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  1. I'm a professional videographer, but I have no idea what you are talking about with the SpotOn!
  2. I like the Mayreal or the Logo Bento heads for a mature older look.
  3. Ok... I see your point on that one. The outrage mind thought was by-passing that.
  4. I have been locked out of my account for 14 days due to "Keyword Spamming". To start with... The products were RLV collars that have been on my Market Place since May of 2015. The keywords that I thought I was using where within the guidelines of the keyword use. I didn't use any copyright brand names, just generic words related to the product. They didn't flag all of the collars just part of them. I did do a screen capture of one of the collars with the keywords that I use on all of the collars that I posted on my Market Place. In which I didn't get any notice about it at all. Just BOOM! Locked out of my account for 14 days. Yeah, Linden Labs... This is a total croak full of you know what! SOOOOOOO... Linden Labs... Tell me which one of these keywords are spam from the photo attachment
  5. Personally, I build all my own studio sets on my land and it helps to have land in a residential sim for lower lag.
  6. On everyday things with SL, I always text. But I do use voice, it is only on Skype, but that is when I'm doing a video project and it makes things easier to give directions. But also being a roleplayer, I prefer text and emoting. I just love the art of it. But I have met men with a smoking hot avatar and then hear their voice... Such a letdown. The fantasy is truly blown. I just run my SL with the voice off and I usually have the sounds turned off also. But the only other time I do voice in SL is with my Live Mix DJ shows.
  7. If you are on a PC/Windows, try Ctrl +Windows Keys + Alt + F1
  8. Since login problem from the evening of 09-06-2017, I haven't been able to rez anything on my land. I get the message "Unable to create new object. The region is full". I have my group tag on, there is plenty of room for prims, not even close to full. Just wondering if I should ask the sim owner for a re-start or a roll-back to fix the problem?
  9. Wow! Great question, and I have a lot of great fond memories here since 2004. I would have to say it SL Pride in 2008, they had 4 sims for it, the stage was in the center of the 4 sims. I started my DJ set, I have probably 20 of my own friends there, there was maybe another 20 other people there. Normally, that many people at a SL DJ show is fantastic. But I started my set, just hitting house club hit one after another, doing 24 & 32 bar beat mixes, and just seriously throwing it down on the mixing. 45 minutes into the there was like 100 avatars with all 4 sims combined, next thing I knew, there was over 350 avatars combined from all 4 sims. Total Lag fest... But they were into the music. Made over $L50k in times. After my set, they had to do a sim restart from all the lag and amazing it didn't crash.
  10. He is married in his RL, and even said on his profile on both 2nd & 1st Life tabs. But women didn't care about that... They just wanted to have sex with the DJ.
  11. Going to go back 10 plus years here, there was money to make here. I was in the Casino/Gambling/Bookie business here. From 2004 to early 2007, I was making a killing here. In the tune $250k RL. Then the SL boom hit and all the success stories on the news. Then the US Government stuck their nose in our business here on SL and away went the real gambling. Yeah, I was super p****d over and left SL for a little while. But from making clothing, avatar RLV attachments, and DJ'ing. My SL pays for itself. But before the SAM4 auto DJ (Jukebox) program came along. REAL DJ's were getting paid here and SL club scene was a lot funnier back 8 to 10 years ago than it is now.
  12. I actually found a house in SL that was really close to my RL house. Yes, I bought. Love my SL and RL home.
  13. LOL! This true... A male DJ friend of mine here in SL, great live mixer also, a voice that makes you swoon (if you get my drift). Before he gave up DJ'ing in SL, had women all over him, women fighting over him, and he was just not interested in any of them. He just wanted to DJ and that was it. He left SL because of women.
  14. LOL, I'm guilty at this one. Well... He wasn't a skinny white guy, but a nice built white guy. Now a Black Bull.
  15. LOL... Just too funny. My Alt... I even say it is an ALT when out running around on it. Looks just like my Main avatar. Run into a lot of same people I know and they don't get the clue who it is.
  16. I'm going to weigh in on this topic. As for programs to use... Virtual DJ, SAM4 are good. Don't use Winamp. Personally, I don't use either, I use Serato with Denon 3900's and Technic 1200s with my live mixing. The mistake that most SL DJs make is trying to sound like the radio. There are a lot of empty clubs in SL with DJs sounding like the radio. Fast beat song, slower beat song, back to a faster beat song... That is NOT DJ'ING. Un-like Sim Myoo says. RL DJ'ing does work here. I have been a professional RL Club DJ for nearly 20 years and a SL DJ for 12 years. But I'm not a one trick style of DJ. I live mix all types of genres of music, mixing remixes from every era of music... 60s, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2k's, dance, club, pop, RnB, soul, funk, hiphop, trance, rock, etc. And people love what I do, and I even take request and live mixing it also. Most live mixing DJ's are too programmed on their sets and if they take a request, they can't mix it. BUT!! Lets get to the "Playlist" type of DJ's that use SAM4 or programs of that type. What you hear on the radio... Just toss it out the window. But together a playlist like if you are going to DJ a "Happy Hour Bar" in RL. Putting together your songs in segments. 2 to 4 slower beat song 100 BPM or slower, pick up the tempo, 2 to 4 100 to 115 BPM sone, then 2 to 4 songs that are above to 115 BPM. Then drop back down to med or slower beat range, and also you can fill in with any request from customers. I have done this also for years in SL and one thing I hear a lot, is on how well my music is put together. Just food for thought on putting together a playlist.
  17. CP Lounge a private interracial club is looking for DJ's that play RnB, Soul, Funk, Southern Soul, HipHop, Pop, Dance, Retro, and take request. You must be a black male, or female (white or black). No white male DJ. We are looking for DJ Entertainers. Prefer live mixers, but SAM4 DJ is also welcome. We are not looking for jukebox DJ's that sound like bad radio and don't know how to put together a playlist. If you are one of the these DJs that is up and down with beats of music. Don't apply. The job is tips only, but the average tip take home is over 2k a show. If you think you have what it takes, contact Kayla Whittaker in world for an interview. No heavy metal, no hard rock, no country, no gangsta rap, no soca rap, no trap rap, no dub-step. We are looking for party music.
  18. Lar's Naughty Twinz is Hiring Dj's We are looking for Passionate Flirty Active Reliable Dj's (male & female) that Arent afraid to Strip for Tips! We are open 24/7 and in high need for AM SLT Dj's Voice is a must! All music styles are welcome 100% tips If you are interested come on over to fill out a application :D http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lars%20Naughty%20Twinz/38/41/27
  19. No... I have known it has been here. Just never went to any of the places. After 10 years, that was the first time my avatar has ever landed in one, just because it is on the same sim where I was building a club. It turned my stomach and left. But I also have a "No Child Avatar" policy with my club... And sure enough, had a kid pop in, told she to leave, she tried to argue with me on it. I banned her really quick.
  20. I have open a club on this sim... But after I bought the land, I turned on my mini map, and seen a bunch of avatars in one part of the sim. Ok... So I decided to check it out. It was a kid area... I was there maybe a minute when I get an IM from some guy in a boy child avatar and hitting on me. I thought I was going to puke, plus he was wearing a "Collar" and I checked out his profile seeing that he was also collared to a Mistress as a child avatar. That is when I had to leave, before I was running to bathroom to throw up. Very unreal disputing. Maybe I just don't get the whole child avatar thing in sl with adults behind the keyboard.
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