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Found 12 results

  1. I need help please! Is there a printed list of banned words somewhere?? I have literally taken out ALL the words in the keywords field, it's COMPLETELY empty and it STILL won't let me list the item. I don't know which words I'm using that are banned but there are other listings of the same products listed already on MP (gacha items), so how did they get to list their items and it won't let me list mine??!!
  2. I have a very old routine of linked messages passing between scripts where a listen or sensor event will pick up a message and concatenate the relevant key of an object or avatar before passing it to other scripts in the same prim. The message is processed in the other scripts using a series of conditions testing variations of something like this … llDeleteSubString(message, 0, 5); … where the first part in this case is expected to be a six-letter string and the second part will be a key in any case. The system works fine — so long as I'm paying attention and change the length of the expected message where necessary — but there are quite a few conditions in each of several scripts and I was wondering if, aside from the question of human error, it might be more efficient to pass the linked messages as a temporary list from the first script … list whatever = [message]; whatever += "," + uuid; llMessageLinked(-4, 1, (string)whatever, ""); whatever = []; … break it down in other scripts with something like … list whatever = llParseString2List(message,[,],[]); object = llList2String(whatever, 0); uuid = llList2String(whatever, 1); … and work away with a simpler set of conditions. Doubtless experienced developers will find the answer to my question trivial but I'll ask it any way because I'm thick as two short planks when it comes to the overheads on script routines. The benchmark for me is purely an instinct that if I see the same line or even a similar syntax too often, the routine might be written more succinctly. Any other suggestions would be welcome — would a strided list be better, for instance — I'd like to be clear about what I'm doing before I change so many lines. NB: For what it's worth, the code is old and has never been in production — I have a hang-up about distributing scripts in-world unless I'm confident they have the washboard stomach and trim overheads of Greek statuary.
  3. ronXt

    List Limit

    How much data can we store in a list? (Assuming the list have only string data) And if there is a limit, how can we find it out before it go overflow.
  4. Hello! How to add an option to the menu script to add people to the list of those who are allowed to use this menu? This is for the wearable object, so that I can choose who else can call the menu besides me. Please help! list MENU_MAIN = ["BUT1", "BUT2" , "Add Person" , "Remove Person"]; //up to 12 in list integer menu_handler; integer menu_channel; menu(key user,string title,list buttons) { llListenRemove(menu_handler); //BugFix 5/2008 menu_channel = (integer)(llFrand(99999.0) * -1); menu_handler = llListen(menu_channel,"","",""); llDialog(user,title,buttons,menu_channel); llSetTimerEvent(30.0); //how long to wait for user to press a button before giving up and closing listen } default { state_entry() { //nada } touch_start(integer total_number) { menu(llDetectedKey(0), "\nText for Menu.", MENU_MAIN); } listen(integer channel,string name,key id,string message) { if (channel == menu_channel) { llListenRemove(menu_handler); //close listen llSetTimerEvent(0); //stop timeout timer if (message == "BUT1") { // DO SOMETHING } else if (message == "BUT2") { // DO SOMETHING } else if (message == "Add Person") { // WHAT TO DO HERE???.. } else if (message == "Remove Person") { // AND WHAT TO DO HERE??? } //else if (message == "Button") //{ // DO SOMETHING //} } } timer() //VERY IMPORTANT menu timeout { llListenRemove(menu_handler); //close listen llSetTimerEvent(0); //stop timeout timer } }
  5. I have a friend whom I've been rping with for several months now. Everything was working fine with sl notifying me when he logs on or off and we'd chat. But now it's like there's an invisible barrier between us. Sl isn't showing me when he logs on, and for some reason, he's not in my friends list on my sl profile web page! Also, I'm not getting any of his messages (and I'm assuming he's not getting mine either). A group that we're in together is the only thing that tells me when he was last on, and I have to refresh it constantly!. I just switched from Alchemy to SL viewer and I emptied out everything. I'd be more understanding if this was a general problem happening to all my friends, but it's only happening to this friend! Idk what's going on but whatever it is, I want it fixed ASAP!
  6. Hello, I wanna make a list of usernames which checks if there's any matches with avatars in the same sim, I'm not good at scripting but I guess we can take advantage of llGetAgentSize(id), llSetTimerEvent(0.1) and timer() in order to keep checking the list every 0.1 ms. For example: list x = ["user A", "user B", "user C"]; If user A is present, it returns to me: llOwnerSay(user A); However if more than 1 username in the list are present, it must return just 1 username either A, B or C.
  7. Ok.. so.. looking to make a hud.. that can tell me if a specific friend is on the same sim as me, I plan to use llGetAgentList - but not sure how to implement the specific avatars (would ideally like to do this via notecard.. which is my weakest link - data lists.. bleh) - Thoughts, ideas.. S.O.S. Help - Thanks!
  8. Can you mass invite a list of people into a group? I have a MP store and want to invite all of my customers to the store's group.
  9. Hiya Will friends lists ever be debugged and fixed? when you delete someone or someone deletes you calling cards are left behind and never removed unless you delete manually by hand this bugs been here since second life's inception? Firestorm 3rd party viewer right click any friend click remove friend then go to https://my.secondlife.com/ login and in many cases they will still be listed as a friend here and following no matter how long you wait to check later on https://my.secondlife.com/ claims I have 296 friends https://ibb.co/gAPOnw while the 3rd party viewer Firestorm claims that I have 298 friends https://ibb.co/nhN17w purging C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Firestorm_x64 C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\FirestormOS_x64 has no effect always remains the same another bug is that some users only have one calling card while others may have three or four or more calling cards duplicates was default suppose to be two? one in friends one in all?
  10. Why i cant list my products on marketplace? Im receiving this message on attach when i try list anyone item.
  11. Hello! I have this teleport script by Eightball Magic. It's no config teleport. You place two teleports and go. So. Its possible to set limited destination access for group / owner only. How to set it for two avatars only (me and my friend). I guess its somekind UUID access limit. Thank's for any help! This line gives limitation for owner only. I think to replace it for specific avatar UUID somehow... : else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); Or do i loose something else?.. Here's the script itself: integer CHANNEL = -10001; float INTERVAL = 10.0; vector OFFSET = <0.0,0.0,1.2>; integer number = 1; list descriptions = []; list positions = []; list timestamps = []; // Function present menu items in more logical ordering. list orderButtons(list buttons) { return(llList2List(buttons, -3, -1) + llList2List(buttons, -6, -4) + llList2List(buttons, -9, -7) + llList2List(buttons, -12, -10)); } default { state_entry() { // Announce teleporter and setup timer to maintain teleporter list. key owner = llGetOwner(); string description = llGetObjectDesc(); if (description == "<Location name>") { description = (string)number; } vector position = llGetPos(); llRegionSay(CHANNEL, "teleporter\t" + (string)owner + "\t" + description + "\t" + (string)position); llSetTimerEvent(INTERVAL); // Setup listener to receive teleporter announcements and user dialog. llListen(CHANNEL, "", "", ""); // Configure sit text and target. llSetSitText("Teleport"); llSitTarget(OFFSET, ZERO_ROTATION); } changed(integer change) { // Check if someone sits on the teleporter. if (change & CHANGED_LINK) { key id = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if (id) { if (llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_ANIMATION) >= 1) { llRequestPermissions(id, PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); } if (llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_SOUND) >= 1) { llPlaySound(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_SOUND, 0), 1.0); } integer count = llGetListLength(descriptions); if (count >= 2) { list buttons = orderButtons(llListSort(descriptions, 1, TRUE)); llDialog(id, "Select destination:", buttons, CHANNEL); } else if (count == 1) { vector position = llGetPos(); llSleep(0.5); if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "*") == 0 && !llSameGroup(id)) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only group members are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '*'"); llUnSit(id); } else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, 0), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); } else { llSetRegionPos(llList2Vector(positions, 0)); llUnSit(id); llSetRegionPos(position); } } else { llSleep(0.5); llUnSit(id); } } } // Reset the script if the teleporter has changed owner or been moved across a sim border. if (change & (CHANGED_OWNER|CHANGED_REGION)) { llResetScript(); } } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (id == llAvatarOnSitTarget()) { // Teleport avatar to destination. integer index = llListFindList(descriptions, [message]); vector position = llGetPos(); if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, index), "*") == 0 && !llSameGroup(id)) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only group members are allowed to teleport to locations marked with '*'"); llUnSit(id); } else if (llSubStringIndex(llList2String(descriptions, index), "!") == 0 && id != llGetOwner()) { llRegionSayTo(id, 0, "Only the owner is allowed to teleport to locations marked with '!'"); llUnSit(id); } else { llSetRegionPos(llList2Vector(positions, index)); llUnSit(id); llSetRegionPos(position); } } else { // Parse the received message. list tokens = llParseString2List(message, ["\t"], []); string check = llList2String(tokens, 0); key owner = (key)llList2String(tokens, 1); string description = llList2String(tokens, 2); vector position = (vector)llList2String(tokens, 3); integer timestamp = llGetUnixTime(); // Remove old data from the lists and add current data. if (check == "teleporter" && owner == llGetOwner()) { integer index = llListFindList(descriptions, [description]); if (~index) { descriptions = llDeleteSubList(descriptions, index, index); positions = llDeleteSubList(positions, index, index); timestamps = llDeleteSubList(timestamps, index, index); } descriptions += description; positions += position; timestamps += timestamp; } // Renumber this teleporter if another has same number. if ((string)number == description) { number++; if (number > 12) { number = 1; } } } } on_rez(integer n) { // Reset the script when the teleporter is rezzed. llResetScript(); } run_time_permissions(integer perm) { // Play animation when permission has been granted. if (perm & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { llStartAnimation(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_ANIMATION,0)); } } timer() { // Announce the teleporter. key owner = llGetOwner(); string description = llGetObjectDesc(); if (description == "<Location name>") { description = (string)number; } vector position = llGetPos(); integer timestamp = llGetUnixTime(); llRegionSay(CHANNEL, "teleporter\t" + (string)owner + "\t" + description + "\t" + (string)position); // Delete oldest teleporter from list if it is too old. if (llGetListLength(timestamps) && timestamp-llList2Integer(timestamps, 0) > INTERVAL+1.0) { descriptions = llDeleteSubList(descriptions, 0, 0); positions = llDeleteSubList(positions, 0, 0); timestamps = llDeleteSubList(timestamps, 0, 0); } } }
  12. i keep trying to do up a click add avatar name or legacy name to float text waiting list ,that is group touch only and either has a way to remove names and it reorder the ones below to be next in line .so far ive only found boards that do this and boards are not what im looking for i just need simple float text , avatar waiting list on touch , 1 touch per avatar. if anyone has a script that can help me i would be deeply appreciated
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