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  1. Thanks, I tried some of these things. I ended up just choosing to derender the offending object, and it stopped the bouncing blast of liquid. I'm sure its still there for others to see though, but for me thats good enough until I can reach the guy. Thanks a bunch!
  2. I just bought some land, and my next door neighbor has 'man parts' spewing large amounts of 'man juice' onto my land. Its nothing I can return or even select, and its very large and glowy. I've sent the owner IM's but haven't got a reply yet. Is there some way I can contact one of the Lindens to come (pardon the pun) look at this and get the guy's **bleep** off my property? I have no idea how to go about even contacting one of the Lindens for this, but its really irritating. :(
  3. If you don't think viewer 2 sucks, then please tell me what you did to get it to un-suck. I know you can disconnect the tabs from the side bar, but they are still a pain to set up compared to the old viewer. How do I get the viewer to save the changes I've made after I log out, so I don't have to keep resetting it when I log back on? Why do I log on and find my hair attached to my crotch? How do I get my chat set up like it used to be instead of having to have several chat windows open? Why did LL have to make everything so big and clunky so that my screen is covered up with junk? I can shrink some of it, but it still to me looks like a 5 year old's pencil. You know, the big fat pencils they give to the kids? That's what the UI reminds me of.
  4. Thanks for the tip. And yes, I agree about the 'helper.' I notice she now deleted her post.
  5. Well, first off to the person who blasted me up at the top... I have been in SL for about two years. When Viewer 2 came out, I tried it. It was ungodly horrible. I went to Emerald, then Phoenix, etc., and got spoiled on their viewers. These were people that actually got what a good interface should look like, so I stayed with them as long as I possibly could. I kept hearing news saying that "You have to use viewer 2 after mesh comes out" and this made me cringe. I tried Viewer 2 again. I tried Phoenix Firestorm. I even tried Dolphin. Even with online tutorials on how to make viewer 2 look like viewer one, I still hated it, and went back to Phoenix. Now that I 'have' to use Viewer 2, I find myself getting angrier every time I log on. I will try to play as best as I can, but after a few minutes it's like playing some kind of horrible version of the game, and I find myself logging off in disgust. I will try to stick with it as long as I possibly can, but unless someone can come out with a better 3rd party viewer, I will be done with SL. I know several others who think the same. And it's a shame, because SL has always been the best.
  6. I'm trying to figure out why the Viewer 2 and 3 viewers are so user un-friendly. I understand that everything had to be re-coded for mesh and all, but the UI should have been left alone. It's like Linden Labs went to their programmers and said "Make the crappiest User Interface you can possibly make." PLEASE please please make some kind of upgrade or download so we can have the same UI as Viewer One, or Phoenix. Otherwise I know you will be losing many players. Mesh is great, but it isn't worth the hassle of having to deal with such a bad UI. Can I get an Amen, anyone?
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