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  1. Hey Scarlett! I'm looking in the area, and I can see other bigger parcels on sale but not yours. Can you tell me more about where it is?
  2. Additionally- all those nooks-- fill it with greenery, interrupting occassionally with a side table with nick nacks. I think that will make the space feel cozier and all the floor space won't look so strange. With the holiday season also, some of those nooks can be filled with holiday trees, and come spring you can easily replace with Dust Bunny or Mithral or Botanical hanging plants and pots. Oh and occasionally mix it up with art prints too- art prints with plants.
  3. This is fun! Following though not sure if I"m up to it. I've decorated for 50L before, its doable to make a cozy place, but you have to be judicious for sure
  4. I love that Apple Fall chest, it's one of my favorites. You're asking "What can be put better here to fill it more and make it like a "late autumn-yet-close-enough to winter that it could easily turn into winter" house?
  5. On a cliff isolated from most views yet conveniently with protected road and river. G rated for peace. 2,864 square meters, 983 prims total...plenty of possibilities, though I recommend that you keep the landscape to help you take advantage of the river below. $15,000L More pictures to follow in follow up posts. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alloy/51/247/47
  6. Oh my, I do agree, it is very well landscaped land. Looks like you make beautiful mesh houses too, I will have to buy some. Will you be putting up your mainstore again somewhere else? You should enter some events too with any future builds, people would love your houses.
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