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  1. Ah indian clubs. Reminds me of an SL wantrepreneur named Hitesh a long time ago. But wow! Tips OR wages, gee this sounds like a sweet deal and I can't possibly imagine what your angle is. Should I be a little concerned though that the outfit exercising these same discretions cannot even spell the word? Maybe I'm picky but that seems like a bit of a red flag to me.
  2. As a proud Apple customer you need to become familiar with the term Planned Obsolescence. Ignore it at your peril, because you may be certain the marketing people at infinite loop are thoroughly familiar with it.
  3. Beefcake taking over the airways you say... Hmm I pictured yet another obese guy illegally broadcasting his itunes playlist while begging for tips. Now I wonder which of these two images is the more accurate one.
  4. What did you do which gave someone in a virtual world enough leverage to attempt blackmail?
  5. I think you will do a lot better by providing a list of locations where people can see your body of work. As you may or may not know, SL is teeming with mediocre "talents" pretending to offer professional services, but really it's just an adjunct to their online roleplay of a skilled effectual person.
  6. Solidea82 wrote: oh my! i didn't even know i had it!! thank you... as you can see, I'm a suer noob! Don't overlook the other rookie mistake of assuming someone in a virtual world was a friend in any real sense. The terms Friend and Source-of-entertainment-that-I-really-don't-give-a-crap-about-in-real-life are used interchangeably here.
  7. RobynVanNistelrooy wrote: I've downloaded SC Transcoder, but have no clue how to configure it, can anyone suggest how to do so? I would be grateful for any help in getting this working. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=configuring+sc+transcoder RobynVanNistelrooy wrote: I am currently trying to stream my spotify playlists into SL so my music can be played in my parcel. Tell the RIAA I said hi.
  8. I thought you were reselling avatar services, but what exactly do you hope to verify with voice? Are you also reselling verbal services?
  9. LL consulted closely with their users and discovered that drama was both their major concern and favorite pursuit. Your request has been queued and will be attended to by the next available operator.
  10. Wow, some people don't even know when they are pwned.
  11. I feel this thread might attract a broader audience if Chunky or Grotesque were offered up as options.
  12. Five o'clock shadow I suspect. Perhaps it's a subconscious manifestation of her RL operator.
  13. In my case I tend to avoid people publicly wishing cancer etc. on others. Perhaps I'm slightly too picky for the SecondLife scene.
  14. Prokofy (never use a dozen cogent words when 800 random ones will suffice) Neva wrote: rant rant rant. Possibly something about cats. Such an abuse of internet bandwidth when you could have simply said "AH discarded me for my crazy hateful rants, then added insult to my injury by tolerating Woodbury members. I am angry and butthurt waah waah waah."
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: For crying out loud, the term is "attach" not "equip". That is why they are called attachments, and why the menu says "Attach". And when I attach or indeed equip something, I'll be sure to keep this in mind.
  16. Yet another 'hapless noob' post complete with image to prove it? Come on son, surely trolling these dopes gets old sooner or later.
  17. Ah J.S. After all these years you're still spending your time trolling the virtual world degenerates?
  18. Wow it's almost as if a literate teenager has convinced some "adults" to assist with his homework. Surely that would never happen here.
  19. My, what a friendly fellow. When you chose to post that conversation here, I bet you assumed it would be the person roleplaying a young teenage girl that would come off looking like the unstable neurotic.
  20. jujmental wrote: On the charge of exclusionary attitudes and making envious ineffective trolls believe there may actually be an elitist claque working both behind the scenes and in public to bring enlightenment and good humour to the forums: GUILTY The Judge I love ESL passers-by. I really do.
  21. I would want to leave you too if your first thought during a difficult time is to announce everything to a group of anonymous cartoon people on the internet.
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