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  1. "I haven't noticed this. I just did a random item search on the Marketplace and used Sort By "relevance" and did not see anything unusual. Did you check / toggle how you want the results" No, I just did the same ol same ol basic default by relevance search on my favorite subject. Seems like the over 1000L stuff is slowly creeping up on the first page. "I do think there's something not quite right on the marketplace when on apparel sorted by relevance & 96 items per page well over half the results on the landing page are from the same creator" I wonder if merchants can 'b
  2. I noticed that expensive products are finding their way to the top page of the SLM search results again like they used to do a few years back before 'the great change'. Has anyone else noticed that as well? I hope we are not returning to the days of for every 100L spent on a single product, it counts as an additional sale for search result ranking purposes. 😩 Remember the three major things that caused peeps not to hang and spend in SL. 1. price pumping 2. drama 3. control freak behavior.
  3. *If you are on a PC/Windows, try Ctrl +Windows Keys + Alt + F1 Nope. Didn't do anything different from the regular ctrl alt f1 on my computer.
  4. I figured out how to crop out the white top bar with the OBS video recording software that I was using to record the video with. Basically just click and hold the left mouse button on the OBS video capture screen and lift that top bar up and out of the picture by moving the mouse while still holding the left mouse button. Thanx again for the help. :-))
  5. Thank you for responding, Whirly. I was trying to avoid having to do the crop off as that would require me to learn different video software as I'm using the basic Windows Movie Maker which doesn't seem to have cropping ability. Am I to understand that that white top bar can't be removed just by doing a control alt f1? I tried full screen mode already, thinking that might be a good alternative to control alt f1, but doing that, I lost my mouse pointer on the screen as it went invisible, and that made it very difficult to get anything done. Even logging on was a pain without the mouse poin
  6. I want to make a video, but when I do a Control Alt F1, all the things that are supposed to disappear disappear except for the white bar the very top of the screen. How can I get rid of the top bar as well? I've tried a few different viewers and they all have the same problem.
  7. LL may be flooding the market again with Linden Dollars to compensate for the overall dip in SLM sales right after the new search came on line. It would have been done with the intention of improving the economy and stabilizing things of course. Since LL is not price pumping anymore on the SLM, I would suggest you long time SLM merchants, that used to have a big advantage with total sales pumped by high relative prices, swallow your pride, and bring your prices down in a hurry so that you can sell more and by so doing climb back up to the crucial top of relevancy search results again where sa
  8. What I've noticed so far.... Good: -It would appear that LL stopped the price pumping. (No more stuff getting raised up pages on search results based on their higher price point.) That is very welcome imho. -Search results more based on recent sales and less on long term sales. Another very welcome happenstance for SL growth. Bad: -Merchant store name still a big factor when there is no need for it to be a factor at all imho. -Product name too big of a factor over keywords. Still should be word number limits to prevent gaming and spamming.
  9. (Roles eyes) O.k. that was an expected waste of resources. Now back to the old one....
  10. The actual problems with SL. 1. Lack of server support 2. Stupid land based economy 3. Price pumping 4. Virtual monopoly 5. Bad reputation/ bad p.r. 6. Too many uptight control freaks 8. Ultra job security mind frame at LL. 9. Huge lack of reinvestment relative to investment capabilities
  11. So if Linden Labs hired 50 more policemen to police the joint much better at $30,000 salaries, that would only cost us 1.5 million additional dollars yearly. I think that could be a very doable investment, and would pay for itself, (and probably alot more), with more happy consumers in SL spending more money. Of course since LL is not interested in making more money.... :matte-motes-crying:
  12. It appears that the Linden central bank is pumping extra money into the economy hoping it will accelerate 'gdp growth' mimicking the governments of the real world. If customers can get more bang for their buck as a result, then it's probably a good idea since things are still way overpriced imho. I just wish the Lindens would have given me some of that 'extra' cash to spend 'for them'. I'm very good at consuming things. :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  13. .Rule of thumb So if a merchant pays for reviews, whatever the total stars of the product, take a star and a half away and call it that. ;-) Any product with outrageous amounts of reviews, just ignore them all except for the more negative reviews. (3 stars or less).
  14. L.L. likes transfer items over copy items thinking they will somehow make more money from them. So transfer/no copy items are effectively promoted and heavily sanctioned. Of course the opposite is the case as per usual. (Less money made overall since the vast majority would rather have copy items in most cases as few are entertained by retailing their stuff).
  15. The best way to get noticed is to not charge too much for your products. Simple as that. ;-) There is a pride thing disease that peeps often times suffer from and not just on SL. So they sell their products for way too much, and much fewer sell because of that. When few sell, lots of crucial 'free' advertisement is lost. In the long term, 'inexpensive' makes more money and increases popularity. Win/win.
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