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  1. Hello everyone, like you can see in the title i want to learn how to dj and where to start. currently my issue is no lindens so seeing the whole thing about, you need lindens or money to use X service is a no right now. hopefully that changes if i can start making some. so what im looking for is first the basics on how i should get started. uploading music and programs that will be able to stream it to second life. i do have a large music libary that i can use so the music shouldnt be an issue. its the programs and services for free (to start out) is my issue. what is commonly used? i kn
  2. ok so i think i agree that Adam will be the best fit for me (about to try the demo) but as for appliers there are some many i dont know where or how to start besides putting in Adam applier
  3. ok, so i have switched to mesh body for a bit now and need just that finishing touch. the head. i use Slink body, hands, and feet, just missing a mesh head. I do have the Jackson mesh head but I didn't quite like it like i thought i would. what look I'm looking for. well, a better version of my current head currently. I don't want it to change too much I just want it to better. I messed with the current shape of the head im using (not mesh) and it kinda looked funky ever since. I want to change that. (I'll leave a pic of what it looks like.) I want it to match the face and skin tone more o
  4. im a gamer i have a ps3 and a ps4 (waiting for more games for the ps4 though) fighting games are for me
  5. hello everyone thx for reading this. i need help making friends in world. first idk where to go to find people to chat to the only two places i go to is london city wich not many people chat there and the second place i go to is giggles beach but almost every person there is to hit on girls or vise versa. the other problem i have is after i say hi and how are u i dont know what to talk about next sometimes normal i look at there profile first but sometimes theres nothing there so its hard to start a covertion if there is nothing i can open with ya know. ive tried seaching for things i like in
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