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  1. Homer Simpson: "Operator Operator, quick get me the number for 911"
  2. People "die" in SL every day. Personally I have found it a very rewarding use of time to examine these "deaths" more closely, as most turn out to be a fantastic source of entertainment.
  3. Katelyn Dominquez wrote: As for my theft claime. Two people had a written agreement (which should hold up in court) about a transaction. I payed my half and the other person logged. Therefore a breach of agreement. Am I wrong? As someone above pointed out, if you have what you consider to be a legally binding agreement, then call an attorney to get the ball rolling. LL are not in the business of arbitrating pathetic quibbles. Now you just need an ESL attorney prepared to accept food stamps as payment.
  4. Christin73 wrote: Not only have they gone up but they have gone up to a rediculously high amount. Is the SL ecconomy realy all that great that merchants feel they can rais their prices? Indeed. There is an unspoken yet quiet resignment among most of these merchant types that their meagre talents "talents" are not really saleable in any world but SL, so they're making hay while the sun shines. It's like selling sandbags on the Titanic.
  5. How bored are you to be speculating on something that has not even taken shape yet? Hell, SL has been around for a decade plus, and still has a fuzzy charter and unfinished architecture. I would not hold my breath.
  6. Since your grasp of english seems roughly on a par, I'd say sendlife is your twitter account you hope to drum up support for with lame SL forum posts.
  7. Medhue Simoni wrote: Thanks for your thought provoking analysis, and the bump. You're welcome. In fact I'm happy to bump it again, but let's be honest, no amount of bumping is going to alter the basic premise of this thread. There, there. It's one thing for a person to suspect that they may not be as influential as they hoped, but having it demonstrated publicly like this must be a brutally grounding experience for someone living in a fantasy world. I'm just glad I could be here to help you through it.
  8. Generally only the professional reporters like the green lantern or JLU groups who will happily spend their entire evening organizing and reporting en masse, basically spamming LL into action. Come to think of it, I wonder if this abusive behavior is the whole reason that reports from more regular people are generally ignored.
  9. As is usual, FIC is being used as a synonym for "butthurt that I was not included". Prok would be so proud.
  10. Atrabilious wrote: I met an nice girl in the game but she wants help upgrading her clothes etc. Yeah umm, about that "girl"...
  11. Chiyoiche Toshi wrote: A gigantic and somewhat alarming rant. Wow, take a breath kitten.
  12. Your experience sounds pretty normal, nobody attempts to use vehicles in SL in any serious way, or even use physics for that matter. Other games do a far better job of that. Whether the vehicle is a car/plane/boat/flying furry bdsm sex platform, barring other factors you will generally find that lower speed = higher reliability.
  13. Pity you were not here years ago when there was far more to see.
  14. Are these places theater restaurants who serve up a side order of beat poetry?
  15. You haven't traveled the internet much, if this is the sewer of the internet for you... And SL got its "reputation" from the fact that humans happen to be sexual beings, which is not really a thing a new software can change. *High Five*
  16. Well it's essentially because SL is the sewer of the internet, which is why you will also find it a hotspot for pedos and lunatics. RL outcasts, freaks and losers flock here in equal numbers to find solace in high fiving each other, working on the unspoken premise that a sewer stench shared is a sewer stench halved. The quiet hope is that LL will raise the bar a bit for Sansara, discouraging much of the trash which gave SL its current reputation.
  17. So what you really want is Shills, Spammers and Gophers, all presumably to conceal a lack of talent (or RL good looks in the case of your PA criteria). I have a crazy idea, have you considered growing your virtual "business" with skill and hard work?
  18. PEBKAC Also it seems astonishing that someone claiming to have SO much riding on their ability to access SL would go around blindly making major changes without any rollback strategy.
  19. MorganAmeliaRose wrote: Also my post says nothing about RL. Sorry but I just had to quote this. Let us hope for the sake of your clients, that your photographic skills dwarf your comprehension skills.
  20. I do get a laugh when the usual types summon all of their RL business acumen and bring it to a virtual world. You do realize that even if you have any skill at all (which would immediately distinguish you from the other 100,000 SL "photographers") and were actually serious about this, that you would need to drop the pretense of asking for payment until you have an established portfolio which can be displayed?
  21. Troll Rumble wrote: What is magic box? Where I get one? Same as 4 yrs ago. You get from SL marketplace. Like everyone else. Magic box is old. You been told. Any google search tell you this. But then you knew that. (I love the classics when delivered skilfully, but some people really need to update their aging repertoire).
  22. It's always funny when Kinggoon teenagers come to the SL forums to rage about some ban device. Being lazy and stupid they never do any homework, so each one behaves as if he's the first.
  23. debbyom wrote: Hi, thanks for your opinion. Although, before you red flag it, why dont you come down and check this for yourself. Its pretty easy to comment so soon and pretty difficult to be truthful about it. "Be truthful about it" Lolwut? So let's sum up thus far. A faint smell of Hitesh, Dickensian payment model, ESL and comprehension challenges. Wow where can I sign up? Hold me back!
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