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  1. haha omg you really took the word "sweetheart" and turned it sexual? Common sense would tell you I didn't use it that way but thanks for the laugh.
  2. That is actually really amazing! I would love to see your machinimas if you'd send a link, and thank you for the concern but I GOT this gurlllllll ❤️ I think you might agree it takes someone to have the drive and ambition to succeed. I see that in you and as inspiration. ?
  3. That sir is a good idea! I will definitely keep that in mind ?
  4. Hello Bitsy Buccaneer! I'll tell you this now, I would never scam people off their hard earned money. I myself know what it's like to go through a scam because I've put myself out there first which is a big no no. Scammers are cold and heartless in my opinion, because at the time I was scammed I broke my arm, lost my job and was going through difficult times yet that ***** still scammed me. Thankfully my process which you have have "guessed about so quickly" is absolutely nothing what you described. Before anyone pays me ANYTHING I do plan to talk to them over the phone. I will give them my personal information and we will sign a real contract together. Those still exist darling I was keeping it professional with my different font sizes and my kind names but If you don't like it I have every reason not to care...
  5. If you'd like to know more about the stats the business will possibly make please message me or write on the google form. Thank you ❤️
  6. Thank you again! I'm 100% with you. For some reason, I hoped most possible investors would ask this question on the google form... as I did not think stating the return in public might be a good idea due to negative responses. However, it seems it's best that I do so everyone will have a better understanding as why they might want to invest! In the google form it does already state the percentages of possible ownership. Here it is listed: 5% (requires paying $L 10,000) 10% (requires paying $L 20,000) 15% (requires paying $L 30,000) 20% (requires paying $L 40,000) Now any income the business makes at all, (I've already states some ways In the very first post) is added together every month. The percentage you own of the business is also the percentage of profit you will receive. Please keep in mind my sweet hearts that this is a startup and that there isn't a way of showing you what the business has made but only what the business can make! Based on the studios rates/prices and performance/clients it may be booming or it could hit rock bottom. Now I can tell you how I plan to manage the business and show you how unlikely it is to hit rock bottom with me in charge. I know I didn't want to make the post to long but I have done serious planning on how to run the business and how the future profits income should look. If you or anyone else seems interested in finding out more, please message me or ask these questions on the google form. I don't plan to type my whole business model to the public. Although I'm more then willing to tell possible investors about the rates and the real money/income I see the business making.?
  7. Hello! Thanks for feedback! I'm always looking to improve myself ❤️ it has been updated. If there is anything else you'd like to point out, I'm more then willing to listen. Please enjoy your day and thank you for comment!
  8. Hello there! Thanks so much for taking the time to even click on this topic ❤️ First I'll introduce myself, My name is Alexis but you can call me Lexy if you'd like ? I'm in the making of becoming an SL entrepreneur! So let's get into it! The name of my startup is Lexy's machinima studio as you can pretty much guess now, it will be a machinima business. Why this type of business? Well in all honesty, There are 3 main reasons I've chosen a machinima business. #1 I love story telling and sharing it with people! It's a serious passion I have with all my heart, my drive for show business is impeccable! #2 It's highly in demand for people in SL! I say this because in most virtual worlds people love the idea of becoming an Icon, whether that be a fashion icon or a film icon people want it. As you know even in real life the reason why the film industry is so popular is because of the stars and the old talk of fame & fortune. I'm sure most of you can relate. #3 Here is probably a big reason why you're here! The income for a machinima studio can be big (if done right). There is an outstanding number of ways to make money with a machinima studio. An example can be advertising! If you look at some photography studios they may take on logo projects (or adverts). The machinima studio can take on commercial projects! Music video projects for up & coming stars of sl ? and even charge a price for ads and commercials running on the studios channel. Now if you're interested investing in Lexy's machinima studio let me explain, you would be buying a percentage of the business and that percentage you own is the amount of income and profit you get! In other words it's like buying a stock. What the money will go towards: 1. Payroll for employees (There are many positions!) 2. Props and stages 3. editing 4. and advertising To invest we offer you the following google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewabxeUwm8XEl-52NTbHpKmEe7wcpdb3SVu4RMq7hrBYnPrA/viewform please click the link above to get started! If you have any questions you may leave them on this topic or submit them in privacy in the link above ?
  9. Hello! I'm Alexis and new to the forums. I have always loved the idea of making a business in second life especially a machinima studio. However, I'm looking for a good Second Life location for my space and don't know where to even start when looking for one. Any help, advice that could put me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
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