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  1. I love the Linden Homes! Here's mine- More pics of interior coming soon-ish! I have some object modding left to do then I will post more Please feel free to visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dorma/9/154/35
  2. Some people speculate they're adding more boats?
  3. Totally enjoying the process- slowly but surely my plot's coming together! Will share more pics and location once ready =D
  4. Hi! THis is exciting. But in the EEPViewer I"m not able to navigate to Aditi. THere also doesn't seem to be an option to go log on to the Beta grid. HOw do I get to the Aditi region?
  5. Did this happen? ❤️ We would love the SLURL
  6. I just got my First ever car in SL and I'm addicted! What are your favorite, beautiful spots to rezz a car and explore by driving?
  7. Wait- really? AOL still has 2.1 million dial up customers?
  8. I'm not a merchant but I"m very supportive of this idea! Some day I might be a merchant and I'd like to see good changes too
  9. So psyched for these changes...THANK YOU Linden Labs make me feel loved as a PRemium member <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  10. What are the Top Roleplay-Required/Roleplay-Intensive RP Sims in your Opinion(s), and Why Do you Think They Became Successful? I'm looking to explore opening an RP sim, and I'm thinking about these things and weighing the costs of opening a sim on SL Please include average of visitors, if you know it, and also details like, marketing strategies they used that proved successful, kinds of events they ran especially at start up, what kind of community culture they had, whether they had external media and advertising or gaming affiliates, etc.....Thanks Thanks everyone, Therese
  11. Hey! I proposed you guys to my sim owner Hopefully he'lll like it. THanks for posting <3
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