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  1. Oh dear, you'll have to excuse my late responce, I lost track of this thread and I just couldn't find it again.. Anyway, I'd be happy to join that group, and I'll send you an IM in-world
  2. I have so many beuatiful gowns, but I haven't had a chance to wear them in awhile... So I'd really like a nice formal venue that plays some vintage music and such. Please let me know any places you know of :)
  3. Hello there! Welcome! Feel free to add me I enjoy talking and exploring, I also know a bunch of places for freebies!
  4. Well, obviously you could just ask for their e-mails, but if I remember correctly, if somebody sends you an e-mail while your offline, you can respond through your e-mail....
  5. You sound fun, I'll add you, I know a couple art gallerys but I haven't found anybody to go with D: And I do love Japanese culture, and know a few lovely Japanese gardens!
  6. Hi there! Fell free to message me in world, I'm all up for making new friends to hang out with, I know lots of places we can explore and hang out, I'm also up to talking whenever I'm avalible!
  7. I'm from the UK to! Well, not so much anymore, I live in Canada now, feel free to drop me a line, I love to explore and I also know a BUNCH of places where you can get high quality freebies!
  8. Oh good, more randomness! I'll send you a friend invite! I enjoy making new friends and talking, so feel free to IM me whenever you want to! (If I'm online of course!) Oh and I also have a friend who is a wonderful builder who loves to help! So I'm sure he'd talk to you about building to!
  9. Interesting, I'll drop you an IM inworld for more details...
  10. Oh, well make sure to keep my posted on it! The 30s are great to, I love the fashion and the music, I've been meaning to join your Berlin Project, but I haven't had a chance to yet...
  11. I'm interested in a fifties RP, we'll need to find a 1950s RP community, if I could afford it, I'd set one up myself, but I can't, which sucks... I really do want a 1950s type community, it looks like such a great era!
  12. Hello, I've been looking for a 1950s RP community for awhile, I've always been in love with the 50's, I have a bunch of vintage, 1950's dresses and hairstyles, and I really like to wear them out and about, but I don't really have much use other than to wear them randomly, but I'd like a community filled with others dressed like that has a strong RP element, I joined Serenitys Point but nothing really happened there, and I don't think it's around anymore, I would love to make my own, but I simply don't have the funds, ideas but no way to implement them, I'd really like a community that I can ge
  13. Thank you very much for the help, you probably actualy saved me a fortune
  14. Hmm, alright, I suppose that would be easier, any suggestions on where to look? I'm not really used to buying skins. EDIT: How much do you think a shape would cost? I've never been very good at them...
  15. Oh goodness that's expensive, that's a rip from the game model of the character, would something like this be better?
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