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  1. Yes, I realize that kids aren't allowed in SL but on my own little parcel, I could do a little skit for whoever I want. Anyone can on their own Sim. Kids may not be allowed to be members but there's nothing stopping me or anyone else from doing a play or a puppet show for friends and family. As an aside, it's too bad that SL isn't more inclusive. Use a blackboard (another person weighing in on the topic)? Sure, another tool but I would have been fired in my engineering career if I hadn't progressed from the manual drawing board to Autocad and other software. Not sure about SL's capabilities and if it actually could be used in some teaching applications but I don't think I'm going to see an open discussion about it if we're still on the blackboard and touting that as the greatest teaching tool ever. It's one, there are others and I'm not convinced that SL wouldn't be useful as well for some things.
  2. And as I said before, SL is another tool and if it can be used for science, why not?
  3. It sounds like you have some very nice memories and I remember a puppet show or two myself as a child 🙂 Balance is really the key with anything for children and adults alike I think. But respectfully, I feel that Second Life can be used in some very creative ways and can be a good tool for educators as well. This is what the original question was about, if you were a teacher, how would YOU use SL, what applications can you see. I see SL as a medium, it's a 3D virtual environment that can be applied in a number of different ways. It doesn't have to be done in a way that overstimulates the child.
  4. I think that would be an interesting project for a teacher who knows something about scripting or a student who is doing a science fair project and who knows something about scripting. The great thing about a virtual space is that you can run as many simulations as you want and not have to buy new supplies!
  5. There's nothing wrong with using Second Life as a puppet theatre, a virtual world puppet theatre. It's another medium to express creativity and there's nothing wrong with using it that way. My little girls aren't little anymore. I think I mentioned that in my post or at least inferred it by talking in the past tense.
  6. Honesty is definitely the best policy in my opinion. There have been a number times that I wasn't sure what was going to happen if I engage someone in an IM. I try to answer all my IM's if I can. Will the person be role playing with me, am I being "punked" or is the person on the other end was just imbalanced. I get a little leery of IM's sometimes because I don't know if I'm going to have a general interest discussion or if it's going to be one of the above 🙂
  7. I find it a shame that "adult" content dominates to the degree it does in Second Life. I can think of a number of creative things that could be done for children of all ages. I'm not knocking the communities that engage in the various "adult" content but was appalled at someone demanding to know how old I was and actually brow beating an individual on voice because they sounded too young. It's not a very good balance in my opinion and I think there are a lot of creative things that are being discouraged as a result. I can see a "proof of age" system being useful for "adult" Sims but it would be nice if the rest was more PG. My opinion.
  8. If students were fluent in the use of Second Life and if I were a teacher, perhaps it would be fun to do a play. They design the Sim, avatars and act in the play. I'm not a teacher but as a parent, I would have loved to slip into some cuddly avatar and read stories to my little girls. I think we all would have gotten a kick out of it :-)
  9. That was a very helpful link. Thanks.
  10. I'm not sure if there's a comprehensive list of avatar expressions/emotes to be used in scripting or not. I've searched and can't seem to find one. I like to experiment with animating my avatars and have a simple script I've been playing with. I have a smile, frown, laugh and sad script but am wondering if there are other facial expressions or a list of facial expressions somewhere. I'm new to scripting.
  11. I'm a fairly new user and found that SL has a learning curve. I'm not sure if I would dumb anything down. There are sims dedicated to the new user with helpful tutorials and people that are willing to lend a hand. If things were done in "stages" I don't think I would have realized what was possible here.
  12. I'm not sure why this wasn't a good general discussion topic since it usually depends on the Sim owner and their set of rules and sometimes it's puzzling as to why you can be ejected or banned. Sometimes it's a small and easily fixable oversight or it can be as serious as harassment or "griefing" in a Sim. I was once ejected for wearing a group tag that the owner didn't like. It was easy to fix and didn't really warrant an ejection in my opinion. At times I join groups and forget that there's a group name above my head unless I go in and pick "none" under the groups. The Sims are privately owned/run on Second Life. It all depends on the Sim owner so they really don't need a reason at all according to some of the feedback I've gotten on the subject. You can talk to the owner or managers of the Sim to find out why if you want to go back to the club. Personally, there are so many clubs and sims that I usually just dust off my feet and move on. 🙂 That's me though. There are plenty of great clubs with great dj's or live music to choose from.
  13. That's possible. Didn't think of that. I've participated in quite a few forums so I guess I am biased towards text naturally. I do like a good verbal conversation when the discussion is interesting though, as well as story telling, tutorials and lectures but I'm more of a listener. Good point.
  14. Do You Prefer Chatting Using Voice or Text? Personally, I prefer text because it seems to be more "democratic" because more than one person can chat at the same time. It also allows one to sort their thoughts out before speaking. What's your preference and why?
  15. I'm a bit of a chameleon in Second Life and from the beginning I've dressed to suit the Sim I'm visiting and have several "guises". Not sure if there is any prejudice against furries because I haven't really experienced a negative reaction when I'm a cat. I think it's fair to try and fit in with the Sim because oftentimes they have their own theme and reason for it. I don't mind changing into my "hooman" form in those cases 🙂
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