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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kMS-BtxgjHo where can I find this one Ty! ^^
  2. hi there ! I wanna ask you guys what is the program you use to creat body appliers ty ^^ by Mimi Chan ~♡
  3. hello! How use the Mokyu Applier ? replay or send an IM :D By mimi chan~<3
  4. Hi there If The person doing that want lindens np for me ^^ and of cours don't need one teacher for all that by Mimi Chan ~<3
  5. hello ! ty for your replay ^^ i am waiting for an IM from you ! by Mimi Chan ~ :heart:
  6. heya everybody :) I need a private teacher who can teach me : how to do a role play (dance) ♡ how to be a profissionel escort ☆ how to build ¿ creation of clothes or avatars ty for reading that :D If you are interested by that just replay me here or send an IM (angella123456789) by Mimi Chan~♡
  7. heya everybody ! :) I need who teach me how to do a role play (dance)♡ how to be a professional escort ☆ how to build ¿ or the creation of clothes and avatars * Ty for reading that :D if you are generous to help me just replay me here or send an IM (angella123456789) by Mimi Chan~♡
  8. Hi all ! where can I find the belleza mesh ? ty By Mimi Chan ~♡
  9. Hi there ! If I have understand what do you mean I think you search an Arabic isle so I think you can find one when you search in isles internationals in this sit web by Mimi chan~♡
  10. Hi all !^_^ I've a question for you I will buy the maitreya mesh but I am afraid about use it with my avatar 2.0 Is this possible ? If you have an answer or you have a way to creat an awesome avatar Just IM me (angella123456789) or post a replay Ty for reading this message ! :) Mimi chan~kawaii girl <3
  11. Hey there ! I just think that I find me too now the person who cares about all that like me shopping is my hoobie here in SL ^^ if you wanna reply me just IM me I am waiting
  12. I need some help please just I bought the project arousal publing and I don't know how to use it reply me if you have an answer or IM me (angella123456789) ty! ♡~
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