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  1. Download (images that are in your Inventory that you want to put on your hard drive) or upload (images on your hard drive that you want to put in your Inventory)? If you really mean download, that can't be done. Your viewer doesn't have a bulk download function. You have to open each individual texture and click on File >> Export Texture. If you mean upload, then you can do that with File >> Upload >> Bulk Upload Images. The exact wording varies from one viewer to another, but the function is there in all of them. Whether you upload images one at a time or in batches, t
  2. Ooop. I did read the OP upside down, Luc. LOD can do some funny things, so I wouldn't discount it completely, but you're right. It should normally go the other way. Bummer.
  3. You may have your LOD (Level of Detail) setting too low. in the lower right corner of the Phoenix window, there is an up arrow, above the large Inventory button. Click the up arrow, and a pop-up floater appears find LOD Factor, and set it to a value between 3 and 4. Start at 3, for example close the pop-up by clicking the - at the bottom Now cam away from yourself then back and you should find that the small prims are rendering better. You can experiment with the LOD Factor values. Be aware that going too low will make large prims (especially sculpted prims) start to look very strange even fr
  4. A secret known by more than one person is not a secret. The only way to hide is not to tell anyone where you are. Even then, a determined detective will wait for the one time when you make a mistake and reveal your position. If you want the ultimate in protection, buy a private sim and do not allow anyone to TP in. I know a few people who have made that decision. It works.
  5. Not normally, although some public agencies (schools, libraries, corporations) add firewall restrictions to keep users from using excessive amounts of bandwidth. If that's the case, you may find that your access to SL -- a real bandwidth hog -- is blocked. Depending on your level of authority, you may be able to get past the firewall yourself. If not, you'll have to talk with the responsible folks in you IT area. Read this to see what's involved >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall . Oh, and this too >>> https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/How_do
  6. Rolig Loon

    Opening boxes

    In the Open and Unpack a Box section, I suggest adding a final step: "6. When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory." I think it's important for newcomers to learn to pick up after themselves. Not all places have autoreturn. Besides, littering is inconsiderate.
  7. Are you looking for Utah West Territory (--Die "Deutsche WildWest RolePlay Sim"--Hier spielt der Wilde Westen sein Lied vom Tod---- Der Schatz im Silbersee--- Kanufahren im Schlangenfluss---Ute Dorf---Wälder--- Apachenpass---Bisonherde---Trapperhütte) ? I was just there, and it's lovely. I suspect that it was just offline for a restart temporarily.
  8. A host of what (or whom)? Most hosts I know provide some sort of entertainment and a bit of food and drink. Have a party.
  9. It's a little hard to figure out what you're asking. There's no text in your question, and the title got scrambled somehow. Are you using Internet Explorer 8 or 9 as your browser? If so, you need to set Compatibility mode for this web site. While you have this website open, click the Compatibility View button that is located directly to the right side of the address bar next to the Refresh button. It looks sort of like a torn piece of paper. Once you do that, IE 8 or IE9 will let you post things here with no problem. Now, let me guess that your avatar looks like a cloud. If that's the pro
  10. It might help to know what the message is.
  11. Try CTRL + Alt + N to open the selection window to show Beacons, then choose Sounds. It should highlight any sound sources with red, so you can see where they are. Toggle it off again when you are done and have removed the sound emitter.
  12. @Perrie -- Please don't misunderstand me. "Funny" in this context definitely does NOT mean humorous. In retrospect, I should have used the word "odd" to make my meaning clearer. This IS a serious matter. In fact, though, I was not referring to your comment at all. I think it is quite fair to ask how much of this incident or any reported assault really happened. Whether it's intentional or not, any report is edited as it is told and we all hear different things. The "facts" are rarely exactly what they seem. However, my default position is generally to accept what I am told, being skeptical a
  13. It sounds to me as if the thread has taken a funny turn somewhere. Personally, I doubt that it's as complicated or deeply evil as some seem to be suggesting. A young woman, a newcomer to SL, TP'd to a place where someone took advantage of her. The most plausible explanation, IMO, is that she accepted an invitation to TP without knowing what she was doing. It doesn't take clever RLV tricks to confuse a newbie. Any halfwit lowlife can do it. She found one. As for the rape ..... As I told the OP in my first post, you cannot be physically harmed in SL but you can certainly be assaulted emoti
  14. I'll send you a copy, Peter. It's a very nicely done guide to SL, available originally through the many sims that are designed to highlight women's issues but now widely available in SL. It was written in the pre-V2 era -- so long ago! -- but its basic trove of information and advice will be valid for a long time.
  15. That is a scary experience, whether it happens in SL or RL. No, you cannot be physically harmed in SL. You can usually TP away from unpleasant situations and you always have to option of logging out. Rape, however, is an emotional assault, not simply a physical one. You can certainly be traumatized by a virtual attack, and that's a very real experience. Please give your daughter all the support you can, and help her learn ways to protect herself, just as you would in RL. Experiences like this can be opportunities to learn and grow. I have just sent you a copy of the Newbie Woman's Seco
  16. As you design your viewer, be sure to read Linden Lab's Policy on Third-Party Viewers carefully. Your viewer must comply with LL's policy in order to gain access to their servers.
  17. I don't know about 2.6.3. Phoenix makes it easy. Preferences >> Input & Camera >> Camera View Angle and Camera Follow Distance. There should be debug settings in V2 that do the same thing. Check your debug settings menu.
  18. You're probably right, but suppose that you are in fact a German resident but happen to have signed up for SL while you were visiting in the US. How would their double check of your IP address catch you if you lied about being a US resident? Or suppose that you are a US resident, but you sign up for SL while you are visiting in Germany. How does LL know that you aren't a German resident, lying about being a US resident? The IP address might help, but it won't always give a reliable answer.
  19. Wow! Good question, Ishtara. My guess -- and this is purely a guess -- is that you have more to worry about from the German government than from LL. LL covered themselves by asking you where you live. I suspect that LL's own liability for passing appropriate VAT to Germany is satisfied if they can just say, therefore, "Hey, we did our best. It's not our fault if she's lying." On the other hand, if the German goverment finds out that you are not a US resident, you'll be in a heap of trouble with them. And they know where to find you. Who has the bigger police force?
  20. This is definitely cool, Void. This is one of my personal blind spots in LSL, not for lack of interest but because I simply haven't had the time or a client demand that would have forced me to buckle down and wrestle my way through all the details. This may be what gets me over my inertia hump. Thank you.
  21. I hate it when that happens. Usually it's when there's something else running on my computer, competing for the hard drive or for bandwidth. It will happen sometimes if Microsoft or my Anti-Virus routine starts downloading an upgrade, or when some program starts a scheduled scan. Sometimes, though, it happens for no discernible reason. Like most of the problems that people have with SL, it happens because something in or close to your own computer is competing for SL's attention, and SL is a real attention hog.
  22. Earlier this month there were still a few welcoming areas in SL where it was possible to register for a new account with a "legacy" name. I am not sure how many of them are still active, or for how much longer. ETA: Here's the list that was still good during the first week in March, the last time I paid attention: http://www.emagine.jp/regapi/secondlife.php http://islab.org/slreg/ http://sl.nmc.org/create.php?v=2 http://registration.nanolands.com/ http://registration.scilands.org.uk/ http://registration.secondhealth.org.uk/ http://www.thevesuviusgroup.com/reg/vai/slreg/index.php
  23. This simple script will operate a multiprim sliding door that you have linked to a larger structure. Each prim in the door must be named "DOOR", and none of the door prims may be the root prim of the linkset. Also, all prims in the door must have the same orientation. As written, the script assumes that door prims all have their local Z axes horizontal and that the door is supposed to slide on its Y axis. You could easily change that orientation by changing the order of X,Y,Z parameters in the vector <0.0, gDistance*gON, 0.0>. The door will only open if you click on one of t
  24. Void Singer managed a very nice compilation of sources for scripting in LSL, tutorials, script libraries, editors, and other tools in the old forum archives HERE
  25. I use LSLEditor almost exclusively. It is up to date and offers good diagnostic messages. I used to use the in-world editor when I'm in SL, but now that Phoenix lets me link directly to LSLEditor from in world, I'm finding that I use it almost all the time.
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