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  1. Ardvinna wrote: Inspired by the discussion which evolved in this thread https://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/The-Friday-Thread/m-p/2999785#M219729, but yet distracted by cakes, and fruitcakes in special. I tried to elaborate the existentialism of a fruitcake.  The fruitcake is the only entity, whose existence precedes its essence. The essential features of its substance; what it should be, what defines it as a fruitcake; actually don't exist. The position of the fruitcake is absolute freedom. The fruitcake is condemned to be free. There is no nature of the fruitcake, which defines the fruitcake, but the fruitcake is, into what it turns itself. The fruitcake is fully responsible for its individuality. With its actions it draws its own (fruitcaky) face, but it becomes also important for the whole community of fruitcakes. Personally I rather prefer Albert Camus, it makes more sense to me. "The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth." "The realization that life is absurd cannot be an end, but only a beginning." Quoted for posterity.
  2. Magdalena Siemens wrote: Radium we did some successful puplications and some which failed to get audience, happens in the media business. The Gorean one was actually one of the very first years ago and was closed when the interest for Gorean RP dropped significantly in SL and became a very small niche. The most succesful one is (no surprises here) an adult one. Now we want to produce something more "clean" to run adsense adverts (which is not possible on adult content). @all Thanks for all the input, nice list to get started with. Anyone else is a fan of somebody and would like to get that person more audience (which comes with free publicity for their work as well)? Ah "the media business" eh. And here I was foolishly thinking that you were just promoting yet another attempt at the standard Second Life adword blog. Oh well I was never very good at roleplay. If you're a fan of history, I suggest dropping all this 'CEO' and alternative income stuff for a moment, and instead make a detailed study of the thousand dead SL blogs still out there penned by dreamers and roleplayers who also didn't want to get a real job. I think you will find them quite informative.
  3. Maldacilwen wrote: I wrote a ticket to Lindenlabs. Maybe they will response. Some of my deleted items i got back from the store where i bought them.I cant remember all the stuff i bought. Prepare yourself for that age old question, "do you still have the box your computer came in?".
  4. Magdalena Siemens wrote: Hello I am asking this question for the following reason: I am about to start a new blog about known people in Second Life. It will be something like the "People" Magazin but for virtual persona. I want write about them, their historie, their activities and complete the article with a small interview. To start with I need to know, who to write about, apart from the obvious ones (Anche, Torley). Therefore I would appreciate some pointers. It could be known business people, designers, bloggers, artists, models, porn stars anything and not only celebrities. In another words: Who are you a fan of? I hope it will be more successful than the Gorean Blog Which Will Change The World.
  5. bebejee wrote: Just curious to know of any such people on here, I guess in property business if so. I know a bunch of people here who will claim loudly to be making a prosperous SL living via their meagre creations or inexpert land flipping, but unfortunately when you look a little closer those same people are almost always being supported by the State or some other benefactor. Oddly they rarely tell you about that part. Go figure.
  6. Who needs fiction? Wasn't there a paranoid lunatic posting here recently, bestowing such titles upon him or herself as; "A Second Life Living Legend" "A Secondlife Creating Legend" "... a legendary content Creator within the realm of SecondLife" as well as drawing attention to sad little graphics advising of the same role-played imaginary qualifications? I fear any Friday thread creative writing may struggle to compete in the face of such hilarious factual material currently emerging on a near-daily basis as the SL freakshow pond dries up.
  7. Benson Gravois wrote: Question: In your opinion and experience, do you feel that you can make as intimate and as strong a conection with someone in sl as you canin rl? Considering the average duration of these connections is approximately three months, what do you think?
  8. Tosibu Robonaught wrote: long story short......i was drunk in a sim, and messaged pretty much person to person...........these IMs were shared with people that ran the sim and i was banned...from what i've read, IMs aren't allowed to be shared with anyone under any circumstance, no matter the content correct? if im mistaken, please correct me To address your question, yes, sharing chat without consent is not permitted within LL properties. Since you're probably now going through the butthurt or "I want revenge" stage, you should also be aware that it is a rule broken all day every day during the petty he said/he said disputes that make up Second Life, so is therefore unlikely to arouse much interest.
  9. Ardvinna wrote: Radium Soup wrote: Ardvinna wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: A very successful British comedian used to wonder why parents took their children to supermarkets just to smack them, and in the same way, I was wondering why so many people joined SL just so that they could post in the forums to demonstrate in public how stupid they were. Go on, prove me right! You got me. ...And I thought that noone would ever guess this secret about my posts. I thought the secret was that you delete them after a certain age like a paranoid fruitcake? I had to look for paranoid fruitcake in the urban dictionary. And now I'm thinking about changing my name into "paranoid fruitcake". Because: fruitcake 1. A derogatory term for a homosexual man. 2. Someone who is completely insane. 3. A cake made with bits of fruit and drenched in scotch. Since I'm not a man, there are two possibilities, what I could be: completely insane or a cake drenched in scotch. or the third: a completely insane cake drenched in scotch. Given these three choices and having observed your past form, if I were a betting person I'd put my money on option #2. (I prefer the short odds).
  10. I tend to defer to seraphim, but occasionally a rogue orphanim can snap a decent pic.
  11. Ardvinna wrote: SirLeighBastard wrote: A very successful British comedian used to wonder why parents took their children to supermarkets just to smack them, and in the same way, I was wondering why so many people joined SL just so that they could post in the forums to demonstrate in public how stupid they were. Go on, prove me right! You got me. ...And I thought that noone would ever guess this secret about my posts. I thought the secret was that you delete them after a certain age like a paranoid fruitcake?
  12. I like to think of the asteroid belt as the second life of our solar system. Rather than uniting into a coherent singularity, thanks to the mutual opposition and the generally repellant nature of the components involved, they remain a collection of insignificant lumps fundamentally opposed to each other.
  13. Everything you describe is indicative of someone with a zero balance or simply seeking attention. You wouldn't do that would you?
  14. Kayla Whittaker wrote: I have open a club on this sim... But after I bought the land, I turned on my mini map, and seen a bunch of avatars in one part of the sim. Ok... So I decided to check it out. It was a kid area... I was there maybe a minute when I get an IM from some guy in a boy child avatar and hitting on me. I thought I was going to puke, plus he was wearing a "Collar" and I checked out his profile seeing that he was also collared to a Mistress as a child avatar. That is when I had to leave, before I was running to bathroom to throw up. Very unreal disputing. Maybe I just don't get the whole child avatar thing in sl with adults behind the keyboard. So you have had an account in Second Life for almost 10 years, but until two days ago had not noticed the ageplayers and pedos that are all over? And now it is "REALLY DISTURBING" and "very unreal disputing"?  I would be surprised if a report contained enough substance to achieve anything though. All but the most stupid ones have long since learned to edgecase the Labbie rules.
  15. Oh that gadget had more functions than you may realize. Don't be in such a hurry to find it again.
  16. Just pre-merge your itunes playlists and save a lot of technical trouble. (And tell the RIAA I said hi).
  17. Are you planning to provide these services to an english-speaking audience? (In business it's best not to confuse a starting block with a stumbling block).
  18. Your phrase for today is "dying platform". Learn it well.
  19. Syo Emerald wrote: In SL the most common forms are: - fake links, that lead you to websites that pretend to be legit and want you to enter your login information - allowing objects to acess your LL balance - giving your login information to someone else In terms of percentages I would put copybot viewers at the top of that list. It's always funny to watch stupid people who thought they were ripping off others, only to discover the joke was on them all along. Honor among thieves and all that.
  20. Bree Giffen wrote: The most common abuse I'd have to say is that people create badly shapen avatars and wear the worst clothing imaginable. It's almost criminal the way they look. Check out who they are in real life. I think you will discover a new appreciation for their (beautiful in all ways by comparison) online avatars.
  21. I will deduce that an academic position at some SL university extension is not what either of you were aiming for.
  22. Of course it is a game. The object of this game is to identify the reason the other person is using SL, because you may be sure there almost certainly is one. Your score increases each time you disbelieve some piece of BS they attempt to feed you. Bonus points are awarded when you identify lesser subtleties intended to paint a false image of the RL operator.
  23. Levio Serenity wrote: I don't understand where you're coming from? Are you making a gamification engine? Are you hoping someone else makes one you can use? Presumably Sansar will not include any more game mechanics than SL did, and indeed people will have to build up their own code bases somehow. Read between the lines. Think "teenagers". Think "exploiting stupid people". Think "money trail". Think "poorly disguised ruse".
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