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  1. I agree there are a lot of petty and rude people in SL, there are nice ones as well like me!
  2. Hi I am looking to find someone who can make this dress and corset for me or point me in the direction of something similar
  3. Love567

    Is it worth getting back into SL?

    Um why dont you just log in and find out for yourself. The second life community is not responsible for what you find worth or entertainment value in, its up to you.
  4. Love567

    My land lady is ok with perving?

    Blushes thank you. Ive had alot of work done
  5. Love567

    My land lady is ok with perving?

    Avatar you created but wouldn't that be you?
  6. Love567

    Decency ? Modesty ?

    I went on an alt to a gor sim and got yelled at and told to read the book ?
  7. Love567

    Are You an SL Exhibitionist?

    Lol I use it because it sounds funny and makes me giggle
  8. Love567

    Are You an SL Exhibitionist?

    Southwest Missouri lol
  9. Um lol I think we will always have to eat, bathe, and use the bathroom which requires movement. So this is a stupid question
  10. Love567

    Looking for a dog owner

    What breed are you and do you have AKC papers
  11. Love567

    Decency ? Modesty ?

    I dress modest and also sexy depending on my mood. If you want to be friends my username is love567 i love making new friends and shopping.
  12. Love567

    Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    I have to agree your name does sound like a cheap hooker
  13. I just laughed out loud seeing the title of this post. Im sorry though thats not very nice of him
  14. Only a black person could make that comment and not be called racist. If I say im only into white guys, because im white I will be deemed racist, which I am not.