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  1. The ocean in front of my beach home and all other oceans and sim waters are an artificial-looking, unrealistic, flat, unrippled, extremely dark blue. I had Phoenix Viewer prior to installing the latest Firestorm Viewer release (I uninstalled all 3rd party viewers and Linden Viewers before I installed the latest Firestorm). The Phoenix Viewer never presented such a problem, but the Firestorm Viewer (if that is the problem) certainly does. I went into Preferences and tried just about everything to correct the problem, to no avail. I even compared every single one of my settings to my partner's settings (he has Firestorm's latest release, also) which show an attractive natural color and texture for all ocean waters. My settings are indentical to his, yet my sim waters/ocean waters do not look like his at all; they are, instead, very unnatural. How do I get my beautifully realistic ocean textures back to where they were before I installed Firestorm? Thanks for any help, Lexa Avedon
  2. Waves that I placed on the beachfront of my parcel have suddenly frozen and have remained motionless ever since. I've noticed that all moving prim waters in the sim appear frozen, too. All swimming pool water, waterfalls, hot tub water and waves that aren't original Linden ocean appear motionless, too. How do I correct this? Is it related to Viewer 3.0?
  3. I have been trying to drag pictures from my inventory to my profile, and am working in 3.0....but have not been successful. Is there a different means of doing this in the 3.0 Viewer? If so, why isn't it spelled out on any of the drop-down windows? I may have missed the location of the instructions, although I have carefully studied every option listed on all the windows. I would appreciate any help with this problem. Thanks, Lexa Avedon
  4. I am having a number of problems with 3.0 viewer: 1. My avatar suddenly became a nebulous floating white cloud and I was unable to rez it back to my avatar using rebake, appearance or graphic adjustments. Finally a helpful person in here gave me some good tips, and I recaptured my avatar, except the finished product is not what she was prior to the sudden change into a cloud. I have spent literally hours tweaking and tweaking her, re-doing her from scratch with one of my many copies saved in my inventory, to no avail. She is not quite what she was... close, but no cigar, as they say.. 2. While dancing in the surf of my beachfront parcel, the waves suddenly froze and remained that way until I logged off and back on. Strange occurences such as this happen from time to time....the screen colors fade out into white and then come back, people tell me I am wearing a helmet, when my screen tells me I'm not into helmets. lol The draperies in my penthouse condo suddenly look like white inflexible, unmovable triangles, etc. 3. I have been unable to drag photos from my inventory to my profile. There seem to be no instructions, and I keep trying it the 2..0 way, but it just does not work. 4. At first I liked the physics feature, but I find that in certain sims, even though I have the controls down at practically zero, my breasts are bouncing wildy and blindingly (sorry for the graphic description), and they look ridiculous, instead of natural. On my own parcel they're fine, but not in every other sim. 5. Searching on the inventory window is a much slower process than it was on 2.0. I'd love to have a "collapse" option such as exists on Phoenix. It would make things so much easier, than to have to go to the asterisk at the very bottom of the screen, click on that, find "close All folders" , click on that, etc, etc. 6. There is a constantly running timer in a tiny font at the bottom right of my screen. It reads (sample) "Time:1:13:37 "and beneath that is "Texture: 0:41:16". It runs constantly, counting down the seconds, etc. I can find no way to remove it, and have no idea as to its source. I just hope my entire screen will not shatter into a zillion pieces when the timer runs out - lol - but the text covers the bottom of my inventory window when I have it open, and it is annoying, so I'd love to have a super helper (hint-hint) tell me how to get rid of it. 7. Updating the viewer is a general pain because it keeps giving me an error message, saying it cannot write it and I have to keep trying repeatedly over and over again until finally the update is successful. btw, I have a brand new HP Pavilion Elite PC with the fastest, best game-oriented features on it...lots of power, super graphics and video capabilities and new HD wide-screen monitor, so I'm crossing my fingers that none of the above relates to my computer.
  5. There is a tiny text running at the bottom right of my screen. It runs constantly. I can't remove it, and have no idea why it's there. It reads (example): "Time: 1:13:37 " "Texture: 0:41:16" It's a timer apparently, so it keeps running, counting up the seconds, etc. I have no idea what it is for and it covers my inventory window at the bottom, so it's annoying. I'd like to know how to remove it. Thanks for any help. Lexa Avedon
  6. When I log into SL, my avatar apears as a cloud and will not rez into her avatar shape. I've tried changing my graphics settings, appearance settings, and I've rebaked her, but she still continues to be a white cloud!! I'm really upset about this, because I've never had this problem before, and nothing I do corrects it. Please help. Thanks very much, Lexa Avedon
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