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  1. @Shockwave: I have it on good authority that the Homesteads are still being ganged up at 4 to the core. So, their claim that it needed to be 3 to the core is not really the truth at all. I believe that when the restriction of having only 20 agents at once on the Homesteads solved the problem of "abuse.' So LL got a little windfall out of the deal, except that now, no one in their right mind would buy one at a tier rate of $125 per month thinking they can make any profit on the thing. At those rates, they are good only for individual sales without having a full prim sim in order to qualify. So
  2. @Dekka: It is a matter as to how many full prim estate sims LL sells now in any given year. It does not sell very many fresh ones to new customers. It is from tier payments that LL makes its topline 75 million per year. Reducing or eliminating altogether the set-up charges would be an incentive for new comers to acquire an estate sim, rather than leasing them from the land barons. I somehow get the impression that LL does not want to upset the land barons, and this is what is holding them back. Already, LL cowtows to the barons with such huge discounts in the Atlas Program - discounts on set
  3. @Marielle: I would rather shop in a cold and boring environment with an adequate search function, than in a place that potentially gives a shopping experience, but wherein you can not find what you want because there is no search function. But that is just me.
  4. How to Stimulate the SL Economy without Lowering Tiers: Three estate land pricing policy changes can be made immediately, that would stimulate the land buying economy without tiers being lowered. (1) Allow Homesteads to be bought by anyone WITHOUT them having to own a full prim sim - monthly tier would remain at $125.00, if they do not own a full prim sim. (2) If one does own a full prim sim, then the monthly tier for any Homesteads they also owned would be lowered to $95.00 per month - which is not really a lowering of tier since those belonging to the Atlas program own Homesteads at th
  5. @LillyBeth: You wrote this: "The lack of interest to me says people don't believe what is written or they no longer care." People no longer care, because LL has never, ever, ever, shown any signs of even listening. It matters little on who is running the joint. LL will do what it does, and continue to do it poorly, and all we can do is either sit back and watch the train wreck, or leave.
  6. @Shockwave: Please don't try and confuse the Lindens with logic and common sense, some of them might actually be reading the responses here; but I doubt it.
  7. It appears that even when completed registrations improve by almost 28%, concurrency still declines. What does this say? I came into SL in 2007, which was a bumper year for Second Life. I remember what an exciting place SL used to be. It no longer is an exciting place. What made it exciting? It matters little to LL, so why should I even bother to list them here.
  8. They never have listened, nor will they ever listen. But they sure do like bringing up the subject of listening to us, every year or so. This time they even have some user groups all set up so they can listen to us. They will make sure these user groups are stuffed with the fan gals and guys, if they can find enough of them to make a quorum.
  9. It is not too late for Rod to turn the ship around. Critical mass is still a bit of a distance away. However, as CEO, he has to inspire and if need be, manipulate the LL staff to change course. I just hope he has those skills. He has to change the corporate culture of Linden Lab. Maybe Philip can help him out here by showing him how to utilize the Lovemachine. (chuckling insanely as I finished the last sentence.)
  10. Oh yes, there LL is. The great risk takers, and look what it has done - concurrency is steadily declining as it eliminates those it does not want in THEIR world. Good show LL! So why do you think LL wants to get customer feedback now? Maybe a lot of LL employees are scared half to death about losing their jobs since LL continues to move out those it does not want. Revenues remain stagnant, and customers complain about poor service, mismanagment, and gross incompetance. The real fact is, LL doesn't know what it wants, and just shoots blindly in the wind, changing policy and direction continua
  11. Nany: You really should apply for a job with Linden Lab. You have a great start since you have the exact same attitude that most Linden Lab employees seem to express by their actions. You would fit like a glove within the corporate culture of "screw them all, who cares." The main reason why people are heaping "scorn" on Linden Lab, which seems to be the vast majority of those responding to this Blog, is because they really do like SL and want to stay and are concerned how things are going with this virtual world. It is in a continuing decline, if you haven't noticed. But I doubt you really
  12. As long as the Linden who will announce this new forum is not "excited" about it, we stand a chance of having better forum software to replace Jive. I swear that term "excited" that the Linden bloggers seem to use most of the time in announcing something new is a curse.
  13. Really Oz? Well tell ya what. I don't believe you. Just like I never believed it was necessary to raise monthly tier rates on Open Space sims by 67% simply because less than 2% of OS owners were abusing them through overuse. I do not believe anything that Linden staff say. You have absolutely no credibility in my eyes. None of you do. Besides how do you know what the plans are or aren't of Linden Lab. Are you the CEO? Do you sit on the board? Are you the chair of the board? Are you one of the venture capitalists? I used the term "probably" you would make Viewer 2 mandatory, because this would
  14. Jive has driven us mad for over two years now. People have complained about it right, left and centre, but Linden Lab knows best, and has ignored all our complaints. Jive is terrible! It was two years ago and still is. The same goes with Viewer 2, but Linden Lab insists on this being the standard Viewer, and probably the mandatory one in a short time. The only reason I stay in SL is because of the friends and associations I have here. However, Viewer 2, being in my opinion, a terrible downgrade, will drive me from SL permanently when made mandatory. The trouble is, you Linden Lab employees D
  15. Hi Amanda, I am encouraged that finally LL has acknowledged that communication could be better and is attempting to do something about it. I am very disappointed though that you hold the attitude that Facebook is a great vehicle to help in this communication. You realize, of course, that Second Life is a social network just like Facebook is? In fact, SL is a far better as a social network that is Facebook, in my opinion. I really have a hard time understanding where all this push for FB is coming from?
  16. There are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics, and then there are those missing statistics from the Lab.
  17. Welcome Rod: What can I say, but that I am most impressed by your willingness to learn about SL through doing things like building and scripting. May you continue to find at least some time to come inworld and live like a resident and thus understand us, even if just a little. May I recommend one thing to try though, if you find the time - try becoming a merchant and/or land owner to see what it is like trying to earn Linden$ in SL. Welcome again, and have a great day! Yoki
  18. I do hope this is true: "Rod has a deep appreciation for what makes Second Life special. He’s already been exploring and experimenting inworld to familiarize himself with the pluses and minuses of our product and the successes and challenges faced by our Residents." If it is really true, then perhaps I can unjade myself. What would really be impressive, if from now to mid-January when he takes full charge, that he spends a minimum of 50 hours in SL, owning land and trying to make a go of it by selling or renting it out, and making products and trying to sell them though his inworld store an
  19. hmmmm.... interesting... thanks for the link... will have to do some more digging on this.
  20. Ticious: I am almost convinced that a good portion of LL employees are their kids who come in on the weekend and muck about. I am half serious here.
  21. Jack, no matter how many bells and whistles are added to Viewer 2, it is still a piece of crap. I hope you realize that since Viewer 2 is the Viewer flogged by LL for all new residents, and yet, retention levels are still terrible and the numbers are ever declining for SL, and yet other virtual worlds are thriving... well, perhaps you should wake up and smell the coffee.
  22. Hi Rene: Yes, I joined IMVU today, and have been poking around. I can verify your claims, and have been chuckling to myself for some time over it. It seems the creative juices in SL flow more so with the residents than with the managing Lindens. LOL! I suppose a Hollywood movie producer would describe IMVU thus: "Where Facebook meets Second Life, but without any land." And I agree, SL is far superior to IMVU, and yet, through its marketing, IMVU is booming to such an extent, that its numbers have outpassed SL by a considerable margin. It is like Microsoft vs. Apple in the 80's - superior mar
  23. hmmmm IMVU ... I did a little research on this place, and took a little trip over there. Now I see why LL has hidden their stats recently. IMVU has surpassed SL in usership, considerably, to say the least.
  24. Poor Nelson. But please note: people complain, and complain vehemently when they care about something, and thus that something means a lot to them. When the complaints stop, you Nelson, and the rest of your co-workers at Linden Lab, will be out of jobs. Considering all the stuff that needs to be fixed regarding SL, having this blog come out about a new LL advertising scheme for its "treasured" residents, is about as insulting as it can get, quite frankly.
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