising or gaming affiliates, etc.....Thanks Thanks everyone, Therese
  9. Therese Tammas

    Fire Department Looking For An RP Sim!

    Hey! I proposed you guys to my sim owner Hopefully he'lll like it. THanks for posting <3
  10. Hi! I'm becoming partial to petite avatars that do not have clothing readily for them. Does anyone know of any designer who sells ALL prim/sculpty/editable mesh outfits (that can be resized down to a petite avatar)? Must be in copy/mod perms I dont know if any still exhist anymore. Thanks and looking forward to replies! Therese
  11. Therese Tammas

    Tinies and Tiny Communities?

    Today I thought of an appropriate name that embraces all kinds of avatars that will fit us. We are Parvas, derived from Latin, Parvus, -a, -um, for small. Whether Petite, or Micro, Immortals, or Minikin....we are just cultures within one big race of new small folk! And unless someone comes up with a better name that doesn't confuse the brands with the idea that we're all MINI PEOPLE, I'm running with it
  12. Therese Tammas

    Tinies and Tiny Communities?

    If your'e looking for friends, contact me! I've been starting to meet people who are in the "mini human" (generalized term) community and I'd love to meet more....perhaps we can do a sort of giant "mini human" communtiy gathering some day. There are several types of "mini humans" running around. These are different from Tinies who are animal-like, larger (though smaller than humans- they're about a head and half taller than a mini human) and these are avatars usually adopted by playful, fun-loving adults who enjoy the small and nature-ey and non-adult oriented. "Mini humans" are what you describe, looking like dolls, and have a different following than tinies....I also get a sense, probbaly a larger following, though quieter right now (since there is no actual community space recognized yet, beyond the occassional runway show or hunt). Also can very much be adult-like with the range of explicit skins and very sexy outfits now available. Most look similar, but all have specialized meshes with their own corresponding clothing/shoe meshes (mostly released free, at least the Minikins and Immortals have free clothing templates for creators and anyone who wants them), which means some people will choose to go with one brand of avatar over the other, and some will get several kinds to play with if they can afford. From least expensive to most I'll list what I know exhists and as best as I can remember- as disclosure I own both the Minikin and the Immortals avatars. 1) Minikin - 2 sizes, female only, free - beautiful, well done, and very well scripted. Great for the budget conscious! Mod/copy capable 2) Micro men/women- 750L - well done too, as far as I can see. 3) ____________________ - I saw one going for 1,200L ill get back to you on that 3b) Little Me- I think they go for $1400L 4) Immortals avatars- 1400L,the most realistic and resembling human heads and looks very well. Though if I may dare say- the Minikin does this very well. Also, as far as I understand they are the only pay-for avatars that are copiable and modifiable (BUT not transferable), which is very generous 5) Yabuska Petites - Male/Female, 1400L I think? Also offering different heads, now in second generation. Unsure if Fallen Gods have upgraded to the second generation (see below) 6) Fallen Gods Petites- Male/Female,1400L- 1500L, essentially a licensed Yabuska except with additional things they've added. Also offering different heads that one may purchase in addition. Also the most uniquely scripted avatar with built in animations and changes like swapping between freckled and non-freckled included with your basic avatar purchase. Most clothing I've seen are geared to Petites of Yabuska and Fallen Gods- but competing with them and growing are clothing for Minikins and after them clothign for the Micro Men and Women. Are there other brands I've missed?
  13. Therese Tammas

    Saving My Outfits Permanently

    I was around before the viewere change and the implementation of My Outfits. I like that feature, but every time I cleare my computer cache using CCleaner or even on SL, I'm finding my ouftis disappear. So as much as that's a convenient feature I'd prefer the old way, where at least my work didnt disappear hehe-saving items to inventory folders. Is there a way to do that automatically for clothes, without having to rely on My Outfits still? Or am I AWOL? Thanks!
  14. Hi- I created 2 cases to recover an alt, Eldarwen Waffle. 01511087 and 01512258. One of them I submitted over the weekend, but then after 2 days I got "Failed to load case #" as an error. So I submitted another. I watched it, wondering if it would happen again. I didnt get a reply on the second business day, today, so to ensure it not disappear I bumped it. Then tonight when I checked the link, it disappeared. I am very annoyed, especially as I am trying to follow the procedure from threads similar to mine, instructing to file a case ticket to start recovering an alt that I dont have PW or email for. I am willing to pay too. So I am not sure why this happens to me. I am wondering whether someone at LL deleted them? Grrr. Please advice how to proceed or who to contact. Thank you! Just for the record, Therese Tammas was an avi created in 2007, Eldarwen Waffle in 2008.