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  1. 0L$ and 10L$ dross dominate any relevant search. This is a clearly a grave error. What other online retail store would allow the lowest quality and the worst products to take up the most important shelf space, in this case, the first 10 pages of any Relevant search results. I've been lobbying the community and Linden Lab for 3 years or more regarding the SUPERABUNDANCE of dross and rubbishy products cluttering up the marketplace I'm worn out with it. 'You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear' To attract and retain new and existing users SECONDLIFE MUST LOOK ATTRACTIVE and 10L$ and
  2. Linden Lab really do need to FREE THE LAND MARKET and release the grid from the absurd historical situation whereby you have to have a full sim before you can buy a Homestead It's a real blocker on the Lab's most desirable product - The Homestead The Lab are not protecting the big estate owners by keeping this blocker in place - they are just stagnating the grid and preventing the growth of Secondlife You know it, I know it, all of the wise Lindens know it - The current Land pricing structure and model needs a complete overhaul, it's 10 yrs out of date and too expensive for the core custome
  3. If Linden Lab want to seriously increase their revenue lowering tier is essential. It's only people who don't believe in SL's potential and future who say that tier is the right price. Tier is currently set at the wrong price, that's why SL is stagnating. LL should let anyone buy a HS without a full sim, lower tier and watch SL boom again. If LL halved tier costs they'd sell tons of sims and more than double their money. High tier costs are strangling and suffocating the whole ecosystem. It's all about the land.
  4. @MarmelaGramela, The world is half empty because tier costs are too expensive. High tier costs are driving customers away from the product and depressing users who have projects they want to do but can't afford or can't justify the cost High tier costs = low concurrency
  5. @Gooden, The only thing causing sime to be abandoned is - drum roll - the oppressively high tier costs Estate owners won't have any estates left if high tier costs continue. Wise estate owners, who have foresight, would lobby LL for a large reduction in tier for everybody not just Atlas program members Wise estate owners who actually want to grow their business and not just sit on and turn around the same land over and over again would welcome lower tier costs and no set up fees, it would ultimately, long term benefit estate owners more than any other class of resident. Because lower tier
  6. @Deltango, I totally get what you are saying apart from this bit : 'If Linden Lab had improved SL dramatically over the past five years, the current tier prices would be justified' Even if there were no lag, SL never crashed at all, the GUI won a prize as a work of art, serach worked perfectly, mesh was seen by all viewers, and a Homestead had 100k prim allowance - the current prices would still be too much for the customer base The core enthusiastic users of this platform can not afford or justify paying these incredibly high tier costs and they never will.
  7. After reflection, it's marvelous to see some movement in LL's land pricing offers but clearly it's not going to make any difference. It might boost this months sim numbers which would have been totally appalling, I'm guessing Right now nearly all the big shops inworld and little shops are suffering the most terrible traffic When I say terrible traffic - that often means no traffic and the marketplace sales are not making up the difference. All my records for 6 years being an SL creator and merchant in SL show that things should have picked up by now after the summer slump, but not this year
  8. @ Lynda, The mainland is just not an option for so many people and for so many reasons People want control, that means their own sim - that's the only real way forward for Seocndlife. Homestead should actually be affordable and available directly from LL for anyone who wants one.
  9. In an ideal world of course I'd rather pay no setup fee or a nominal one if any and then have a much reduced tier. FREEING THE LAND MARKET, reducing tier and letting anybody buy a Homestead is key to the future success of Secondlife. Like you say Sy, it's the ongoing high monthly tier costs that are blocking the spectacular growth of the grid
  10. I think it's marvelous to see a glimmer of light shining in the frozen darkness of LL's land pricing model
  11. Time Limited offer, this weekend, No Set Up Fees on new sims This is a great idea, marvelous to see some changes from LL regarding the land pricing model. I really hope this encourages some new users to get a sim. The time is right this REALLY should be a permenant deal - no set up fees ever - and also LL should introduce no need to own a full sim before you can buy a Homestead. Then we'd see some massive growth in the grid The set up fees have always been a blocker to sim purchases. But unfortunately, we still have a big blocker to sim ownership - and that blocker is the requirement that we o
  12. Thank you for your take on things Tateru It's pretty much what I was thinking. Signups are not being converted :matte-motes-crying: Unfortunately what seems to be happening is , even the 0.1% of people who are converted are unable to make use of SL because of the high tier cost There are literally thousands of grand projects waiting to be born, by the core user base, but tier costs are such a blocker nothing is done and SL continues to stagnate I'm pretty sure we're getting near tipping point, with a saturated marketplace, declining economy, shrinking grid, slipping concurrency. It really
  13. @Poenald, Do not worry about RL mesh artists flooding the SL Marketplace. Content is so undervalued here. Creating top quality mesh content is a non trivial task which takes time and in the current price dumped, declining SL economy and ecosystem, the mesh artist's time is best spent increasing their product ranges at RL model banks where they will get a proper return on invested time and skills. With the current decline of SL ( low concurrency, shrinking grid, less user hours etc ) and the devaluing of content at the marketplace via price dumping - I will NOT be bringing any of my mesh co
  14. @ Tateru, "There is a distinct, statistically significant increase in completed new user registrations," Since there is an increase, where are they all ? No increase in concurrency - been slipping all year No increase in grid size - also shrinking all year With my main AV and with several alts I am in contact with a large number of creators and everybody is saying the same - we're all down approx. 40% - 50% compared to this time last year. These are great creators with excellent and growing product ranges and who are keeping up to date and adapting to the changes happening in SL. T
  15. @Orca, You may well be happy being a hobo - it's an interesting life choice. But I assure you that 99% of human beings are territorial creatures and they want a place to call their own. Their own Sim, that's where the real fun is. Until land is affordable so that everybody and anybody can have their own Homestead Linden Lab are not doing their proper job - facilitating and empowering people to LIVE / PLAY / WORK in a virtual world The fact is that literally thousands of projects and grand ideas that could be materialized in Secondlife, are NOT BEING DONE because of crippling tier cost Its
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