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  1. Hey what about some advertising? There are advertising models on marketplace, plus you could use bloggers and have them write about your stuff.
  2. I would like to add one more: Bann bannlines and have security orbs to give you at least 5 Minutes to leave!
  3. Guys here another fun calculation: According to the Grid Survey website (data from LL) there is 1.4 Million USD changing hands on a daily basis in Second Life. There are about 900.000 monthly active users. That means every active user spends about 46 $ per month. Not a bad market place. http://www.gridsurvey.com/economy.php
  4. Hello everybody just found an interesting article on the subject. Ebbe Altberg states that in just one year, a total of 60.000.000 $ (US) was cashed out of Second Life. Some folks must make a pretty good living of Second Life. He mentiones a fashion designer who allegedly sold 300.000 dresses at 4 $ each. http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/07/think-second-life-died-it-has-a-higher-gdp-than-some-countries/
  5. Lasky Lets distinguish here between intention (profit, and you are quite right about that) and lack of quality. I actually sincerly believe that profit comes from either quality or outright spam. You seem to put anything that is primarily intented to make money in the spam corner. What is or is not quality is in the eye of the consumer. For example one of my publications is about slex. For many people the content is outright rubbish or even ofensive, others (more liberal or promiscous) people love it to bits. It depends on the targeted consumer. It is the same with RL media, people who love t
  6. Radium, You are off topic. I know my market pretty well and I know that most SL related blogs are kinda dead. That is mainly because the majority are not meant to be professional, but are setup for the writers and his/her friends enjoyment. Just for fun so to speak and there is nothing wrong with that either. Don't worry about my publications, I generate over 100.000 page views every month with them, so nothing to do with "the standart adwords blog". Ok back to topic: Do you have something to contribute to the topic? Are YOU a fan of a specific artist or designer in Second Life?
  7. Laskya, what is wrong with that business model? The entire media industry works like that. There is absolutly nothing wrong with it. And yes I do care about the content, because quality and engaging content is what gets the visitors and keeps them. What made you feel I would not care? Just because I make an income from that?
  8. Radium we did some successful puplications and some which failed to get audience, happens in the media business. The Gorean one was actually one of the very first years ago and was closed when the interest for Gorean RP dropped significantly in SL and became a very small niche. The most succesful one is (no surprises here) an adult one. Now we want to produce something more "clean" to run adsense adverts (which is not possible on adult content). @all Thanks for all the input, nice list to get started with. Anyone else is a fan of somebody and would like to get that person more audience (which
  9. Well, Officially there are 5.500 Residents Cash Flow positive. I know at least 5 who make a living of their SL income. I am cash flow positive, but still have a RL job.
  10. Seana Is there sombody, like a blogger or a designer YOU are a fan of?
  11. Hello I am asking this question for the following reason: I am about to start a new blog about known people in Second Life. It will be something like the "People" Magazin but for virtual persona. I want write about them, their historie, their activities and complete the article with a small interview. To start with I need to know, who to write about, apart from the obvious ones (Anche, Torley). Therefore I would appreciate some pointers. It could be known business people, designers, bloggers, artists, models, porn stars anything and not only celebrities. In another words: Who are you
  12. preferbly with access to blake sea. Would consider Nautilus or Corsica waterfront preferbly with access to blake sea (direct or indirect). Alternatively would consider Bay City or souroundings. Anyone? Mag
  13. Hello Brynne I do not exactly understand what you mean by "companion". Is it an exclusive romantic relationship you are seeking or just friends that can introduce you to the naughty side of SL? If the later is the case, I am probably the person you are looking for, as I have quite some experience in this field. I am an intelligent, multi lingual person who produces media related to Second Life and I am also very strictly separating my first from my second life. Sounds like a match? And yes, that's me on the picture, and I also did invest a little in my appearance Maggie
  14. Dear Residents I just created a new blog about my adventures in Second lIfe. The most important category is about role play in Gor. I am writing regular articles which shall help new players better understand the world of gor from an experienced players perspective. The blog also features sections about adult fun, business in second life and can be followed ontwitter and facebook. Here the URL: Gorean role play comments on the blog, suggestionms and additions greatly appreciated Kisses Maggie
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